Google Indexes Blog Posts in Under Five Minutes

Today I am at a conference called “Search Engine Marketing Made Simple,” where I’ll be discussing business blogging. 

I’d like to share with you an important lesson I learned this morning.  The lesson is: Google indexes blog posts incredibly fast.  And that’s yet another good reason to write a blog for your business.

Geoff Karcher, owner of the Karcher Group which is putting on today’s conference. put up a blog post this morning as an experiment.  He wrote the post about the phrase “search engine marketing made simple experiment.” 

The goal was to see how quickly that post would be indexed and rank for that phrase.

I suspected it would take very little time for Geoff’s blog post to be indexed in Google. But I was thinking a day or two.  

But it was a lot faster! It took just 4 minutes.   Four minutes from publishing a blog post, to appearing in Google’s index. Geoff published his post about an hour ago.

Later during our working lunch session we will be discussing the experiment.

I think if it proves nothing else, it demonstrates how having a business blog in your site can help you get indexed in the search engines incredibly fast.

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