What Are the Best Halloween Crafts to Sell? 38 Spooky Examples

halloween crafts to sell

Looking for Halloween crafts to sell? With spooky season right around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities to turn craft ideas into reality and make some sales.

Halloween crafts can provide solid revenue, and they tend to be seasonal purchases that many look forward to. Whether you’re making general Halloween crafts for adults, or Halloween crafts for kids, there are many ways to create goods that let your creativity shine.

For this article, we’ll look at some of the best Halloween crafts that you can sell.

Why Halloween is the Perfect Time to Sell Crafts

Halloween is the perfect time to sell various crafts. Get tons of unique and spooky ideas in this post.

If you’re looking for things to make and sell for profit as well as new items to appeal to customers or just looking to grow your craft business in general, Halloween can be a great time to expand

holiday has very distinct elements such as horror and pumpkins that you can incorporate into craft goods in many ways, and it can be a solid stream of revenue with the right Halloween marketing ideas and Halloween ads.

People often spend quite a bit when decorating for Halloween, so customers will definitely be interested in your products. Plus, seasonal crafts are a way to increase earnings and help you gain more visibility in a crowded market.

26 Perfect Halloween Crafts to Sell

Since Halloween is close, we’ve come up with some of the very best Halloween craft ideas that you can sell this spooky season. We’ll be looking at design and material ideas, why the crafted item might be appealing, and some ideas on how to make and sell the item online or in your store. If you are selling your crafts in your retails store, here are some Halloween display ideas.

1. Customized Halloween T-Shirts

Halloween t-shirts are always a solid seller for seasonal items, and there is a lot of room to play around with different designs. For example, you can create artwork to screenprint on t-shirts or create slogan tees. Cotton t-shirts always work great for this purpose and tend to be lower cost if you’re placing bulk orders. You can also screen print and dye t-shirts at home, but that tends to be more time-consuming.

2. Handmade Trick or Treating Costumes

There is no doubt that trick or treaters take their costumes seriously for Halloween, and there is definitely a market for niche costumes. If you take a look at the big party stores, think about what’s missing and how you can create unique handmade trick or treating costumes. This could include medieval and renaissance dresses, superhero-inspired costumes, and more.

3. Laser-Cut Decorations

Costumes and decorations tend to be the two mainstays of Halloween. While there are lots of generic decorations available in stores, there are many opportunities to create unique laser-cut decorations. You can create themed decorations such as ghosts, pumpkins, jack-0-lanterns, and more in unique color combinations that people can hang in inside or outside the home as part of their Halloween decorations.

4. Jewelry

Are you skilled at making jewelry? Consider making spooky pieces that you can sell during the Halloween season.

Jewelry is one of the best Halloween crafts for kids and adults, and there are so many different options to play with. For example, you can use polymer clay to create Halloween-themed rings and earrings, as that’s available in most craft stores.

You can also create necklaces and pendants using beads, cloth, embroidery, and more and sell them as standalone items or with a chain.

5. Seasonal Banners

Seasonal banners are a perfect fit for a Halloween party, and they are easily customizable for different parties. You can create simple patterned seasonal banners with Halloween elements, add funny slogans, and offer customers tailored banner decorations depending on their needs.

6. Halloween Canvas Art

For artists, Halloween is the perfect time to release limited-edition and themed canvas art and create a collection centered around the holiday. You can include multiple canvas sizes, different mediums of painting such as oil, watercolor, and gouache, as well as a range of artistic styles to create fun art that customers will love.

7. Apothecary Jars

Another popular theme for Halloween is to go for the vintage look and craft items such as apothecary jars. They can serve as a decorative element and add a gothic touch to the ambiance. Apothecary jars can be sold separately, or you can fill them up with goodies such as jelly beans or dried flowers.

8. Halloween Masks

If you’re looking for craft ideas that trick or treaters will love, definitely think about Halloween masks. There are many different styles and trends out there, so you have an opportunity to create something unique. You can make cute animal masks for kids’ crafts or create more like life masks that adults can wear.

9. Unique Candy Treat Bags

A kid favorite every time, unique candy treat bags are a great way to appeal to families and make fun Halloween crafts. You can decorate treat bags with spooky decorations or create bags in bright colors so that parents can easily spot them.

10. Hand-Crafted Witch’s Hats

Witch hats are among the most popular Halloween costume accessories, and there are tons of ways to get creative with these Halloween crafts.

Witches are always a popular Halloween costume, and handcrafted witch’s hats are easy Halloween crafts that customers will love. Using materials such as felt, wool, and cloth in black, or you can go for colors like purple and gold for a wizard look. You can also add materials like tulle and ribbon to create more feminine hats.

