HelloWoofy Updates Offer Affordable Social Media Management to Small Business

hellowoofy updates

HelloWoofy, a smart social media management platform, just announced a series of new features, including integration with Hootsuite. This means that Hootsuite’s existing 18 million customers can now access HelloWoofy’s intelligent technology on top of the Hootsuite dashboard for $49 a year.

Founder Arjun Rai said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “A lot of Hootsuite customers were using our product in conjunction with their existing workflows, so we reached out to Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite’s founder, and now the tools are fully integrated so social media professionals and marketers all over the world can save time optimizing and sharing their content.”

HelloWoofy Updates

In addition to the integration with Hootsuite, HelloWoofy also announced a series of other new features and updates, including:

  • Autocompleting text in social posts and long-form posts, including text, emojis, hashtags, and copyright-free images
  • The ability to add GIFs from Giphy to TikTok and Instagram
  • An updated Discover section that allows users to automatically generate relevant social posts
  • A new Chrome Extension that lets users autocomplete and see emoji recommendations wherever they’re typing online
  • A new Android app to allow users automate scheduling on Instagram and TikTok, in conjunction with the platform’s existing iOS app

Going forward, HelloWoofy plans to continue adding new features that evolve with the changing marketing trends for small businesses. Specifically, the company is working on smart speaker marketing tools to help customers make the most of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices that are making a major impact on consumers’ daily life.

Though these updates are not ready for release just yet, customers can feel confident that the company will continue to offer interesting features that are relevant to the needs of small business users.

About HelloWoofy

HelloWoofy, which launched in late 2019, aims to stand out from the existing social media marketing platform landscape by integrating AI and data science to make the experience extra simple and intuitive for small business users.

For example, the dashboard uses a color coded system to separate various tasks: purple represents ongoing social campaigns, blue represents single posts, etc. You can also add photos or spreadsheets with multiple posts and then sort them into categories so you can easily automate separate campaigns going forward. You can even connect it to platforms like WordPress and Medium and use the predictive text feature to help you craft blog posts and long-form content.

There are also plenty of “magic tricks,” as Rai calls them, like the ability to quickly find relevant GIFs or see which emojis are trending and automatically add them to your social posts. He also cautions businesses against discounting these fun little touches, since they can actually drive a ton of engagement to posts.

Rai says, “Emojis are driving an insane amount of uplift. We see it in social posts and even email newsletters that emojis get more engagement and drive just an insane amount of uplift from customers.”

Overall, Rai hopes that by integrating all of these little features into one platform, it makes it easier for small businesses to create fun and effective content without spending a ton of time learning how to use complicated tools.

He says, “As a small business owner, you don’t want a tool that holds you back and forces you to do more grunt work. You want something that runs like the iPhone of the marketing world, where even a ten year old influencer can easily learn how to use it visually.”


Image: hellowoofy.com

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