Grokker Launches Team Wellness Tool for Small Businesses

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Grokker, has announced the launch of its new virtual team wellness video solution targeting small and medium-sized businesses. The latest offering by Grokker looks to address the needs of businesses seeking healthy and engaged employees.

As remote working was rolled out across the nation in the wake of COVID-19 businesses shifted fitness classes from in-person to virtual sessions. This in return has led to an uptick in demand for virtual fitness solutions. In response, companies like Grokker customized itsvirtual wellness options for businesses, including a free version.

Grokker Offers Virtual Wellness Programs for Small Business

With routines disrupted, health and wellness and staying connected are more important than ever. Virtual wellness programs have now become an essential part of team and community building and employee engagement.

Grokker claims to have more than 4,000 videos, 130 experts, and over 90 programs. These solutions are touted to be beneficial in inspiring healthy behaviors, which is particularly important during a global pandemic.

Grokker’s wellness platform uses video technology and social motivation to increase employee engagement. Through the platform, they help employees of companies to manage stress, stay connected and maintain their physical fitness. In addition to on-demand videos and programming, Grokker includes full access to the Grokker online community and the encouragement of Grokker’s experts.

“Earlier this year, during the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, we made Grokker available to all organizations regardless of size. In doing so, we quickly realized that in addition to our traditional enterprise offering, other employers were looking for ways to ensure their employees stayed active and well while working from home”, said Lorna Borenstein, founder and CEO of Grokker.

The Offering in Detail

Grokker Team is suited for small companies looking to deliver wellbeing benefits without analytics requirements. Grokker Business comes with a management dashboard for tracking, analytics and reporting features for insight into adoption, usage and more. Add-on services like custom challenges are available for purchase with Grokker Business.

According to the company, the video wellbeing solution is suited for companies with five to 4,999 employees. This comes with unlimited access to Gokker’s library that includes on-demand fitness, mental health, nutrition, sleep and financial wellbeing video content. The plan also includes a marketing toolkit and communications templates to support a successful launch.

Grokker’s new Support Hub has playbooks and tools for training. This includes out-of-the-box promotional campaigns and guidance to ensure high levels of adoption and engagement.

For startups subscription to the service starts at $50 a year. It includes complete access to the media library, group classes, engagement, and motivation support as well as personalization features. Subscription for small businesses starts at $65 a year and also offers a cobranding dashboard, metrics and others.

Is Virtual Wellness the Future?

A growing number of employers are looking towards virtual wellness options to help workers stay healthy and motivated. This is driven by the need for employees who are stuck at home to stay fit and healthy.

With fitness centers and gyms shutting down for fear of spreading the pandemic, individuals and businesses are looking for alternatives. Even worse without the support of a gym buddy, many have slacked off. Moreover, with employees work remotely it becomes more important for companies to maintain organizational culture. By having wellness initiatives in place businesses can help bring employees together.

Businesses like Grokker are tapping into this need to deliver this highly sought solution. By having access to providing wellness tools and platforms, employees can have on-demand access to fitness classes and try to get back to their routines. Grokker also offers wellness components that include meditation and nutrition for better results.

With remote work anxiety and stress could run high as more employees think about their health, isolation and other challenges. But with these programs, employers have an opportunity to engage with their employees. Wellness solutions can help create connection, collaboration and camaraderie.

As there is no real date where the pandemic will end work from home has become how many companies are operating. In fact, some businesses are looking to incorporate remote working even after COVID-19. Moving forward virtual wellness will no doubt be part of our routine to keep us active and stress-free.


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