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Elgato Green Screen - Collapsible Chroma Key Backdrop

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Green screens have become a must-have tool for small businesses that are looking to create professional videos, presentations, and virtual events. By using the best green screen, you can recreate different environments, add visual effects, and produce high-quality content. With this guide you will be able to choose the right green screen and green screen backgrounds, taking into account factors like material, size, and portability.

What are Green Screens?

Green screens are a type of backdrop used in photography and videography to replace the background with another image or video. They work through a process called chroma key compositing, where the green color is removed and replaced with other visuals. Green screens are popular due to their ability to produce visual effects easily and cost-effectively, making them ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget.

Types of Green Screens

There are several types of green screens available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Fabric green screens, made from materials like muslin or polyester, are traditional green screens that are durable, portable, and easy to set up. Paper green screens offer a more affordable option but are disposable and ideal for temporary setups or single-use projects.

Painted walls provide a large green screen area without the need for additional equipment, but they require a dedicated space. Digital green screens are virtual backgrounds used in software applications, perfect for video calls and live streaming.

What are Green Screen Backgrounds?

Green screen backgrounds are digital images or videos that replace the green screen backdrop during the post-production phase. They can be used to create a variety of scenes, from office environments to fantasy landscapes, offering endless possibilities for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to create engaging and unique content.

Types of Green Screen Backgrounds

There are several types of green screen backgrounds to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Digital backgrounds are ready-to-use images or videos that can be easily imported into your editing software. Virtual sets are pre-built 3D environments that can be customized with your own elements, providing a more immersive experience. Custom designs are unique backgrounds created by a designer or yourself to match your specific vision and branding.

Green Screens and Green Screen Backgrounds: Our Picks From Amazon

Here’s a guide to the key factors to consider when choosing a green screen:

  1. Material Quality:
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • The material should be non-reflective and evenly colored for effective chroma keying. Muslin, polyester, and cotton are popular choices for their durability and wrinkle resistance.
  2. Size and Portability:
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • Consider the size based on the types of shots you need. Portable and collapsible green screens are beneficial for on-location shoots.
  3. Ease of Setup and Breakdown:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • A green screen that is easy to set up and dismantle saves time, especially for businesses with frequent location changes or limited shooting space.
  4. Color Saturation and Uniformity:
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • Uniform, rich green color without shadows or creases is crucial for effective keying in post-production.
  5. Stand and Support System:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • If not wall-mounted, a sturdy stand or support system is essential for keeping the green screen taut and stable.
  6. Compatibility with Lighting:
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • The screen should work well with your lighting setup, ensuring even illumination without hotspots or shadows.
  7. Wrinkle and Crease Resistance:
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • Materials resistant to wrinkles and creases reduce post-production work and ensure a cleaner key.
  8. Maintenance and Durability:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • Consider the ease of cleaning and the durability of the material, as frequent use can wear down less durable materials.
  9. Price and Value for Money:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • Balance the cost with the quality and features of the green screen. More expensive options might offer better durability and ease of use.
  10. Brand and Customer Reviews:
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10
    • Look at customer reviews and brand reputation for quality assurance and user satisfaction.

These are the criteria we used when selecting our products. Here are our picks:

Elgato Green Screen

Key features:

  • High-quality screen material: Crafted from wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring a flawless chroma key background.
  • Easy-to-use pop-up mechanism: The pneumatic x-frame automatically locks the screen in place with a simple lift.
  • Discreet storage: Retract the screen into the aluminum hard case and store it out of sight.
  • Fast setup and disassembly: Get your workspace ready in no time and pack up just as quickly.

Elgato Green Screen

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EMART Photography Backdrop

EMART 10 X 20 ft Photography Green Screen Backdrop, Extra Large Chromakey Greenscreen

Key features:

  • Superior material: Made from 100% pure muslin fabric, providing a seamless, wear-resistant backdrop.
  • Wrinkle-resistant: Designed to resist wrinkling, ensuring a clean and professional look.
  • Durable spring clamps: 4.5-inch long clamps with a maximum opening of 2 inches, offering a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Machine-washable: Easy daily cleaning without color fading.
  • Broad applications: Suitable for portrait photography, YouTube videos, educational content, beauty tutorials, interviews, broadcasting, and filmmaking.

EMART PhotographyBackdrop

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NEEWER PRO Photo Studio Premium Collapsible Backdrop

NEEWER PRO Photo Studio Premium Polyester Collapsible Backdrop


Key features:

  • Size: 10×12 ft, ideal for various visual content creation
  • Rod pocket on one edge for easy draping or hanging
  • All edges finished to prevent tears
  • Made from thick, elastic polyester with no fading
  • Collapsable and easy to clean

NEEWER PRO Photo Studio Premium Collapsible Backdrop

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Aimosen Green Screen Backdrop

10 X 7 FT Green Screen Backdrop for Photography

Key features:

  • Made from high-density, opaque polyester fabric for fewer wrinkles
  • Large size: 7×10 ft, suitable for various applications
  • Non-reflective surface for professional results
  • Rod pocket on the 10 ft edge for easy hanging
  • Includes 4 durable spring clamps for secure attachment
  • Machine-washable and fade-resistant

Aimosen Backdrop

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Heysliy Green Screen Backdrop

Heysliy Green Screen Backdrop with Stand Kit

Key features

  • 5×6.5 ft green screen for complete background coverage
  • Durable and washable green screen backdrop
  • T-shape design for a stable and adjustable stand
  • Lightweight and compact, weighing only 4 pounds
  • Ideal for streaming, video recording, gaming, and YouTube

