In the Spotlight: Pure Green Founder Tells Colorful Startup Story

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You can find green juice, smoothies and other healthy products just about anywhere these days. But not all of those brands are favorites of big names like Selena Gomez and the New York Jets.

That’s where Pure Green sets itself apart. The franchise business focuses on creating a memorable experience for its customers. This led to a cult following in NYC and eventually new locations around the country. Read more about the company and its journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Sells smoothies, acai bowls, cold pressed juice, and other healthy products.

Business Niche

Creating a memorable experience for visitors.

Founder and CEO Ross Franklin told Small Business Trends, “We don’t refer to the people that come through our doors as customers, we call them guests and treat them like a guest in our own home.”

How the Business Got Started

To inspire healthier communities.

Franklin opened the first location for the business back in 2014. Then, the business began to gain popularity. And they eventually decided to grow it using a franchise model.

Franklin adds, “We started in New York City and built a cult following.”

Biggest Win

Landing a big client.

Franklin says, “We have a wholesale division of our business and the biggest win was when we signed on the New York Jets as a wholesale client. The players love Pure Green cold pressed juice. And since then, we signed on over 60 professional sports teams who are all evangelists for Pure Green.”

Biggest Risk

Separating the retail division from the wholesale division.

Franklin explains, “This was the best decision we ever made as our retail division started franchising and we are on track for massive growth as a company.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Bringing in new franchisees.

Franklin says, “An extra 100k would go straight into marketing to help get the word out to potential franchisees. We are looking to grow fast and getting the right franchisees is key.”

Fun Fact

Getting worldwide attention.

Franklin adds, “Our cold pressed juice is in well over 30 states from professional sports teams, airlines to high end hotels. We knew we made it when Selina Gomez was photographed drinking our cold pressed juice.”

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Image: Pure Green

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