12 of the Best Hotel Point Programs

hotel points programs

If you’re looking to travel without spending a ton of money, hotel points programs can help with that. Many hotel chains have loyalty points and other rewards programs to incentivize you to be loyal to their brand. We’ll look at some of the best hotel rewards programs currently available and the different perks they offer.

What is a Hotel Points Program?

hotel points programs

Hotel points programs are essentially loyalty schemes designed by hotels. The more you book and spend with the hotels, the more points you accumulate with their hotel program and redeem points.

With many perks and rewards for loyalty, it’s definitely worth considering joining hotel chain programs. Between hotel points programs and researching the cheapest days to fly, you are getting more value for your money – leaving more money for you to spend on souvenirs like small travel mugs!

How do Hotel Loyalty Programs Work?

hotel points programs

For business travelers, hotel loyalty programs have a lot of benefits. Every time you book a stay at their locations, hotels will reward you with benefits if you have frequent hotel stays. Depending on the program, you can then redeem the points for perks like upgrades, free stays, and more.

EnrollmentCustomers sign up for the program, usually for free, to start earning points.
Point AccumulationPoints are earned based on spending at the hotel, such as room rates, dining, and other services.
Membership TiersPrograms often have tiers or levels that offer increased benefits the more a customer stays or spends.
Benefits and PerksThese can include free nights, room upgrades, late check-out, early check-in, and other exclusive offers.
RedemptionPoints can be redeemed for free stays, discounts, and sometimes for non-hotel rewards like flights or car rentals.
Expiration PoliciesSome programs have points that expire if not used within a certain timeframe.
PartnershipsMany programs partner with airlines, car rental companies, and others to allow for cross-earning and redemption of points.
Special PromotionsPrograms may offer additional points or perks during certain periods or for specific actions like referring new members.

Our Methodology: The Best Hotel Points Programs

Selecting the best hotel point programs for small business owners requires a thorough examination of various factors that align with business travel needs and preferences. Here’s our methodology for choosing the most rewarding hotel loyalty programs:

Point Value and Redemption Flexibility (9/10)

We assess the actual value of points and how easily they can be redeemed for free nights, upgrades, or other travel benefits. Programs with higher point values and fewer restrictions score better.

Earning Potential (8/10)

A good program should offer ample opportunities to earn points, not just through hotel stays but also via partnerships with airlines, car rentals, and credit cards.

Variety of Properties (9/10)

We look for programs with a diverse portfolio of properties, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury, ensuring options for all types of business travel.

Elite Status Benefits (8/10)

The perks that come with elite status, such as complimentary upgrades, late checkouts, and bonus earning rates, are evaluated for their added value to frequent travelers.

Ease of Earning and Redeeming Points (9/10)

Simplicity in accumulating points and straightforward redemption processes are key. Programs that minimize blackout dates and make it easier to use points are preferred.

Additional Perks and Amenities (7/10)

Extras like free Wi-Fi, welcome gifts, and dining or spa credits can enhance the travel experience and add value to the program.

Geographic Coverage (8/10)

We consider the global footprint of the hotel chain. A program with extensive international presence is ideal for businesses with travel needs that span across different regions.

Customer Service (7/10)

Responsive and helpful customer support, especially for resolving issues related to point disputes or account problems, is an important factor in our assessment.

By applying these criteria, we aim to recommend hotel point programs that offer the best return on investment, convenience, and benefits for small business owners who frequently travel for work.

8 Best Hotel Points Programs for Small Business Travelers

hotel points programs

Hotel chains have designed unique luxury perks and benefits for loyal guests. As a result, small business travelers gain more value when staying at preferred hotels and gain more benefits as they move up the hotel’s loyalty scheme.

1. Wyndham Rewards

As one of the leading hotels in the world, Wyndham Rewards has an excellent program in place. Guests can earn points per night, and four member levels are allocated depending on the number of nights stayed. Perks include early check-in, one free night or more, and discounts depending on points.

2. Radisson Rewards

Radisson Rewards are great for frequent travelers since it’s such a strong hotel brand. The Radisson Rewards Americas program is best for domestic travel since there are a lot of benefits associated with it.

However, Radisson also has a program for international travelers as well. Travelers earn 20 points per dollar spent at Radisson. Benefits include award nights with access to Standard Rooms, elite status, exclusive members-only rates, complimentary water, and points that can also be redeemed for airline miles.

3. World of Hyatt

hotel points programs

With World of Hyatt, members can use the Hyatt credit card to earn Hyatt points and get free nights at hotels like the Park Hyatt. Member benefits include 10% off on bookings, free nights, and other exclusive offers. Points can also be redeemed for additional value for spa experiences, dining, and other hotel services.

