Hipmunk Launches Premium Business Accounts

The travel site known for taking the stress out of booking hotels and flights has launched a new business option to make booking business travel even easier. Different companies are now offering products to allow businesses more options. Here are some of the products and services your company may be using in the near future:

Hipmunk Helps With Business Travel

The only way to travel. It will be a major challenge for Hipmunk, a consumer oriented airline and hotel search engine, to move into the corporate travel market, but the San Francisco-based company has announced its first product for travel planners and administrative personnel at small- and medium-size companies. Skift

Getting hip to the munk. If you haven’t heard of or used Hipmunk yet, you soon may as the company launches its new premium business accounts. Chief executive Adam Goldstein, whose company just received $15 million in funding, insists it’s not a need for cash that has driven expansion but a desire to reach a new market and diversify the company’s business model. VentureBeat

The sincerest form of flattery. No better evidence of the need for business travel tools like Hipmunk’s exists than the fact that the company may already have some competition. Recently, Hipmunk rival Concur launched Open Booking as an alternative to corporate travel tools. Tnooz

VidyoWay Connects Conferencing

The medium is the message. Multiple-party teleconferencing pioneer Vidyo has developed new software connecting all video conferencing for free. VidyoWay, as the new service is called, allows video conferencing to take place between companies whose video conferencing systems would otherwise be incompatible. TechCrunch

Take a meeting anywhere. The new VidyoWay service allows video conferencing from smartphones, PCs, and corporate conference rooms using Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, Microsoft Lync Endpoints, and more—no matter who you want to video conference with, there’s a good chance VidyoWay can help make the connection. The Next Web

TaskRabbit Builds Tomorrow’s Workforce

Selling your personal services. Outsourcing a variety of services and errands to trusted assistants has never been easier thanks to TaskRabbit. The company has raised a total of $38 million in funding, and already has some competition. Your business could use some outsourcing too. All Things Digital

It’s all about connections. Whether you provide tasks for a fee, or are already a busy business person who needs to find someone reliable to do outsourced work, TaskRabbit is one viable solution. Simply, the site allows you to post the task you need completed and the amount you’re willing to pay for it and then connects you with possible candidates. Gigaom

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