Happy Grasshopper Delivers Customized Email Followup

Happy Grasshopper Delivers Customized Email Followup

From instant automated responses to long-term keep-in-touch campaigns, Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing service that helps businesses convert more leads and generate more referrals easily.

Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing service that provides businesses and entrepreneurs with a way to automatically stay in touch with their contacts.

How? The company has a team of creative writers and an automated system. The writers create short, memorable emails that guarantee a response. You simply choose a new message every three weeks.

A Look at Happy Grasshopper

Custom Written Content

It is true that people only do business with those they know and trust. Happy Grasshopper therefore bridges this gap by offering your customers with emails optimized for response. All emails relate to your unique business needs and approach.

Database Automation

Besides offering you customized emails, Happy Grasshopper also gathers, organizes and cleans existing contacts so you are sure your emails are going to the right people. The platform also automates the capturing of new contacts.

The Fortune is in Follow-ups

Email follow-up is one of the highest ROI-producing tool and yet not so many business invest in it. That’s really a shame considering most businesses rely on their list of contacts for repeat business. Efficient and effective follow-up of inquiries and interested customers might definitely see you increase your sales.

Happy Grasshopper bridges this gap by providing fun follow-up emails that will keep your customers happy and thinking about your business every so often.

More so, as much as they send out fun and friendly emails, Happy Grasshopper also maintains a high-level of professionalism so you never have to worry about losing credibility due to a badly crafted email.

And while it is really difficult to foretell which of your customers is ready to buy, Happy Grasshopper makes it a little easier by sending monthly keep-in-touch messages that are designed for response.

Leads Conversion

Besides sending out emails, Happy Grasshopper also makes follow-up calls on your behalf. “It’s not about the click, it’s about the call’” says the company on its website. To be able to convert leads you need instant response, nurturing and strong positioning.


Happy Grasshopper offers a variety of pricing plans. Are you running a small business and want to just try it out? Well, you need to try the Starter pack that goes for $59 per month and includes both Blast and Keep-in-Touch functionalities. If you seek much more features then you should choose either the Team pack that goes for $1,895 or $199 per month, the Pro pack that goes for $1,495 and $99 per month or the Elite pack going for $5,000 plus.


Many businesses miss out on business either due to high unsubscribe rates where people get tired of boring emails or because of lack of follow-up. Happy Grasshopper closes that gap and takes on the task giving you the time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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