Holiday Postage, Mobile Engagement and WordPress Websites

Holiday Postage, Mobile Engagement and WordPress Websites

It’s time for  our weekly community news and information roundup with the latest news and articles from sites we follow on the Web. You can help gather news about new websites or online tools or suggest articles you think we should feature here.

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Holiday Postage a Good Investment (Fletcher Prince)

If you were planning to send your holiday greetings out by email, don’t do it. Marketing consultant Mary Fletcher Jones says your clients would much rather have a traditional card.

Holiday Interaction’s Gone Mobile (iBlogZone)

On the other hand, in some ways interactions between businesses and customers have gone super high tech. See this infographic shared by Francisco Perez about how mobile is changing the engagement between consumers and brands.

Why WordPress is the Right Choice for Websites (Outside Raleigh)

The debate rages on as far as blog platforms go. But Web marketing and SEO expert Eric Erickson now insists WordPress is the best choice, not just for your blog, but for your Website, too.

Employees and Your Brand (Visible Logic Inc)

While you’re busy fiddling with your Web presence and marketing campaign, don’t forget your employees are also building your brand. Here’s a discussion from the BizSugar community with Emily Brackett.

Bringing on a New Team Member (Luxr)

One way to make sure employees are in tune with your business’s brand is to get them acclimated to the company culture from the beginning. Here’s another discussion from the BizSugar community about the major challenges involved.

Why Credibility Matters (Squirrel Business Hub)

Of course, you want to be professional and build respect for your brand with your online presence. But Kylie Harker and Tracey Stoll want you to know there’s an even more compelling and immediate reason to create credibility.

Figure Out Your Cash Flow (Go Forth Institute)

As important as worrying about making sales may be, so is figuring out how to manage the money once it gets into your business. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. Here’s how to figure out whether or not you’re managing it well.

Tools to Manage Your Community (

As with cash flow and Web presence, you must also manage your community. Adam Post, founder of the Bright Age Digital Creative Agency, shares some tools that may help.

Figure Out Your Portal Problem (Vera Claritas)

You’ve created a solution for a problem your customers don’t even know they have. The challenge is to show them that they have this problem in the first place. Fortunately, there is a simple approach.

Free Trials May Not Be The Answer (M4B Marketing)

Susan Oakes has this great take on marketing as a way to find the right customers. The trick, she says, is choosing the right way to reach them.

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