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Halloween is a spooky yet festive season and for many the highlight of their fall. But Halloween isn’t all about ghosts, goblins, trick or treating and jack-o’-lanterns. The Halloween season is also a prime opportunity for a successful marketing campaign. Halloween advertising is a great way to engage target audiences and boost sales ahead of the pivotal holiday shopping season.

Benefits of Halloween Season Advertising

Halloween isn’t just for kids. The holiday is now a commercialized season in which potential customers of all ages actively participate each year. Even a small business benefits from marketing with a Halloween theme, including gaining the following advantages:

  • Attract new customers – Halloween touches a massive market. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 95% of Americans planned to make a Halloween-related purchase in 2021.
  • Engage clientele – Your customers are naturally enthusiastic about the Halloween season, and Halloween advertising is an ideal way for them to engage with your brand.
  • Boost your brand – Halloween advertising is a good way for a brand to get noticed by a larger audience. Enthusiastic consumers will take notice of a Halloween-themed promotion and remember the name attached to it.
  • Generate leads – Halloween is a great opportunity to expand your email list of potential customers. Advertise a Halloween promotion that gets people through the door or on your website, where they supply their contact data to enter or participate.
  • Increase sales – Halloween advertisements are sure to get your brand noticed and attract new customers to your business. After all, the National Retail Federation reports an annual $10 billion in Halloween-related spending, so what small business wouldn’t want a slice of that pie?
Benefits of Halloween Season AdvertisingDescription
Attract New CustomersHalloween taps into a massive market, with over 95% of Americans planning Halloween-related purchases in 2021.
Engage ClienteleHalloween advertising naturally excites and engages your existing customer base, strengthening brand connection.
Boost Your BrandHalloween-themed promotions help your brand stand out and become memorable to a broader audience.
Generate LeadsHalloween promotions provide an opportunity to expand your email list with potential customer contact information.
Increase SalesHalloween advertisements can attract new customers and tap into the annual $10 billion in Halloween-related spending.

Best Halloween Costumes Ads

Will you be dressing up for Halloween to take advantage of trick-or-treat season? No matter how you spend Halloween night, you can take the opportunity to advertise your brand during the Halloween season. Since almost 70% of American adults spend money on Halloween costumes, it’s only natural for brands to advertise their festive outfits. Check out some of the best Halloween campaigns that advertise some sort of costume.

1. Amazon Banner

Amazon Banner

Does your store sell Halloween costumes, but you aren’t sure how to advertise them? Amazon offers this bold and festive banner in multiple sizes, and the adorable parade of costumed children is sure to attract passersby of any establishment.

2. Heinz Tomato Blood

Heinz Tomato Blood

While ketchup might not exactly be a Halloween costume, it’s long served as effective fake blood for a vampire in a pinch. The brand focused on this phenomenon in one of its creative ads for the Halloween holiday season.

3. Target Halloween Costumes

Target Halloween Costumes

What would be a Halloween season without engaging Target weekly ads for colorful costumes? The retailer’s annual ad efforts equal increased sales for the brands and a smile-filled happy Halloween for everyone who sees them.

4. Spirit Halloween Costumes

Spirit Halloween Costumes

Each year, Spirit Halloween runs a major advertising campaign for the spooky season. It only makes sense since the Halloween retailer is a seasonal business, just as its name implies. In this scary but creative work, Spirit focuses on a Halloween pumpkin with bold, informative headings.

5. Goodwill Graphic Halloween Ad

Goodwill Graphic Halloween Ad

Many Americans rely on Goodwill as a source of affordable, fun and creative Halloween costumes. In 2008, Goodwill of Southern California initiated a Halloween marketing campaign featuring animated Halloween characters. Consumers paying close attention might notice that each monster reflects the “g” shape of the Goodwill logo.

Awesome Vintage Halloween Advertising

There’s nothing new about Halloween marketing campaigns. Some of the industry’s most classic advertisements over the years came from October campaigns to recognize Halloween. Consider some of these awesome vintage Halloween advertising campaigns when seeking a good example for your small business.

6. Kool-Aid Halloween Drinks

Kool-Aid Halloween Drinks

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or a random Tuesday, Kool-Aid is a fun beverage for both kids and adults. The classic brand published this creative advertisement featuring a Kool-Aid pitcher masquerading as a Halloween pumpkin in 1964.

7. Post Cereal Treat-Paks

Post Cereal Treat-Paks

Hand out cereal instead of candy to help trick-or-treaters celebrate Halloween? Post cereal suggested this October surprise in this great example from 1959 of a spooky campaign that lasts through the years. The illustration of a cute kid donning a period costume makes it all the more endearing.