Heysliy Backdrop

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UTEBIT Green Backdrop

UTEBIT Green Backdrop 5 x 6.5 ft Photography Background Green Cloth Collapsible Chromakey Back Drop for Video Studio Photo Shooting Portrait

Key features:

  • Durable polyester material with fewer wrinkles
  • Crossbar hole design for easy hanging on a background stand
  • Quality lock-stitching along edges to prevent tears
  • Machine washable for convenient daily cleaning

UTEBIT  Backdrop

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MOHOO Green Screen

Green Screen MOHOO 5x7 ft Green Backdrop Wrinkle-Free with 6 Ring Clips

Key features:

  • High-quality, wrinkle-resistant 100% muslin material
  • Thick and opaque for efficient chromakey performance
  • Convenient 5×7 ft size, weighing 1.25 pounds
  • Machine washable and ironable for easy maintenance
  • Suitable for various applications, including Zoom calls and video editing

MOHOO Screen

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Hemmotop Green Screen Backdrop

Hemmotop Green Screen Backdrop with Stand Kit

Key features:

  • Reversible green and blue backdrop for increased flexibility
  • High-quality, machine-washable, and ironable polyester material
  • Professional T-shape adjustable backdrop stand (31.5″ to 78″)
  • Easy assembly, disassembly, and portability with carrying bag
  • Strong spring clamps for secure backdrop attachment
  • Wide range of applications, perfect for various content creation

Hemmotop  Backdrop

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MOUNTDOG Green Screen

MOUNTDOG 6.5 x 10ft Green Screen for Photography

Key features:

  • Large 6.5×10 ft size for full-body shots and versatile use
  • 100GSM thickness, offering improved durability
  • Double-sided, environmentally friendly, soft fabric material
  • Washable, ironable, foldable, and easy to store and carry
  • Rod pocket on top edge for easy draping or hanging
  • Wide range of applications including photo studios, live streaming, and video production


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LimoStudio Green Chromakey Photography Backdrop

LimoStudio 9 x 15 feet , 2.7 x 4.6 Meter Green Chromakey Photography Backdrop

Key features:

  • Large 9×15 ft size for versatile use
  • Thicker and more durable than most paper backgrounds
  • Reflective and non-gloss surface for easy editing
  • Includes 3 strong 4.5-inch photography backdrop clamps
  • Machine washable and dry cleanable for easy maintenance

LimoStudio Green Chromakey Photography Backdrop

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Setting Up Your Green Screen

Creating the Ideal Space

Setting up the best green screen requires a dedicated space with controlled lighting and a solid background. Clear the area of any green objects to prevent chroma key issues, and ensure there’s enough distance between your subject and the green screen to avoid shadows and color spills.


Proper lighting is crucial for achieving the best green screen effect. Illuminate the green screen backdrop evenly with soft, diffused light to eliminate shadows and create a consistent color. Use separate lights for your subject to prevent casting shadows on the green screen and to maintain proper exposure.

Camera Settings and Positioning

Position your camera on a tripod for stability, and use a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field, separating your subject from the green screen. Ensure your camera’s white balance and exposure settings are adjusted correctly to capture accurate colors and prevent chroma key issues in post-production.

Ironing and Stretching

Before setting up your green screen, make sure it’s clean, wrinkle-free, and tightly stretched. Any creases or folds can cause shadows and uneven colors, which complicate the keying process during post-production. If the fabric is wrinkled, use a handheld steamer or an iron to smooth it out. A tight, well-secured green screen results in a smoother keying process.

Choosing the Right Material

When setting up a green screen, the material you choose is essential. Opt for fabric with a matte finish to avoid reflecting light. Muslin and polyester are great options as they are wrinkle-resistant and hold color well. Avoid shiny materials like nylon, which can create hot spots and uneven lighting.

Post-Production Considerations

After filming, the post-production phase is where the magic happens. Use video editing software that includes chroma key capabilities to replace the green screen with your desired background. Experiment with different backgrounds, adjusting lighting and color grading for a seamless integration.

By taking the time to set up your green screen correctly, you’ll achieve a professional look in your videos, enhance the viewer experience, and increase the overall quality of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a green screen for video calls and live streaming?

Yes, you can use a green screen for video calls and live streaming to provide a professional and engaging background. Many video conferencing and streaming platforms offer built-in support for virtual backgrounds, allowing you to easily replace the green screen with a custom image or video.

Can I use any green fabric as a green screen?

While any green fabric can potentially be used as a green screen, not all fabrics are equally effective. A proper green screen should be made of wrinkle-resistant material with consistent color and no reflective surfaces. Muslin and polyester fabrics are popular choices due to their durability and performance.

How do I prevent wrinkles on my green screen?

To prevent wrinkles on a fabric screen, make sure it’s stretched tight and evenly across the backdrop stand. You can use clips or a tension system to keep it taut. If wrinkles do appear, use a steamer or iron to remove them, ensuring the fabric is wrinkle-free before filming.

Can I wear green clothing while using a green screen?

Wearing green clothing while using a green screen can cause issues with chroma key compositing, as the clothing may blend into the background and become transparent. It’s best to avoid wearing any green items or colors that closely match the green screen.

Can I use a blue screen instead?

Yes, you can use a blue screen as an alternative to a green screen. Blue screens work similarly but are better suited for situations where green objects are present in the scene or when dealing with specific lighting conditions. However, blue screens may require more light to achieve the same level of keying accuracy.

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