Her Success is Frightening

How can a talent for applying horror film makeup be transformed into a multi-million dollar business? Read this roundup and discover more about how special and creative talents and abilities can be transformed into the most unique businesses as well as how to operate those businesses once created.

Success Stories

Unexpected opportunities turn to thriving business. This entrepreneur didn’t begin her career as a makeup artist with the knowledge she would be building a multi-million business from her efforts. But a new career led to unexpected opportunities. Shine

Creating a business from writing talents. Stephanie Chandler built a business based on her passion for marketing and her ability for writing, translating her talent and interests into a business featuring non-fiction business books for entrepreneurs. BizSugar Blog


Why you should launch more often. Some people argue that introducing products too often will mess up positioning and message in a highly competitive field, but serial entrepreneur Prasad Thammineni argues just the opposite. Small Business Trends

What are the benefits of a deadline? Deadlines are a part of life whether you own and operate your own business or work for a traditional employer, but facing one has its positive aspects. Here’s how to make the deadline work for you. Main Street Chamber


Mistreating your customers? You may not realize it, but if you treat your best customers poorly, even unknowingly, the result could hurt your reputation and your brand. Focus on seeing your business the way others might and do the best you can for customers. Jonathan Fields

Analytics boosts small business. It doesn’t matter how small your business may be. Analytics can provide an edge that will transform everything. Understanding the benefits of analytics for your small business is the key to moving into a whole new world of competitiveness. Zimana Blog


Does your small business need a staff? In some cases staff may be necessary to attract investment, something many startups may need to consider these days in the current economic environment even though it may run counter to the idea of keeping your operations lean. WSJ

What can we learn from failure. This recent post focused on five small businesses that failed this year. But let’s not focus on the negative. Behind each of these failures is a lesson to be learned about what could be done better next time. You’re the Boss

Tips & Trends

There is such a thing as bad publicity. Here John Sternal talks about the overall impact of bad PR on your business or company and also what to do to improve matters for you and your brand. Understanding Marketing

Automating SEO for E-commerce. If the importance of e-commerce to today’s small business market does not need to be stressed, perhaps the need for SEO as a method of enhancing e-commerce performance does. Here are some thoughts. Capture Commerce

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