11. Embossed Cardboard

Embossed cardboard decorations are a unique spin on traditional Halloween fun, and they can be a great option if you’re looking for fun elements that customers can use for a party for kids. Using cardboard and glue, you can create embossed cardboard decorations that are affordable and creative.

12. Homemade Candles

Homemade candles are popular yearround. But these spooky examples are especially popular at Halloween.

Candles are also an extremely popular option for Halloween, and they can add just the right horror-like touch for table decor at parties. Candles are easy to craft at home with wax, or you can purchase candle-making kits on Etsy. In addition, you can use essential oils and blends to create unique seasonal scents to add more value.

13. Special Confetti

Confetti is always a special treat for parties and trick-or-treaters, so why not create some special themed confetti for the occasion? You can create confetti with colored cardstock, construction paper, ribbons, wrapping paper, and much more. Add elements like skulls, crossbones, and jack-o-lanterns to get into the Halloween spirit.

14. Cookie Cutters

While candy is a mainstay for Halloween, people tend to make cookies and other baked goods for Halloween-themed kids’ parties and homes. Cookie cutters are a perfect way to capitalize on that market and increase purchases. To craft cookie cutters, you can use household items like aluminum foil, oven liners, and soda cans.

15. DIY Kids Craft Sets

Halloween is a fun time for kids to get crafty, and DIY kids’ craft sets are always a hit. The craft sets are a perfect base for parents to initiate easy Halloween crafting using household items. You can use pipe cleaners to make spiders in a DIY craft kit or create one to make DIY googly eyes at home.

16. Halloween Wax Melts

Something a little different, Halloween wax melts can be created with soy wax and scented with spooky mixes. You can create wax melts in popular shapes such as skulls, crossbones, ghosts, and more and custom blends to attract more customers.

17. Fun Printed Pillow Covers

If you’re looking to attract more customers during this holiday, Halloween home decor tends to do well. One way to stand out and offer customers something a little different, fun printed pillow covers can be a great idea. You can create patterns online using programs such as Procreate or make your own designs to print on pillow covers.

18. Creepy Charms

If you’re looking for more easy Halloween crafts, you can make creepy charms that customers can add to their jewelry. There are many ways to get creative with charms, including a jack o lantern charm, a skull charm, or other spooky elements to make unique charms.

19. Custom Bottle Stickers

Water bottle stickers are another popular option with customers year-round, and Halloween can be a fun time to release seasonal custom bottle stickers all centering around Halloween. You can create funny slogans or messages or do different spooky elements in various sizes to appeal to a wide customer base.

20. Unique Wrapping Paper

With gifts and treats aplenty during this season, wrapping paper tends to be a popular purchase during this time. Wrapping paper is perfect for Halloween party gifts, and you can create fun patterns and colors to go with the theme for your wrapping paper.

21. Halloween Potion Bottles

Halloween is associated with witches and spells, which is why potion bottles always make an appearance. You can find and decorate vintage bottles by painting or printing designs on them and creating special labels for an extra spooky touch.

22. Silicone Molds for Kids Crafts

If you’re looking for fun kids’ crafts ideas, silicone molds tend to be one of the best options for easy Halloween crafts since they can be used for many baked goods. You can create silicon molds of different shapes, such as pumpkins, bats, and skeletons, which are popular designs.

23. Fun Halloween Haunted House Ornaments

Many people decorate their homes and make elaborate haunted houses for the neighborhood to enjoy. To appeal to them, you can create Halloween crafts such as haunted house ornaments to sell. You can craft a mixture of sizes for the ornaments and go all out for the theme to make them as scary as possible for haunted houses.

24. Personalized Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes and baked goods take on a spookier look this season, so why not create personalized Halloween cupcake toppers for an extra touch. Great for kids and adults, cupcake toppers can be a nice decorative element that makes the food look more appealing. You can use card stock and other printable paper to create unique and fun shapes for the toppers.

25. Custom Tea Towels

Tea towels are another decorative element that are popular for this holiday since so many people throw parties. Custom tea towels can add a gothic or spooky touch to the decor, and many people are always looking for items to go with their themes. You can create embroidered or printed custom tea towels with slogans and images that fit with the theme.

26. Spooky Wreaths

Spooky wreaths are among the top Halloween crafts to sell. Learn how to make them and turn a profit here.

Wreaths are a simple yet fun addition to homes for Halloween and can be great for a family to put on their door to encourage more people to come to their door or as a party decor item. Spooky wreaths can be created using fall foliage, dried flowers, and ‘scary’ items such as fake spiders, skulls, and more.

