Small Business Grants to Apply for in July

grants to apply for in july

Small business grant opportunities tend to ebb and flow throughout the year. However, even during slow months, there are plenty of opportunities from ongoing opportunities that accept applications on a rolling basis. This post includes grants due in July, along with a few extra options that are consistently open.

East Buffalo Small Business Working Capital Grant Program

Empire State Development is now accepting applications for the second round of the East Buffalo Small Business Working Capital Grant Program. The program includes $3 million in funding to support largely minority-owned establishments. Individual grants can range from $5,000 to $50,000. To qualify, businesses must be located in designated areas of East Buffalo. The program has already provided $614,000 to 47 businesses after it launched last year in response to the mass shooting at a Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue. Applications are available now and are due by July 21.

Washington D.C. Small Medium Business Growth Fund

Washington D.C. is launching a new $2 million funding round of its Small Medium Business Growth Fund. The program aims to support businesses in specific industries like experimental retail, green innovation, health technology, and immersive entertainment. Eligible businesses can apply for grants of up to $100,000. Eligibility criteria includes having less than $15 million in annual revenue, fewer than 100 employees, and having a dedicated location. The application period closes on July 21.

Tennessee Department of Human Services Community Child Care Hub Pilot Grants

The Tennessee Department of Human Services is currently operating its Community Child Care Hub Pilot Grants program. The initiative includes $5 million dollars in funding, which will go to government agencies and nonprofit organizations that want to establish locally managed child care administrative hubs. These grants will not go directly to small businesses. But they can help local organizations work through the backlog of licensing paperwork and provide resources to newly established childcare businesses. Applications are available on the TDHS website now through July 28.

Cesar Workplace Grant

Dog food brand Cesar is offering grants to small businesses interested in welcoming pets into their work spaces. The Cesar Workplace Grant is offering $75,000 to more than 15 businesses to create dog-friendly workplaces. Eligible uses include behavior training classes, adding safety elements, and marketing materials to promote a dog-friendly workplace. Businesses can apply now through July 28.

Franklin Chamber Foundation Capacity-Building Grants

The Chamber Foundation of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce in Indiana recently launched its Capacity-Building Grants program. The program is open to businesses with ten or fewer employees. The foundation plans to award 12 grants of $2,500 and is funded through economic development fees collected from companies with active tax abatement. The application period is open now through July 31.

The federal government offers many grant programs for businesses throughout the year. is the portal that various agencies use to post opportunities. Enter your business’s information to find and apply for opportunities that are relevant to your business.

GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund

GoFundMe’s Small Business Relief Fund provides $500 matching grants to qualifying small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. To qualify, businesses must raise at least $500 through a GoFundMe campaign and use the hashtag #SmallBusinessRelief to their campaign page and fill out an online form.

The Barstool Fund

The Barstool Fund is an ongoing grant program that supports small businesses suffering negative effects due to the pandemic. The program is funded through donations and supported by Barstool Sports. Applications are available online.

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