Great Tales of Entrepreneurship

The tales of great entrepreneurs are what inspire us. They let us know what is possible and press us toward what seems impossible. Here are some incredible stories of real life smaller and bigger businesses that grew from nothing. Enjoy!


Great tales of entrepreneurship. If you’re seeking inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who rose from nothing through sweat and sacrifice to build meaningful and valuable companies, look no further. These tales tell the true story of what small business can do and become and why small has become the new big. Yahoo! Finance

Telling your story. Telling your company’s story and the story of your product or service is an important part of marketing your company. But it’s even better when you can get someone else to do it for you. One camera company did just that with an army of fans who are changing the world.


What’s your Pinterest? It’s a new way of looking at social media that’s sweeping the Web, and it makes Facebook look so yesterday. If you really want to understand what Pinterest is all about, start creating a digital bulletin board around your business. Crows Feet Cupcakes and Cellulite

Giving is the new marketing. If you’ve always thought business was about getting something back for every bit of giving you do, it may be time to rethink that strategy. Here’s a look at how lending a helping hand can be the best branding for your business. New Horizons 123


Telling your story in book form. Another way to tell your small business story may be in book form. Do you have something truly unique to say that you believe could help other small business people just like you? Join our Twitter chat today to learn how to get started. Small Business Trends

Nominate your small business favorites. It’s the final day to nominate your favorite title in the 2012 Small Business Book Awards. Nomination ends officially Midnight Pacific time January 31. Please drop by and nominate your favorite title while there’s still time. Small Business Trends


Content that really helps your marketing. An important part of marketing your products and services effectively these days has to do with your ability to create interesting and enlightening content for your community with a sense of what it takes to optimize that content for search engines. Noobpreneur

Internet marketing requires patience. One reason that online marketing for your product or service  is so difficult, is that SEO is not an exact science. You may want to think about this the next time an online marketer makes extravagant claims. Brick Marketing Blog


A whole new way of marketing. If you haven’t been using QR code to market your products or services, you’ve missed an emerging new market opening many new opportunities that may not have occurred to you before. Crack the code to marketing success here. The Small Business Playbook

What kind of newsletter service do you use? As important as your social media channel might be, it’s vital to keep in touch with members of your community via newsletters too. In this post, two possible newsletter services are compared. Ryan Hanley

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  1. Kudos to Small Business Trends for pointing us to “Great Tales”. I have believed for some time that stories of success is the best way to inspired, encourage, and teach entrepreneurship.