Learn How to 10x Your Blog Content with Help from Small Business Experts

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Since there are so many blogs already in existence, you need outstanding content to really make an impact. If you’re ready to 10x your content, improve SEO, and just make your blog more impactful, read the tips from members of the online small business community below.

Create 10x Content for Your Blog

When starting a blog, your goal shouldn’t just be to recreate all the content that’s already out there. You want it to be better – maybe even ten times better. But how can you accomplish this lofty goal. Gunjan Kapur provides an actionable guide in this Instoried post.

Find the Best New Blogging Tips

Starting a new blog can be a huge win for business owners. But once your first posts are published, the work isn’t done. There’s still plenty of promotion and improvement work that needs to be done. In this Pixel Productions post, Jenna Bunnell offers several things to do directly after launching a blog.

Fix These Blogging SEO Fails

All bloggers make mistakes from time to time. But if those mistakes impact your SEO, blog traffic may suffer for a long time. Luckily, SEO errors can generally be fixed. Read this Gaenzle Marketing post by Anthony Gaenzle for tips.

Get Content Ideas from YouTube Comments

YouTube can provide a wealth of content ideas. But it’s not just the videos themselves. Comments provide access to relevant questions or concerns from your target audience. Janice Wald shares how to search YouTube comments and why it can be so beneficial in this Mostly Blogging post. And BizSugar members chimed in here.

Boost Affiliate Marketing Earnings with These Content Ideas

Affiliate marketing can be an ideal way for bloggers to monetize their content. But if you truly want to earn in this way, you need content ideas that support these links. Adeyemi Adisa offers several strategies in this Platter of Gold post.

Try These Off-Page SEO Strategies

When you think of blogging SEO, most strategies involve changes to your actual website. But there are also off-page strategies that can make an impact. In this Single Grain post, Nikola Roza details eight strategies to try.

Learn More About Search Engines

If you truly want to improve SEO for your blog, it helps to have a holistic understanding of search engines. Get to know how they work, the major players and market share, etc. This Startup Bonsai post by Nicola Bleu includes relevant statistics that may help bloggers and website owners.

Improve Your Website Page Loading Times

If blog visitors have to wait forever for each page to load, they’ll probably click off your blog right away. Page load times are also important for search engines. So don’t overlook this feature when creating your site. In this Blogging Wizard post, Lyn Wildwood shares several statistics that can help you determine what to expect in this area.

Hire Blog Writers Without Reducing Quality

Hiring extra writers for your blog can help you put out significantly more content and free up your own time. However, you want writers that will keep the quality of posts high. Victor Ijidola shares tips and insights in this Premium Content Shop post.

Consider Hiring a Local SEO Agency

Alternatively, you may outsource other parts of your blogging operations, like SEO. Hiring a local SEO agency may actually be an efficient way to grow without spending your own time in this area. Learn more about this option in this Lion Blogger post by Lahaul Seth.

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