Get the Employees You Need Now With High Velocity Hiring


Are you hiring to the best of your ability? If not, take a peak at Scott Wintrip's "High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant ". This book, written by an expert with 20+ years of recruiting experience, offers a 6-step process designed to help business owners attract talent and develop a pipeline that can fill your empty seats within a few days or even hours.

Get the Employees You Need, Now, With High Velocity Hiring

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According to High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, business owners are on the losing side in the war for good talent. Instead of putting people to work, they are adding more barriers before they even hire them. High Velocity Hiring challenges that “wait and seek” mentality and offers a strategy for businesses to hire fast so they can thrive in an on-demand economy.

What is High Velocity Hiring About?

High Velocity Hiring developed out of author Scott Wintrip’s own frustration with the hiring process as a recruiter. He watched as businesses that needed workers would wait days, weeks, months and even years before they hired someone. Despite this intentional hiring delay, the number one complaint of business owners was a lack of good candidates.

Wintrip looked deeper into the issue and found it wasn’t the candidates. It was the businesses who were afraid to hire. Businesses were choosing not to hire people out of fear of getting it wrong. While it’s true that hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, Wintrip contends that not hiring any candidate could be just as costly. Because businesses were afraid to hire, they were losing out on good candidates while searching for a “perfect” candidate. In an on-demand economy where speed is a competitive advantage, hiring slow is a competitive disadvantage.

Wintrip’s solution to this situation is to speed things up. His six-step process in the book focuses on two goals, decreasing uncertainty and increasing the pipeline of talent. High uncertainty and lack of a good talent pipeline, Wintrip argues, slow down the hiring process and prevent businesses from maintaining a talent advantage.

Wintrip is the founder and CEO of Wintrip Consulting Group, a global recruiting consultancy firm he started in 1999. Wintrip graduated college with a degree in music education and the intent to become a high school band director. But he developed an interest in recruiting and never looked back.

What Was Best About High Velocity Hiring?

Because of Wintrip’s experience as a recruiter, his book offers fine-tuned insight about the hiring process. In particular, he brings clarity to the unspoken assumptions most employees have about hiring — for instance about interviews. Most don’t take the time to question whether their form of interviewing achieves its goal. These unspoken assumptions often lead to unspoken fears, which Wintrip attempts to address with his own strategy.

What Could Have Been Done Differently?

High Velocity Hiring offers a quick and agile response to the “hiring problem” for hiring managers who are frustrated by hiring delays and shortages. Unlike a large business, small businesses may need more help implementing the book’s strategy. Although there are only six steps, the book’s strategy requires an investment of time and money. More tips on how a small business can transition to the faster hiring system in the book would be helpful.

Why Read High Velocity Hiring?

In High Velocity Hiring, Wintrip challenges the traditional hiring approach of “post and pray” recruiting and waiting to locate  the perfect candidate. In this economy where things move quickly, Wintrip believes these hiring approaches are doomed to fail. High Velocity Hiring offers a simple system designed to move that talent quickly through the hiring process. For business owners frustrated with hiring delays and shortages, this offers a hiring approach to consider. This approach won’t solve every hiring situation, but it may assist with your most urgent ones.

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