Hootsuite, Kabbage Announce New Offerings, More Weekly Headlines

Hootsuite, Kabbage Announce New Offerings, More Weekly Headlines

Whether you’re looking to create online ads for your small business, manage your social media or look for a small business loan, there’s an online tool that can help.

Some of those online services, including Hootsuite and Kabbage, announced changes to their offerings this week.

Read about those changes and other headlines in the small business world in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Online Tools

New Hootsuite Tool Creates Your Facebook Ads for You

Hootsuite, the popular platform for scheduling and managing social media messaging, debuted a new online ad tool May 19 designed to maximize your Facebook presence.

Hootsuite Ads, as it’s called, results from a partnership between San Francisco-based Hootsuite and Facebook.

Sage Adds Kabbage to Small Business Service Recipe

Online small business lender Kabbage is adding a savory new ingredient to its recipe by partnering with small business service provider Sage Payment Solutions.

The result is a new third-party technology platform called Sage Small Business Loan powered by Kabbage. The new platform seems to be aimed at giving each company with something they need.

ReTargeter Creator Aims to Replace CRM with New Immediately App

Arjun Arora, creator of ReTargeter, which presents highly targeted ads to consumers, moved on quickly after selling his six-year-old startup this past March. And now a new app called Immediately is his new gig.

The Immediately app is designed to integrate deeply with Gmail and Salesforce to help salespeople better manage their workflow.


What Employers Need to Know About the “Ban the Box” Movement

A legal and social movement is coming at you like a freight train. The movement restricts employers from asking potential hires about criminal backgrounds early in the job application process. It’s been dubbed “Ban the Box” by some. Others, including President Obama, call it a “Fair Chance to Work.”

Could Robots Be the Employees of the Future?

Robots are learning how to accomplish more than simply moving from place to place or maybe vacuuming a floor. In fact, researchers at the University of Maryland recently used videos to teach a robot how to make salads.

The robot, named Julia (after Julia Child), learned each step of the salad making process after watching YouTube videos of people completing those same steps.

Green Business

20 Steps to a Renewable Energy Plan on a Budget

Apple can do it. Why can’t you? The tech giant plans to build a $2 billion “solar powered” command center in Arizona. And the move is viewed as part of a larger trend.

More companies are investing in renewable energy (energy derived from natural resources) to fuel their operations. But you don’t need to be a high  tech heavy weight to participate.

Startup is Using Salt to Create an Alternative to Nuclear Energy

Creating alternative energy sources is certainly an important task. But it’s not necessarily one that’s going to be popular with investors, given the experimental nature and length of time such a project is likely to take.

Transatomic Power is one company that’s working to create cleaner sources of energy.


Spotlight: Manage A Gazillion Marketing Platforms with Holonis

When marketing a business online, there are so many different platforms you need to track. There are social platforms, online review sites, blogs, search engines, and so many others.

Constantly checking and updating all those different platforms can be time-consuming and distracting from other important tasks.

Retail Trends

On October 1st, Card Fraud Liability is Changing. Is Your Small Business Ready?

Beginning October 1, 2015, small business owners will be liable for any card-present fraud that occurs when a customer uses a credit card with an EMV chip if the business doesn’t have a chip-enabled card reader.

To protect themselves, small business owners should install chip-enabled card readers.

Small Business Operations

Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Requests: Finally, a Lid on Them?

Critics have charged that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has been used as a tool of abuse.  Fraudulent claims of copyright infringement have been a major problem with the DMCA Act, according to some.

However, a recent California district court ruling is a step in the right direction to finally put a lid on fraudulent DMCA takedown requests.


How Will the EU’s New Value Added Tax (VAT) Rules Impact US-Based Businesses?

U.S.-based small businesses that sell certain digital products within European Union countries need to account for new value-added tax (VAT) regulations. The new VAT rules went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, and apply to companies selling digital products within any EU member country.

Technology Trends

How The Face of Tipping is Changing Due to Technology — Are You Prepared?

Today’s newer payment apps and platforms can be pre-programmed for certain tipping amounts and seem to be resulting in higher tips for wait staff, cab drivers, and others. For some entrepreneurs, this is good news.

Even restaurateurs can benefit from their wait staff getting higher tips. Big tips tend to lead to happier employees, which generally fuels better customer service.

Juice Your Apple Devices with this Fun Juice Box Charger

What’s the best way to give your iPhone some battery life? With the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, of course. This compact backup battery pack is a charming and playful way to charge your USB-powered devices.

Created by and sold on Photojojo!, it is designed to look like an apple juice box, making it the perfect accessory for your Apple gadgets.

Bruno is One Smart Trash Can — Plus a Vacuum

Your home is getting smarter. Internet and app-connected gadgets are popping up in every area or your life from everyday activities like unlocking your door to your fashion.

With all the new “smart” gadgets coming out on the market, someone was bound to make a smart trash can. Well, two inventors have, and they call their creation the Bruno Smartcan.

Introducing the ASUS ZenFone 2, No Contract Required

The ASUS ZenFone 2 officially goes on sale in the U.S. today May 19. This new Android device could be of benefit to a lot of small business owners who need to stay mobile but only have a mid-range smartphone budget.

And because it’s sold unlocked, it’s an ideal device for anyone who wants the freedom to switch mobile carriers but keep their phone, owning it outright.

LG Launching G4 Flagship Phone and One for Doodling

LG’s leather-clad flagship smartphone, the G4, will begin rolling out to key markets this week. On the heels of this announcement, LG has also revealed two additional members of the G4 family, the G4 Stylus and the G4c. Both are scheduled to launch in the weeks to come. These two new additions will unfortunately not be sporting the G4’s signature leather back.

Image: Hootsuite

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