Google Nexus 7 Posts Strong Sales After Less Than a Week

There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s name is Google Nexus 7. The new device is already posting strong sales and could be a real alternative for your business, if you are looking for a more cost effective tablet than Apple’s iPad. The question, at this point, may be how quickly you can get your hands on one.

Tablet Toss Up

Flying off the shelves. After arriving in retail stores less than a week ago, the 7-inch Nexus 7 co-developed by Google and Taiwanese company Asustek starts at $199 and is selling so well that some stores are already out. The new device features Android mobile software and is intended to compete with the more expensive Apple iPad that already dominates the tablet market. Reuters

Heading into hardware. The Nexus 7 may be the first step for Google into more hardware products. In a recent preview of devices, a company representative also showed off the Google Nexus Q, a home entertainment device, and the company also recently acquired Motorola, another sign of hardware ambitions. The question is whether the company may become a viable supplier of other business hardware too. DealBook

Nexus News

Images via Instagram. If your business requires sharing images on a regular basis, there’s good news about some basic Nexus 7 features. The device already boasts support for Instagram and the latest update allows users to share those images via Flickr, once filtered using an easy menu option. More features are almost certainly on the way, so watch for updates. AndroidCentral

Delivered to your door. Some lucky users who pre-ordered the Nexus 7 will have their devices soon or may have them already. Google has announced it began shipping the tablets on Friday, and estimated two to three business days for delivery. Other retailers are also taking orders for the device, so your business may want to look for the opportunity to get on a list. Los Angeles Times

Great Tablet Race

Smaller, cheaper iPad coming. We’ve reported before that Apple is likely working on a smaller, less expensive version of its own device as what some are calling the “tablet race” heats up. The new Apple device will likely have a 7.85 inch screen and sell at a price significantly lower than the $499 price tag of the iPad. Whatever the outcome, it seems clear businesses seeking less expensive tablets will be the winners. The New York Times

Samsung offers Galaxy of options. Google certainly isn’t alone in offering tablet options. Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is another example of what could be in store in the tablet market. Apple recently lost a case against Samsung after claiming the company infringed on the iPad’s design. The Samsung device offers one more option for business and other tablet users. Bloomberg

Judging when you get your tablet. Determining when you might get your tablet remains a question, if you’ve selected a device whose manufacturer is still immersed in patent disputes. Another upcoming court ruling in the US may soon decide what tablet devices business users and other have available to them. But almost certainly more options are on the horizon. The Washington Post

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