Google and GoDaddy Acquire, Xero Raises $150 Million and More

godaddy acquire

Big things are always happening in the world of small business. As a small business leader, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. The Small Business Trends editorial team can help you there. We keep you informed of the top stories impacting small business owners. And we tell you how they affect you.

Here’s our roundup of top stories for the week. Let’s jump in.

Google and GoDaddy Go Acquiring

Google buys Flutter. The new acquisition of the gesture technology startup is a good reminder. No matter how small, businesses with unique products can still catapult to huge success.

GoDaddy continues its buying spree. Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell helps us suss out what the purchase of Media Temple means to the business community.

Small Business Accounting

Xero raises $150 million for small business accounting challenge. Anita Campbell has this look at the growth of Xero and what it means for the small business accounting software market. What kind of accounting software does your business use?

Web Hosting

Amazon offers introductory service. The company, also a huge Web hosting provider, is offering an introduction to its services. It’s called Amazon Web Service Activate. Here’s how it works.

New Tablets, Tech Trade-Ins and a Phone

New Dell tablets here for Windows and Android. Knowing there are many different work situations out there, Dell has created a variety of devices. Hopefully you’ll find one with the size and operating system right for you.

Trade your Surface in at Best Buy. Warning: You could probably get a better deal just listing your Surface online, but this is a quick way to upgrade. It’s only good through Oct. 21 however.

Another curved phone will be here soon. LG Display may introduce the new device next month. Will it be more accessible than the recent offering from Samsung?

Social Media News

Google Plus may use members in advertising. If you don’t want your preferences and profile used for advertising on Google Plus, follow some simple steps. How do you feel about profiles being used for advertising?

Ads at Foursquare now open worldwide. The limited pilot program for Foursquare advertising is over. Now businesses anywhere can take advantage of this new advertising channel. Anita Campbell has more.

There’s a whole new Facebook Page Insights. Facebook says the new analytics are both easier to use and offer more information than ever before. That’s good news if you manage a Facebook page for your business.

Twitter Triumphs

Twitter launches a new tablet app. This is big news, especially for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 users. That is the device the app will be available for, initially. Don’t worry though. It’s coming to others too.

Tweets can now be scheduled. You no longer need a third party app to do this, just a Twitter Ad account. Here’s how you can use promoted and organic tweets to transform your feed.

Policy and Finance

How the government shutdown hurt small business. A deal has been struck and government agencies are beginning to reopen, but here’s how the shutdown impacted small businesses.

Small tourism businesses took a bigger hit. Of all the small businesses affected, small tourism businesses may have had it the worst. Those around shutdown national parks will never recover the loss.

Is there a new source for small business financing? Scott Shane thinks so. Here Shane talks about peer-to-peer lending, what it is and what it means to small businesses.

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