27. Halloween Lanterns

Illuminate the night with these easy-to-make lanterns. Using jars, paint, and LED tea lights, you can create an eerie atmosphere that sets the mood for any spooky soirée. Designs can range from ghostly figures to creepy silhouettes, allowing for a variety of styles to cater to your audience.

28. Personalized Pumpkin Carving Kits

Offer a twist on the traditional pumpkin carving activity. Create kits that include stencils, carving tools, and a guide. This way, families can craft their unique jack-o’-lanterns with ease.

29. Halloween-themed Bath Bombs

With ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, and essential oils, you can craft bath bombs that fizz into ghoulish colors. Add small plastic spiders or other Halloween toys inside for a spooky surprise.

30. Creepy Candle Holders

Using clay or other moldable materials, design candle holders that take the form of ghostly hands, skeletal fingers, or monster claws. When lit, these holders will cast unsettling shadows, amplifying the haunted mood.

31. Halloween Puzzle Sets

Design intricate jigsaw puzzles showcasing haunted landscapes, monster parties, or other Halloween-themed scenes. This craft could be a hit with families looking to engage in indoor activities during the spooky season.

32. Gothic-style Notebooks and Journals

Craft notebooks or journals using black leather or velvet and embellish them with classic Halloween symbols like bats, spiders, or skulls. They could be used for jotting down Halloween plans, sketches, or dark poetry.

33. Ghostly Wind Chimes

Create wind chimes with a creepy twist. Instead of the typical bells or tubes, use metal ghosts, witches, or skeletons that produce an eerie jingle with every breeze.

34. Magical Spellbooks

Design faux leather-bound books with mystical symbols and enchanting titles. While they might look like spellbooks from the outside, inside, they can be blank journals, photo albums, or even organizers.

35. Haunted Mirrors

Take vintage-style mirrors and give them a spooky twist. Use translucent paint or decals to imprint ghostly figures, shadowy silhouettes, or cursed messages that appear to be lurking behind the glass.

36. Mystical Potion Kits

Craft sets of decorative mini bottles filled with colored liquids, glitter, or tiny crystals. Attach labels with names like “Witch’s Brew,” “Ghoul Elixir,” or “Vampire Tears.” These can serve as intriguing decorations or props for costume parties.

37. Spooky Bookmarks

Craft bookmarks using ribbons, metal, or leather, adorned with Halloween-themed charms such as tiny skulls, broomsticks, or black cats. Perfect for those engrossed in their horror novels during October.

38. Gothic Dream Catchers

Reimagine traditional dream catchers with a macabre touch. Incorporate black feathers, crimson beads, and spider-web patterns to create a piece that is both eerie and captivating.

Halloween Crafts to Sell Summary

Customized Halloween T-ShirtsSeasonal shirts with Halloween designs.
Handmade Trick or Treating CostumesUnique, niche costumes for Halloween.
Laser-Cut DecorationsUnique, themed Halloween decorations.
JewelryHalloween-themed jewelry using various materials.
Seasonal BannersCustomizable banners for Halloween parties.
Halloween Canvas ArtLimited-edition, themed canvas artworks.
Apothecary JarsVintage-style jars for decoration or goodies.
Halloween MasksVarious styles of masks for all ages.
Unique Candy Treat BagsDecorative bags for Halloween treats.
Hand-Crafted Witch's HatsHandmade hats for witch costumes.
Embossed CardboardAffordable, creative Halloween decorations.
Homemade CandlesSeasonal candles with unique scents.
Special ConfettiHalloween-themed confetti for parties.
Cookie CuttersHalloween-themed shapes for baking.
DIY Kids Craft SetsKits for kids to create Halloween crafts.
Halloween Wax MeltsScented wax melts with spooky designs.
Fun Printed Pillow CoversHalloween-themed decorative pillow covers.
Creepy CharmsHalloween-themed charms for jewelry.
Custom Bottle StickersSeasonal stickers for bottles.
Unique Wrapping PaperHalloween-themed gift wrapping paper.
Halloween Potion BottlesDecorated bottles with a magical theme.
Silicone Molds for Kids CraftsMolds for Halloween-themed baked goods.
Fun Halloween Haunted House OrnamentsDecorations for haunted houses.
Personalized Halloween Cupcake ToppersCustomized toppers for Halloween cupcakes.
Custom Tea TowelsDecorative tea towels with Halloween designs.
Spooky WreathsDecorative wreaths with Halloween themes.
Halloween LanternsHandmade lanterns for eerie ambiance.
Personalized Pumpkin Carving KitsKits for unique pumpkin carving experiences.
Halloween-themed Bath BombsBath bombs with spooky surprises inside.
Creepy Candle HoldersHalloween-themed holders for candles.
Halloween Puzzle SetsJigsaw puzzles with Halloween scenes.
Gothic-style Notebooks and JournalsThemed notebooks for the spooky season.
Ghostly Wind ChimesWind chimes with eerie elements.
Magical SpellbooksDecorative books with mystical designs.
Haunted MirrorsMirrors with ghostly designs or messages.
Mystical Potion KitsDecorative mini bottles with magical themes.
Spooky BookmarksHalloween-themed bookmarks for readers.
Gothic Dream CatchersDream catchers with a macabre twist.

