Spotlight: This Mom Set Out to Change Kids Nutrition with Hockey Snacks

This Mom Set Out to Change Kids Nutrition with Hockey Snacks

Playing sports is a healthy activity for kids. Unfortunately, the food and snacks they receive at sporting events isn’t always as healthy. That’s exactly what Hockey Snacks wants to change.

The company’s founder set out to change things after an experience with her own son’s team. And it has since grown and shifted, especially since the start of the pandemic. Read about the company’s entire journey below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Delivers nutritious and allergy friendly snacks to sports teams and tournaments.

Founder Seanna Thomas told Small Business Trends, “Hockey Snacks provides nutrition information and education for young athletes, teams, tournaments, and families globally.”

Business Niche

Serving a unique market.

Thomas says, “There is no other business in the Toronto, Ontario area that does it!”

How the Business Got Started

Because of a personal experience.

Thomas explains, “I saw my son (he was 7 at the time), after a Saturday 7:00AM hockey practice. And a parent had brought Doritos for the team to eat. I knew we could make a change for the better. And my business snowballed into what it is today!”

Biggest Win

Serving their first event.

Thomas says, “It was in a small town, Elmira. And everyone was so happy to have healthy snacks instead of useless trinkets that are sometimes handed out at sports tournaments.”

Biggest Risk

Shifting due to COVID.

Thomas explains, “The biggest risk I took was taking everything online. But I didn’t have much of a choice due to Covid restrictions. It’s still a bit of an uphill battle. But it’s exciting and I love watching my business grow in different ways.”

Lesson Learned

Planning is important.

Thomas says, “Because my business was sort of accidental, if I could go back, I would do more research and put more thought into a few things before I began.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Streamlining and expanding offerings.

Thomas explains, “I would hire someone to help me streamline some of the processes in my business. I would use some of the money for marketing. And that would give me the freedom to be able to offer my services to some sports leagues that aren’t able to afford Nutritionists. Everyone deserves to know how to fuel themselves!”

Fun Fact

The business isn’t actually about hockey.

Thomas says, “Even though my business is called “Hockey Snacks”, we provide our service to all sports, everywhere. Hockey Snacks was chosen because that was the first sport that was interested in my services, I was immersed in the culture (as a typical Canadian Mom, lol), and I honestly didn’t even fathom it would have expanded the way it has.”

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Image: Hockey Snacks, Seanna Thomas

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