8. Brach’s Halloween Candy

Brach's Halloween Candy

Ads for Halloween candy are nothing new to the Halloween retail industry. Once the reigning king of Halloween candy, Brach’s has produced plenty of holiday print and commercial ads over the years, including this example from 1958 featuring a Halloween pumpkin and an assortment of Brach’s most popular goodies.

9. Leaf Treats for Tots

Leaf Treats for Tots

Leaf branded itself Halloween headquarters in this creative advertisement from 1970 featuring an attractive witch and a massive candy display touting “treats for tots.” You don’t have to wait for Halloween night to find the perfect time for some sweet treats.

10. Griffin Boot Polish Halloween Ad

Griffin Boot Polish Halloween Ad

Looking for some extra shine on your Halloween shoes? Griffin promoted its microsheen shoe polish in this 1950s-era print advertisement featuring another sexy witch and a menacing headless figure. The perfect October campaign, the advertisement remained popular for many holidays.

Spooky Season Halloween Candy Advertisements

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some scary sweet treats? Candy is practically synonymous with Halloween, whether it’s from trick-or-treat time or just because. Looking for a candy marketing campaign that’s the perfect inspiration for candy brands? Consider the following ideas for a Halloween ad or commercial.

11. Reese’s Halloween Doorbell Ad

Reese's Halloween Doorbell Ad

This popular Halloween marketing campaign from Reese’s reminded consumers of trick-or-treating on Halloween night and the thrill of getting candy in their favorite brands. An installment in a now-iconic Reese’s series of commercial videos, the ad was a highlight of the 2016 dark and spooky season.

12. Hershey’s Vampire Kisses

Hershey's Vampire Kisses

Always ready with at least one new campaign each Halloween season, Hershey’s didn’t disappoint with this ad for its seasonal Vampire Kisses. Not only does the ad offer ideas for the best Halloween advertising, but the candy company doesn’t miss with its version of a holiday promotion.

13. M&M’s Ghost Story

M&M's Ghost Story

M&M’s doesn’t clown around when it comes to its Halloween advertising campaigns. What’s scarier to a trick-or-treater than getting healthy snacks in their candy buckets? In this now-famous ad spot, M&M’s reminds Halloween shoppers there’s really only one acceptable sweet treat in October, and it didn’t start life as a grape.

14. Snickers Headless Horseman Ad

Snickers Headless Horseman Ad

Called a new classic, the creative Snickers headless horseman Halloween commercial is one that audiences now eagerly await every year. Originally released in 2012, the ad features a hungry and confused headless horseman who encounters a group of trick-or-treaters.

15. Cadbury Screme Egg

Cadbury Screme Egg
Looking for inspiration for a Halloween campaign on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook? Take note of this 2012 online ad for Cadbury’s Halloween-themed Screme Egg. The colorful graphics attract users’ eyes to the ad, and the post can be optimized for search.

Other Inspiring Halloween Ads

Looking forward to celebrating Halloween with your customers using more than a promo code? You won’t disappoint by modeling your campaign off of one of these inspiring Halloween ads.

16. Burger King Halloween Whopper

Burger King Halloween Whopper

The world-famous fast food chain scored big when it launched its Halloween Whopper campaign in 2015, which featured more than print ads and commercials. In honor of the holiday, Burger King created a special version of its signature sandwich, including a barbecue-flavored black bun.

17. Disneyland Resort Paris Halloween Ads

Disneyland Resort Paris Halloween Ads

Disney also rarely disappoints when it comes to its Halloween-themed advertising promotions. In an adorable series of ads for the Disneyland Resort in Paris, the House of Mouse featured some of its most popular characters, including Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook and more.

18. McDonald’s Trick or Cheese

McDonald's Trick or Cheese

Another major company known for its original and creative Halloween advertisements, McDonald’s often transforms its famous menu items into themed characters. In this popular campaign released in Finland, a slide of melted cheese imitates a spooky Halloween face with the clever tagline, “Trick or Cheese?”

19. Chipotle Boorito Campaign

McDonald's Trick or Cheese

Chipotle celebrates Halloween with a celebration known as Boorito. It might not be free burritos, but customers who visit Chipotle in costume on Halloween are treated to a $3 burrito. The ads for the festivities also serve as eye-catching ideas for your own Halloween campaigns.

