McDonald’s Says No to Heinz, Apple Ramps Up and More

heinz exits

Another news week has come and gone. And what a week as some major new products and tools from Apple, Nokia and others emerged. If you’d like to find out what happened — especially news that might be relevant to your business — here are the high points. The Small Business Trends editorial team recaps all the news for this past week. Let’s get started.

Strategic Business Relationships

McDonald’s and Heinz part ways. It’s either the end of an era or the beginning of a fascinating new one. The two brands that once went together like … well, like ketchup and fries, are calling it quits.  And it’s all about competition.  Is this a big deal?

Apple Updates

Apple has a new operating system. We’ve shared a video and some basic features. If your business uses Macs or other Apple tech in your office, this could be a big step in changing the way you work.

The new Mac Pro is here. If it looks a little weird and futuristic, that’s because it is. Here are some of the details about Apple’s new desktop. Is it right for your business? And the new iPad mini won’t be far behind. This one has a Retina display. So if you’re looking for a slightly smaller tablet experience at a slightly lower price, check out this post first.

You may be happy about the prices on the latest MacBooks. Apple products have always carried a premium price tag, especially for small businesses conscious of their budgets. But, if you are an Apple fan, you may be surprised what you get for the money.

Nokia Newcomers

Nokia unveils its long-awaited new Windows tablet. It’s only been buzz and some leaked photos up until now. But its very, very real. Here are some features you’ll want to check out. A smartphone for just $69? It may not be your mobile device of choice. But that’s not important. There’s another group who may be interested. And they could be your customers.

This phablet introduces a larger screen. For a phone, that is. For a tablet, it’s actually quite a bit smaller. It’s a Windows Phone device with a six-inch display. But the price tag may not be for every business.

Startups and Shutdowns

Jeans made to order. Ask entrepreneurs Mark Lynn and Corey Epstein for the concept behind their line of jeans. They will tell you it is that their customers help them design every pair. is shutting down. is closing the digital task manager. If you are still a user, you have until the end of January to transfer your data off the site. Here’s more information you may find helpful.

Taxes and Trends

Watch out for the latest scam. Have you received a phone call from the IRS demanding money? If so, it may not be the IRS you were talking to at all. Check this post for more on the latest scam that’s plaguing small business owners and others. Amazon tax law struck down in Illinois. It’s been a long contentious struggle. But Nellie Akalp is here to tell us a bit more about what this means. Now, what comes next for affiliate marketers? Your customers still love you. Anyway, they do if you happen to be a small retailer. That’s good to know too, with all the other concerns you have to face this holiday season. Rieva Lesonsky has more.

More Tech

Nexus 5 is here. The long awaited successor to Google’s Nexus 4 arrived amid online photo leaks and other buzz. We’ll have more about the new phone once the dust has settled. Dell has some new laptops too. And that’s not all. There’s also a cross between a laptop and a tablet here. And Dell has equipped these devices with XPS screens for your documents. Reading Photo via Shutterstock

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