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habit tracker printables

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Changing or establishing a new habit is easier said than done. People can spend years trying to change behaviors like their food consumption and exercise routines. With habit tracking, people can create written records of their activities to help remind them to alter their habits and reinforce those changes. Anyone can start tracking their habits with their choice from an assortment of inexpensive habit tracker printable templates.

What is a Printable Habit Tracker and Why Would You Want to Use One?

What is a printable habit tracker, and why would anyone want to use one? A habit tracker is a tool that helps people monitor their daily habits. Often in the form of some type of chart, a habit tracker printable comes as a digital file, usually a PDF, that can be printed at home and filled in for habit tracking.

Printable habit trackers can help users get more sleep, improve their water consumption or refine any number of positive or negative habits. Printable habit trackers are popular items on sites like Etsy because habit trackers work, and they can make all the difference in changing behaviors.


The Benefits of Tracking Your Habits

How can printable habit tracker templates help you stick with healthy habits? Employing a printable habit tracker can do wonders to help practically anyone in their journey of developing habits that benefit their lives. Before you know it, those good habits will become second nature. The benefits of tracking your habits include:

  • Visual Cue – Completing a printable habit tracker serves as a visual reminder to choose a particular habit and behavior.
  • Motivation – When people can see their progress toward changing a habit, it can motivate them to continue.
  • Accountability – The visual record provided by a printable habit tracker helps hold people accountable for their behaviors.
  • Satisfaction – Recording your success in forging a health habit offers a sense of immediate satisfaction.
  • Success – By using a printable habit tracker, people can achieve their goals and successfully break bad habits.

Different Types of Habit Trackers

Printable habit trackers are available in a variety of types and forms. A few of the most popular types of habit tracking templates include mini habit trackers, daily, monthly or yearly habit tracker templates, mandala habit trackers, circular habit tracker templates and bullet journal printables. Habit trackers also come in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly formats. Users even can customize their own habit tracker when purchasing a printable habit tracker.

15 of the Best Habit Tracker Printables Available

Too many habits are extremely difficult to alter without some help. Printable habit trackers help with stress-free behavior moderation. These inexpensive templates are available in a variety of designs, and they make the perfect gift, as well as the ideal tool for personal use.

1. Printable Habit Tracker

Printable Habit Tracker

This printable habit tracker helps people create better habits, both to break bad habits and add new habits. By recording their daily routines, users can find success in meeting their goals.

2. Stamp Style Mini Habit Tracker

Stamp Style Mini Habit Tracker

Mini habit trackers can be placed inside a planner, a journal or anywhere a person wants to quickly reference. These mini trackers come as a self-inked stamp for a simple application in everyday life.

3. Printable Circle Habit Tracker

Printable Circle Habit Tracker

A habit tracker doesn’t have to be a standard graph or chart. A circle habit tracker like this one adds a creative twist for those hoping to track habits, transforming the modular format and making the process of building habits even more fun.

4. Daily Habit Tracker Printable

Daily Habit Tracker Printable

A day habit tracker helps users record their daily habits and stay motivated in their efforts toward healthy eating, active living, improved sleep and more. By using a daily habit tracker like this one, anyone is sure to make progress toward achieving their goals.

5. Weekly Habit Tracker

Weekly Habit Tracker

Printable habit trackers like this one help users monitor and modify their weekly habits. A person can choose just one habit or numerous behaviors to record when tracking habits.

6. Monthly Habit Tracker

Monthly Habit Tracker

Some individuals find it easier to track their habits for an entire month rather than daily or weekly. A monthly habit tracker like this example features all the details needed to monitor monthly habits.

7. Yearly Habit Tracker

Yearly Habit Tracker

Yearly habit trackers help people plan for their behavior modification in the long term. Whether the goal is to prepare a healthy meal each day for a year or to avoid junk food for a year, a year-long habit tracker template like this printable is just what the doctor ordered.

8. PDF Undated Mandala Habit Tracker

PDF Undated Mandala Habit Tracker

A mandala habit tracker printable can be an incredibly motivating way of making progress and changing habits. Instead of writing down activities, checking boxes or filling in circles, users color in sections of the intricate design to signify their daily achievements. Available as a PDF download, this printable document can be opened with Adobe Reader, Google Drive or a variety of other software.

9. Printable Productive Stationary Bundle

Printable Productive Stationary Bundle

Do you want a variety of habit trackers to help keep you on course? Record your new routines with this bundle of printable habit trackers and other productive stationary, designed with adults suffering from ADHD in mind. With so many options to help track daily activities, anyone is sure to start a new winning streak.

10. Focused Habit Tracker Printable

Focused Habit Tracker Printable

Looking for habit tracker printable templates that help you focus on just three or fewer behaviors? This printable habit tracker does just that as it helps users plan and track their top three habits over a 60-day period. Don’t have three habits to change? You also can use this template to work on a single habit.

11. Customizable Habit Tracker Printable

Customizable Habit Tracker Printable

This colorful habit tracker printable template helps users track their activities and monitor behaviors for 30-day, 60-day and 90-day periods. The chart is customizable, making it easier to personalize the right goals and the perfect plan to meet them.

12. Bullet Journal Printables

Bullet Journal Printables

Bullet journal printables offer a variety of fun and motivational ways to stay on track with your goals. These fun printable templates provide creative ways to complete effective bullet journaling.

13. Printable Healthy Habits Trackers

Printable Healthy Habits Trackers

Looking for a productive way to track and influence healthy habits? This set of printable habit trackers and planners is a great way to add variety to your behavior modification.

14. Self-Care Printable Activity Trackers

Self-Care Printable Activity Trackers

For a set of printable habit trackers that promote self-care, check out this affordable bundle of planner templates. Just print the documents and use them to promote a healthy lifestyle.

15. 7-Day Habit Tracker Templates

7-Day Habit Tracker Templates

Whether you’re hoping to improve your eating habit or your sleep habits, this simple printable habit tracker can be customized by simply filling in the blanks. Then, it takes no effort to record weekly activities by filling in the blank circles.

Which Printable Habit Tracker is Best for Which Habit?

With so many styles of printable habit tracker templates, how do you know which is best for your purpose? Some habit tracker printables are designed specifically for a certain type of habit, like self-care, sleep or healthy food choices, while others are open to adding any behaviors and activities. Not only should you consider what types of habits you plan to track, but also how many habits and for what duration of time you plan to track them.


Tips for Using Your Habit Tracker Successfully

Want to use your printable habit tracker successfully? While the basic instructions are fairly self-explanatory, there are ways you can improve your chances of changing your habits. The following tips will help you get the best results from your habit tracker templates:

  • Keep it simple – Don’t try to do too much with your habit tracker printables. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself before you start achieving your goals.
  • Create specific goals – It’s easier to track and achieve goals when they are specific. Don’t leave too much room for interpretation when determining if you’ve accomplished your goal for the day.
  • Be accountable – Hold yourself accountable when tracking your progress. You won’t get any benefit from giving yourself credit when it isn’t due.
  • Keep it fun – You’ll find it’s far easier to adjust your habits and achieve your goals when you’re having fun modifying your behaviors and tracking your results.

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