20. Mini Cooper Boo Halloween Advertisement

Mini Cooper Boo Halloween Advertisement

As part of Mini Cooper’s October promotional push, the motor vehicle brand dazzled its customers with a striking Halloween ad. The 2009 posters came in two varieties, a car donning a white sheet to resemble a ghost costume and another lit up like a jack-o’-lantern.

Campaign NameBrandYearDescriptionInsights
Amazon BannerAmazonN/AAmazon offers bold and festive banners of costumed children to advertise Halloween costumes.Amazon leverages its vast product catalog to showcase a variety of Halloween costumes, catering to different tastes and preferences. The use of adorable costumed children adds an emotional appeal to the campaign, potentially resonating with parents and families.
Heinz Tomato BloodHeinzN/AHeinz creatively promotes its ketchup as fake blood for Halloween costumes.This ad demonstrates the importance of creativity in marketing. Heinz cleverly positions its product as a versatile Halloween accessory, showing how thinking outside the box can capture consumers' attention and boost brand visibility during the holiday season.
Target Halloween CostumesTargetN/ATarget's annual Halloween ad campaigns feature colorful costumes and contribute to increased sales.Consistency and engaging visuals in Target's campaigns make them eagerly anticipated each year, creating a strong association between the brand and Halloween festivities. Target's commitment to showcasing diverse and appealing costume options in its weekly ads ensures it remains a go-to destination for Halloween shoppers.
Spirit Halloween CostumesSpirit HalloweenN/ASpirit Halloween, a seasonal retailer, focuses on creative ads featuring a Halloween pumpkin and bold, informative headings.Spirit Halloween's campaign highlights the importance of thematic consistency and branding for seasonal businesses. The use of a Halloween pumpkin as a central image reinforces the brand's identity as a Halloween specialist, making it easier for consumers to associate the store with their costume needs during the spooky season.
Goodwill Graphic Halloween AdGoodwill of Southern California2008Goodwill's Halloween marketing campaign features animated characters reflecting the "g" shape of the Goodwill logo.Goodwill's creative approach reinforces the brand's affordability and appeal as a source for unique and creative Halloween costumes. The use of animated characters tied to the logo adds a memorable touch and reinforces brand recognition during the Halloween season.
Kool-Aid Halloween DrinksKool-Aid1964Kool-Aid's creative advertisement features a Kool-Aid pitcher masquerading as a Halloween pumpkin.This vintage ad showcases the enduring appeal of creative and memorable advertising. Kool-Aid's playful take on a Halloween-themed pitcher highlights how even non-costume brands can tap into the Halloween spirit to connect with consumers and promote their products in a fun and memorable way.
Post Cereal Treat-PaksPost Cereal1959Post Cereal suggests handing out cereal instead of candy for Halloween in a spooky campaign featuring a cute child in a period costume.This classic ad demonstrates how brands can provide alternative ideas for Halloween traditions while maintaining a connection with their products. Post Cereal's approach combines nostalgia, creativity, and a touch of humor to engage consumers and showcase its products in a unique and memorable way.
Brach's Halloween CandyBrach's1958Brach's Halloween candy ad features a Halloween pumpkin and an assortment of popular candies.This vintage ad showcases the timeless appeal of promoting seasonal products with thematic imagery. Brach's focuses on its Halloween-themed candies while incorporating a traditional Halloween symbol—the pumpkin—to capture the essence of the holiday and attract candy-loving consumers.
Leaf Treats for TotsLeaf1970Leaf's creative ad features an attractive witch and a massive candy display, touting "treats for tots."Leaf's Halloween ad emphasizes the festive and generous spirit of Halloween, appealing to consumers looking for sweet treats. The use of a witch character adds a touch of whimsy and fantasy, making the ad memorable and aligning with the Halloween theme. The campaign encourages consumers to enjoy treats beyond just Halloween night.
Griffin Boot PolishGriffin1950sGriffin promotes its microsheen shoe polish with a Halloween-themed print ad featuring a witch and a menacing headless figure.This vintage ad exemplifies the creative possibilities in combining unexpected elements with Halloween themes. Griffin's campaign combines shoe polish with Halloween imagery, showing how brands can tap into the holiday's popularity to create unique and attention-grabbing ads. The ad's longevity suggests that memorable and imaginative campaigns can leave a lasting impression.
Reese's Halloween Doorbell AdReese's2016Reese's Halloween marketing campaign reminds consumers of the thrill of trick-or-treating and receiving their favorite candy.Reese's campaign effectively taps into nostalgia and the excitement of Halloween traditions. The ad reminds consumers of the joy of receiving Reese's candy on Halloween night, reinforcing the brand's association with the holiday and creating positive emotional connections with its products.
Hershey's Vampire KissesHershey'sN/AHershey's creates an ad for its seasonal Vampire Kisses, offering a Halloween-themed promotion.Hershey's demonstrates the importance of seasonal variations and limited-time offers in holiday marketing. The campaign promotes a specific Halloween-themed product, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity that can drive sales during the holiday season. The use of Halloween imagery aligns with consumer expectations and adds a festive touch to the brand's offerings.
M&M's Ghost StoryM&M'sN/AM&M's delivers a Halloween ad reminding consumers of the only acceptable sweet treat in October.M&M's campaign humorously addresses consumer preferences during Halloween, reinforcing its brand as the preferred choice for sweet treats. The ad leverages humor and creativity to connect with consumers and establish M&M's as a go-to candy brand for the holiday.
Snickers Headless Horseman AdSnickers2012Snickers' headless horseman Halloween commercial has become a classic, featuring a hungry and confused headless horseman encountering trick-or-treaters.Snickers' campaign capitalizes on humor and memorable characters to create an enduring Halloween ad. The headless horseman character and the unexpected twist of him being hungry and confused add humor to the Halloween theme. The campaign's continued popularity demonstrates the lasting appeal of creative and entertaining Halloween advertising.
Cadbury Screme EggCadbury2012Cadbury's online ad for Screme Egg features colorful graphics and can be optimized for social media platforms.Cadbury's digital ad illustrates the importance of using eye-catching visuals and optimizing content for social media during Halloween. The colorful graphics and play on words ("Screme Egg") make the ad shareable and engaging for online audiences. Brands can leverage social media platforms to reach a wide audience and create buzz around seasonal products with creative and visually appealing content.
Burger King Halloween WhopperBurger King2015Burger King's Halloween Whopper campaign includes print ads and a special version