What crafts are selling in 2023?

Many crafts are selling well in 2023, particularly for occasions such as Halloween. Popular crafts selling for Halloween 2023 include:

  • Custom t-shirts
  • Spooky wreaths
  • Wax melts
  • Candles
  • Apothecary jars
  • Candy treat bags

What crafts are most profitable?

Profitability will vary depending on various factors, including materials and supply costs, labor, shipping, and handling, and if any third-party sources are involved. Some crafts that tend to be more profitable include the following, and all can easily be customized for Halloween:

  • Candles
  • Laser-cut decorations
  • Embossed cardboard
  • Potion bottles
  • Stickers
  • Special confetti

Where can I sell my homemade Halloween crafts?

There are many options to sell Halloween crafts both in stores and online, so that will vary depending on your preferences and capacity. Whether you are looking where to sell crafts online or in the real world, here are some places you can sell your homemade Halloween crafts:

Traditional and Online Marketplaces

  • Etsy: A go-to online marketplace for all things handmade, Etsy is ideal for selling unique Halloween crafts.
  • eBay: This global online auction platform can be a great place to reach a diverse audience looking for Halloween items.
  • Seasonal Markets and Craft Fairs: Participating in local seasonal markets and craft fairs can connect you directly with customers seeking festive crafts.
  • Facebook Marketplace: A growing platform for local and global sales, Facebook Marketplace can help you reach a wide audience within your community and beyond.
  • Local Independent Boutiques: Partner with boutiques in your area to showcase your crafts. These stores often attract customers looking for unique and locally-made items.
  • Farmer’s Markets: These markets are not just for produce; they’re a great venue for selling handcrafted items, especially seasonally-themed ones like Halloween crafts.

Expanding Online Craft Marketplaces

  • Amazon Handmade: For artisans looking to tap into a vast customer base, Amazon Handmade offers a dedicated space for handcrafted goods.
  • ArtFire: This is an excellent platform for independent artists and crafters, focusing on a community-driven marketplace.
  • Zibbet: Unique for its ability to manage multiple sales channels from one dashboard, Zibbet is perfect for sellers who are also on platforms like Etsy and Amazon.
  • Bonanza: Known for its emphasis on unique items and user-friendly interface, Bonanza is another growing online marketplace for crafts.

Leveraging Social Media and Digital Marketing

  • Instagram Shop: Utilize Instagram’s visual appeal to sell your crafts through engaging images and direct sales features.
  • Pinterest: Ideal for showcasing visually appealing crafts, use Pinterest to link directly to your online store.
  • TikTok: Engage with a younger audience by creating captivating short videos of your Halloween crafts.

Local Community and Pop-up Opportunities

  • Pop-up Stores: Set up temporary stores in high-traffic areas to provide a hands-on shopping experience.
  • Halloween-themed Events: Attend local festivals or events focused on Halloween to reach an audience already interested in festive crafts.
  • Consignment in Local Stores: Collaborate with local shops to sell your crafts on consignment, especially those with a Halloween or festive theme.

Online Advertising and Alternative Sales Channels

  • Google Shopping Ads: Showcase your crafts directly in search results to catch the eye of potential buyers.
  • Email Marketing: Use newsletters to showcase your crafts and offer exclusive deals to subscribers.
  • Local Online Classifieds: Platforms like Craigslist or Kijiji can be effective for reaching local buyers who prefer purchasing from artisans within their community.

Combining Strategies for Maximum Reach

By combining these traditional and modern sales channels, you can significantly enhance the visibility and sales of your Halloween crafts. The key is to recognize where your target audience shops and ensure your presence in those spaces, particularly during the exciting Halloween season.

Whether you’re reaching out through digital platforms or setting up a booth at a local fair, each channel offers a unique way to connect with customers and grow your craft business.

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