GoTab and CORE Partner to Support Restaurant Employee Families

GoTab and CORE Partner to Support Restaurant Employee Families

Restaurant commerce platform GoTab has announced it is partnering with Core: Children of Restaurant Employees. CORE is a non-profit that serves restaurant employees with children with financial relief when facing a health crisis, injury, or death.

GoTab will donate 5 cents to CORE for every transaction processed for participating venues through its platform.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

Built by restaurateurs for restauranteurs, GoTab’s aim is to answer consumers’ evolving dining needs and expectations. The GoTab platform provides restaurants with an easy-to-use mobile POS, contactless ordering and payment features and kitchen management systems. These features enable restauranteurs to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for diners and their staff – imperative in the current climate.

It is important that small businesses operating in the restaurant industry are aware of the GoTab and CORE partnership. In utilizing the GoTab platform, restauranteurs will meet demand and requirements for safe, contactless ordering and payment features. Furthermore, the GoTab and CORE partnership will help provide crucial financial assistance to families of restaurant employees during these times of uncertainty and hardship.

Tim McLaughlin, GoTab CEO, commented on the new alliance: “Our CORE partnership is critically important to us in this moment when operators and their employees are working so hard to overcome every challenge.

“We are honored to be able to help families of the hospitality industry with direct resources when the unexpected happens,” McLaughlin added.

Integrates With Popular POS Systems

The GoTab platform integrates with popular point-of-sale (POS) systems. It enables customers to order and pay through a server. They can also order and pay directly from their mobile phone or combine the two experiences on one tab. Operators can benefit from other flexible features offered by GoTab, which can be applied to access new revenue streams. Such streams can come via dine-in, take-out and delivery, ghost kitchens, retail groceries, and more.

CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees was founded by restaurant industry veterans. The nationally recognized non-profit provides financial funding donated by industry and individual donors. The funding is used to provide support to families whose parents work in the restaurant industry who have been affected with a medical crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster.

The GoFund and CORE alliance will help restauranteurs provide vital assistance to employees going through financial hardship during the Covid-19 crisis. As well helping staff receive financial support, restaurants can benefit from GoFund’s innovative payment technology to maintain the safe ordering and payment environment that consumers are demanding.

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  1. I like to see these types of partnerships. People need to help people and take action instead of waiting around for the government or some other organization to step up.