What is the Best Form of Marketing for Halloween?

The best form of marketing for Halloween is through social media. Halloween campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter reach a massive audience across all demographics. Plus, social media campaigns can be optimized with keywords and hashtags for an even greater reach. In fact, the hashtag #Halloween2020 once was featured in almost 964,000 posts, resulting in 5.5 billion impressions.

How Do You Make a Catchy Halloween Advert?

How can you master your Halloween advertising and create a catchy holiday advert that boosts sales? As the above Halloween ad examples demonstrate, there’s no single recipe for a successful design. Famous brands create ads with bright colors that feature Halloween standbys like costumes and candy in their advertisement designs. Many highlight their products by integrating Halloween characters, and Halloween-themed puns are popular holiday slogans.


Halloween isn’t just a time for spooky fun; it’s also a fantastic season for marketing campaigns that can benefit businesses of all sizes. Halloween advertising offers numerous advantages, making it a prime opportunity to engage with your target audience and boost sales:

  1. Attracting New Customers: Halloween touches a vast market, with over 95% of Americans making Halloween-related purchases in recent years, as reported by the National Retail Federation.
  2. Engaging Existing Customers: Halloween is a season that naturally excites your customer base, providing an ideal opportunity for them to connect with your brand.
  3. Boosting Brand Recognition: Halloween advertising allows your brand to stand out and be remembered by a broader audience, thanks to the enthusiastic consumer engagement.
  4. Generating Leads: You can use Halloween promotions to expand your email list by enticing potential customers to provide their contact information when participating in holiday-themed activities.
  5. Increasing Sales: Halloween advertisements can attract new customers to your business, tapping into the annual $10 billion in Halloween-related spending, according to the National Retail Federation.

The examples provided showcase various creative approaches to Halloween advertising, including vintage campaigns and contemporary social media strategies. From Amazon’s festive banner to Hershey’s Vampire Kisses and McDonald’s “Trick or Cheese,” these ads demonstrate the power of incorporating Halloween themes and creativity into marketing.

When considering the best form of marketing for Halloween, social media emerges as a powerful tool. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter offer an extensive reach across diverse demographics, allowing for keyword and hashtag optimization. With the right strategy, social media campaigns can generate significant engagement, as demonstrated by the massive popularity of the #Halloween2020 hashtag.

To create a catchy Halloween advert, draw inspiration from successful examples:

  • Utilize bright colors and Halloween imagery like costumes and candy.
  • Integrate Halloween characters and themes to highlight your products.
  • Incorporate clever Halloween-themed puns and slogans to capture attention.

In the end, Halloween advertising not only taps into the spirit of the season but also offers businesses an opportunity to connect with their audience, boost brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales during this festive and lucrative time of the year.

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