HitTail Helps You Build Web Traffic Without Advertising

HitTail widget demonstrates keywords searchers use to find this siteYou may have noticed a widget that appears on this site from time to time, by HitTail (an advertiser here). The widget looks like the image in this post.

The widget shows the keywords that searchers are using to arrive at this site, updated in real time.  It demonstrates part of what the HitTail service does.

Using the HitTail service, you can (1) track the keywords that people are using to come to your site or blog, (2) extract the keywords that matter most into a handy list, and (3) use those keywords in future articles or blog posts that you write.

The idea behind HitTail is to increase the organic (non-paid) search traffic to your site, by revealing the keywords that visitors are using to find your site so that you can build on those to attract even more traffic.

HitTail is based on the premise that search traffic tends to come from a “long tail” of smaller keywords, rather than from a few major keywords.  For instance, HitTail tells us that here on Small Business Trends the top ten keywords account for only 8.7% of all search traffic.  The vast majority of search traffic (91.3%) comes in dribs and drabs from thousands of minor keywords.  You can see how powerful those minor keywords can be, if collectively they are driving over 90% of the search engine traffic.


Now, take it a step further.  What if you had a list of those minor keywords, and used them when writing blog posts, thereby attracting even more traffic for those keywords?  And did it all without paying pay-per-click charges to grow traffic?  That’s what HitTail is designed to help you do.

I’m finding the HitTail service a bit addicting. I’ve always had traffic tracking tools to highlight visitor search terms, but I’ve never had the data presented in such a streamlined and interactive way.

For entrepreneurs and large and small businesses using blogs as a major part of their online marketing outreach, HitTail can add valuable search marketing intelligence.  While I would never recommend slavishly writing content based solely on keyword data, at the same time recognize that the HitTail keyword data can help you focus your writing and avoid aimless blogging.  Above all else, write quality content about interesting topics of value to your readers.

HitTail offers a free Basic service so you can try it risk free.  Watch the demo video for more information about how it works.

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