4. Mariott Bonvoy

Mariott Bonvoy is a premier hotel credit card to gain Marriott points. You can earn points using their hotel credit card at Marriot locations and partner businesses like car rentals.

Hotel points can be redeemed for discounted hotel rates, 50% off a second room, and other benefits. Elite members get elite status perks such as late checkout, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades.

5. Accor

Accor Live Limitless offers hotel benefits through their loyalty program based on eligible hotel expenses or the total number of nights spent at Accor hotels. Benefits include fast checkout online check-in for classic members.

With higher tiers, perks include late checkout, priority welcome, a complimentary welcome drink, complimentary room upgrades, a guaranteed room before arrival, as well as dining and spa rewards. Accor benefits also extend to airlines to earn points for eligible flights and use them as frequent flyer miles.

6. IHG Rewards

The IHG Rewards program works with over 6,000 destinations across different hotel brands like the Holiday Inn, small luxury hotels, and vacation rentals affiliated with IGH to earn rewards points. IHG Rewards program offers many great benefits with their hotel programs, and it can prove to be really useful for frequent small business travelers. Benefits of the program include a night free based on points earned, free room upgrades, and exclusive member rates.

7. Hilton Honors

Hilton Hotels is a global brand, and their loyalty program reflects that to give travelers maximum value. The Hilton Honors program offers low price guarantees for its members and can match up to 25% of lower hotel room rates.

Members can use points for an annual free night and exclusive app features. For travelers that earn elite status, Hilton Honors includes additional benefits like bonus points per dollar spent, rollover nights, and more opportunities to earn free nights

8. Best Western Rewards

Best Western is one of the best hotel chains if you’re looking for both value and comfort, and their rewards program is designed to enhance their offers. Members earn ten points per dollar.

The Best Western Rewards program offers its members discounted hotel rates, airline miles with preferred partners, free night stays, and bonus points.

Benefits You Could Get Out of Climbing the Tiers

hotel points programs

  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out: Enjoy the convenience of checking in early or leaving late, enhancing flexibility during travel.
    • Wyndham Rewards
    • Accor
    • Mariott Bonvoy
  • Free Nights: Accumulate enough points to redeem for free night stays, stretching your travel budget further.
    • Wyndham Rewards
    • World of Hyatt
    • IHG Rewards
    • Hilton Honors
    • Best Western Rewards
  • Exclusive Member Rates: Access special rates available only to members, offering significant savings on bookings.
    • Radisson Rewards
    • World of Hyatt
    • IHG Rewards
  • Complimentary Services: Enjoy complimentary items like water, breakfast, or welcome drinks, adding comfort to your stay.
    • Radisson Rewards
    • Mariott Bonvoy
    • Accor
  • Room Upgrades: Have the opportunity to be upgraded to a better room at no extra cost, enhancing the travel experience.
    • Mariott Bonvoy
    • Accor
    • IHG Rewards
  • Additional Rewards: Gain the ability to earn points through partner businesses, like car rentals and airlines, for a more holistic rewards experience.
    • Mariott Bonvoy
    • Accor
    • Best Western Rewards

What is the best hotel points program?

Many hotel chains offer great value for money with their loyalty schemes, but the best hotel points program is IHG Rewards. There are thousands of destinations to choose from and lots of perks to avail. IHG Rewards is the best hotel loyalty program because it is more flexible with where to stay for travelers and has many complimentary benefits that add value to the program.

Are hotel rewards programs worth it?

Hotel rewards program is worth it for frequent travelers because it allows them to get more value for their money. Depending on the hotel, the locations are usually conveniently located, so it’s easy to stay at the same chain when traveling, and there are plenty of benefits for loyal members.

Is hotel elite status worth it?

Hotel elite status is worth it for those who travel more than half the year as it unlocks more benefits. Hotel programs such as Mariott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and Radisson Rewards have elite status available for members depending on how many points they earn.

How do you get the most hotel rewards points for a stay?

You can get more hotel rewards during a stay by purchasing ancillary services at a hotel, such as dining spa experiences, and using a partner or preferred businesses for bookings when available. You can also get more hotel rewards depending on loyalty status.

Which hotel loyalty program points are worth the most?

Most hotel loyalty program points are worth a lot, but Marriott Bonvoy Points per dollar are worth approximately 0.7 cents per point. IHG Rewards and Hilton Honors also have competitive worth for their program points at half a cent per point.

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