Great Small Business Opportunities

Great business opportunities are created not made. No idea is guaranteed to work or guaranteed to make money, but conversely effective execution of any business model will give you a greater opportunity for success. Here at Small Business Trends we’re more about sharing tips to help you make your business a success then trying to help you find the perfect business. And perhaps that’s the real key to a great opportunity anyway. 🙂

Success Stories

You don’t have to be Facebook. Though their business may not have created the same splash as Mark Zuckerberg’s famous social networking juggernaut, siblings Catherine, David and Geoff Cook recently sold their own social Website myYearbook for a respectable $100 million. Not bad for a site that was started for just $250,000 when two of the founders were 15 and 16 years old. WSJ

A little bit of controversy. A bit of controversy, scarcity and Chris Brogan’s personal brand has turned the social media maven’s Webinars into major money makers. But what can we poor mortals learn from all this? Creating a brand around trust and expertise is a great business model with little overhead besides the time involved. Are you a trusted expert? SEOHatch


The best opportunity. The best opportunity in small business today is not a business model but an inexpensive way for you to get your message to your audience about any product or service you provide. It’s called the social media, of course, and any small business owner can take advantage. Here some tools to make it even more effective. WSJ


Do you know a business scam when you see it? There are lots of ways to create a vibrant and profitable business online with valuable products and services that delight customers and build your brand. This said, there are also plenty of scams out there. Do you know the difference? An infographic from NowSourcing shows what to watch out for. Better Business Bureau

Etsy international? More than just a Website for crafters, Etsy is a movement with the mission of establishing sustainable businesses all over the world. No greater example exists of the company’s goals than this series of small business summits complete with grants aimed at planting the seeds of small business based on the company’s platform far and wide. Are you an Etsy entrepreneur? WSJ

The value of you! Believe it or not, a great opportunity may not start with a great idea, product or service, it may start with you. What sets you apart, makes you special? If you were a product on a shelf, what would make a customer choose you? Think about what you have that no one else possess and you may have the makings of a great business model. M4B Marketing


You don’t need much money. You really don’t! In fact, you may be working a day job while trying to launch your business on the side. The first lesson about finding great business opportunities (and avoiding the not so great) is that small businesses come in all sizes and you don’t have to be a success overnight. Figure out what you want to do. Then find a way to do it. That’s the entrepreneurial way. The Frugal Entrepreneur

Listening is half the battle. A great small business learns from customers and does a lot of listening. So why not start with small business listening post all your own. Social media tools provide some great guidance so why not start there. Check out this brief post and watch the video as Fred Caballero teaches you to do a little listening of your own. Channelship


A whole new way to invest in opportunities. Small businesses are about seizing opportunities, but there may be another opportunity that separates successful from unsuccessful businesses in the marketplace. How effectively are you managing financials. Yes, you want to run a tight ship, especially in the early days. But can you afford not to keep an eye on the book? CFO Wise

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