Grants for Moms Who are Inventors

Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant CompetitionWhat do Stephanie Kwolek, Alice Parker and Beth House have in common?

They are just a handful of the hundreds of women inventors who have succeeded in making our lives easier.

  • Stephanie Kwolke invented a material 5 times stronger than steel called Kevlar which is used in bullet-proof vests.
  • Alice Parker invented an improved gas heating furnace which provides us with central heat.
  • Beth House was the 2007 Grand Prize Winner of the Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant with her award-winning invention for bottle nipples that fit standard water and juice bottles you’ll find in the grocery aisle.

Today, May 11th (coincidentally Mother’s Day) Whirlpool, the appliance maker that brings us products that make our everyday lives easier, kicks off the 4th annual Mother of Invention Grant competition.

In the past three years Whirlpool has assisted 15 female inventors in bringing their ideas closer to market. Winners are awarded grant money and just as important, valuable advice and suggestions at the Whirlpool Business Boot Camp which discusses launching an idea, creating work/life balance, sales challenges and engaging investors.

Mothers are encouraged to submit their invention idea between May 11, 2008 and July 31, 2008. Visit the Whirlpool Mother of Invention microsite for information, an application, and details on past winners. As always, read the official rules carefully.

This is just another example of a powerhouse company reaching out to assist inventors and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. Hats off! Good luck to all mother inventors who participate.