These Remote Gigs Have Six-Figure Earnings Potential

High Paying Remote Jobs

A new analysis from Flex reveals the eight highest paying remote gigs in America. For example, remote gigs from the medical sector to sales are paying in excess of $100,000 a year. The report comes as more Americans are working remotely.

Full-time remote gigs have a host of benefits for workers. This includes a better work-life balance, better productivity, and avoiding commutes. As a result, many scrambling to get on the remote gig bandwagon to take advantage of these perks.

This is responsible for growing the number of remote gig workers. And since 2005 it has grown by 159% in the U.S, with 44% coming in the past 5 years alone. Consequently, it is responsible for professionals also being part of this way of working.

High Paying Remote Jobs

Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs, explained what professionals can expect as remote workers on the company blog. Sutton says, “Well-qualified professionals with the right skills and experience can often find great high-paying remote jobs that offer the same career opportunities as traditional on-site positions,”

Telecommuters or remote workers are non-self-employed people who principally work from home at least half of the time. As it applies to this research, it doesn’t include anyone who works remotely as a freelancer, business owner, or entrepreneur.

While a huge variety of remote gigs exist in practically any career field imaginable, some jobs and industries are more common than others.

Which Remote Gigs Are Raking in Big Dollars?

Project/ Product Manager Jobs

According to PayScale, gigs relating to project management or product managers are responsible for professionals earning between $47K -$145K. Effectively executing projects is getting more complex, and will only continue in the future. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses to hire project managers with skills and experience to see projects come to fruition. Industries with high demand for project managers include utilities, construction, information services, oil and gas, finance, manufacturing, and services.

Work from home medical jobs

Medical jobs are almost always in demand. For example, jobs ranging from clinical trial mangers, medical directors and psychologist. In fact, they rank second on Flexjobs for having the most remote-friendly jobs. These remote gigs can generate yearly salaries between $48K and $301K a year.

Sales and Business Development Jobs

With global competition on the rise, businesses are seeking professionals that can improve sales as well as increase their competitiveness. Business development managers help businesses grow by finding new opportunities, researching leads, establishing relationships with potential clients and arranging appointments for sales executives. Depending on the level of experience and skills, sales and business development gigs can earn $44K and $131K in annual revenues.

Software Developer Jobs

Increasing business automation, upgrading legacy software and the need to serve clients with IT solutions are in high demand. Hiring of software developers is set to grow 21% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Remote gig software developers earn on average between $46K -$121K a year. Positions in cybersecurity, software engineering and IT managers are also in this category.

Marketing Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), marketing jobs are set to increase by 10% nationwide by 2026. This is friven by business demand to strengthen their brand, differentiate their products and services and leverage their digital data. The shortage of cutting-edge marketing talent has never been higher, and the demand for high-caliber marketers continues to grow. Experienced remote gig marketing professions are earning on average between $46K -$202K a year.

Why are Employers Open to Hiring Remotely?

The current job market is swaying heavily in the job seeker’s favor with more open jobs than professionals to fill them. For example, employers are now eager to retain qualified employees and maintain their competitive edge by hiring employees remotely.

Thanks to digital technology, companies can now work virtually and hire the best of the best from anywhere around the world. As a result, these high-paying remote gigs are highly competitive and sought after. Those wishing to venture into remote gigs will need to raise their game to be competitive.



Samson Haileyesus Samson Haileyesus is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has several years of progressive experience in media, communication and PR working with government, NGOs and private sector. He is passionate about public outreach, branding, media relations and marketing.

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  2. It is amazing how we now have so many options when it comes to work. You really can work at your own pace.

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