This Made in the USA Brand Turns Recycled Milk Jugs into Toys

Green Company Green Toys

This year’s Earth Day is fast-approaching. April 22 will see businesses, communities, environmentalists and people of all walks of life gather around the globe to emphasize the importance of taking steps to protect the environment.

This annual celebration of environmental practices puts green businesses in the spotlight, companies committed to promoting a more environmentally-conscious approach.

Green Company, Green Toys

One company that’s dedicated to promoting a green message and encouraging the adaptation of a more eco-friendly lifestyle is Green Toys.

Green Toys is a California-based toy manufacturer with 10 years of experience creating an environmentally responsible business model.

This eco-friendly toy company operates on the motto that “Every day is Earth Day.” Green Toys has successfully built up a collection of fascinating and unique toys made out of recycled milk jugs, which are manufactured in the United States.

Green Company Green Toys

Small Business Trends spoke to Ian Coats MacColl, chief Creative Officer at Green Toys, who explained how, 10 years ago, founders Laurie Hyman and Robert von Goeben wanted to create a toy company that made a difference. Von Goeben had toy industry experience and Hyman was determined to create better toys for her young and growing family.

Green Toys was launched with the mission of  creating environmentally responsible toys in the United States for kids and their families.

Since launching in 2008, Green Toys has recycled an incredible 47,640,818 million milk cartons for the creation of an inspiring line of toys.

Other recycled materials are sometimes integrated into the company’s toys, such as yogurt cups and other recycled plastic. All packaging for the toys is made from 100 percent recycled cardboard. Every Green Toys box that is recycled saves one gallon of water.

Made in the USA

Green Company Green Toys

Green Toys prides itself on being a 100 percent Made in USA company. From the manufacturing to the assembly process, right through to packaging and disturbing, all Green Toys products are entirely US-made.

MacColl says one of the biggest challenges Green Toys faces being made in the USA remains the high cost of its products compared to those made overseas, primarily due to domestic manufacturing costs and the use of recycled materials.

“We have to be very careful during development to make sure we are creating additional value, great play, and extreme durability,” said MacColl, adding:

“Because our material is a bit tricky to mold, we make things extra thick. The benefit of all this is that our toys last a long, long time and rarely break. So, consumers are paying slightly more but they are actually getting tremendous value. Communicating this to consumers who do not yet know our brand can be a challenge but we find them returning to us again and again once they understand what we stand for.”

As Earth Day draws closer, companies such as Green Toys should be commended for the exceptional work they do in a effort to produce products with an eye to also protecting the environment.

Image: Green Toys

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