IT Pros Can Now Do Remote Installation of GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC remote installation

LogMeIn, providers of software for remote collaboration, now allows IT pros a chance to do remote installation of GoToMyPC for clients. Businesses can now remotely deploy, install and configure GoToMyPC remote access software across devices simultaneously.

GoToMyPC is a secure remote access solution, which allows professionals in access their work computers from anywhere. By having access to their work PC, businesses can maintain day-to-day operations without being confined to work premises.

GoToMyPC Remote Installation

Prior to the Remote Deployment, administrators were required to be physically present at every PC being used for remote access. When face-to-face at a computer, IT professionals could complete the deployment, installation, and configuration process. With Remote Deployment, GoToMyPC administrators can perform these actions remotely. Deployment can be performed on a limitless number of Windows computers at the same time.

Homeworking on the Rise

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, an unprecedented number of employees are working from home. Working remotely brings unique challenges to both employers and employees. Having access to work to complete day-to-day work and maintain productivity is one challenge of remote teams.

Overcoming Remote Working Challenges

By enabling GoToMyPC is be remotely deployed, LogMeIn are helping businesses overcome setbacks of being unable to access work computers from anywhere. Without IT professionals needing to be physically at a computer, the remote deployment upgrade enables end users working immediately.

As John Bennett, SVP & GM of Identity & Access Management at LogMeIn, explains in a press statement about the remote deployment: “We understand the challenge of moving to a remote workplace and supporting a remote workforce. Company leaders and IT professionals, particularly at small and medium-sized businesses, are struggling to support themselves and their teams to work from home securely and effectively, with many being asked to do more with less.

“Now with GoToMyPC Remote Deployment, organizations can maintain day-to-day operations and easily set up a remote workforce that can access necessary data as if they were still sitting at their work desktop,” Bennett added.

Maintaining Productivity

With there being a 17% rise in homeworking prior to the pandemic, more and more businesses are looking for ways to maintain productivity when working remotely. GoToMyPC provides remote access to any PC or Mac from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The software ensures users can stay fully connected and productive even when away from the office.

The recently launched Remote Deployment feature, means no time is lost waiting for IT administrators to set up remote workforces.


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