House Committee Voices Concern Over EPA’s Proposed Rule Impacting Small Businesses

Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, together with Representatives Ellzey (R-TX), Bean (R-FL), and Hunt (R-TX), has raised concerns over a new proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that could impose onerous financial demands on small businesses. In a letter addressed to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, the congressmen highlighted their worries regarding changes to dust-lead hazard and clearance standards.

The committee’s action echoes its mandate to ensure that federal agencies comply with the Regulatory Flexibility Act and Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act. The aim of these acts is to shield small businesses from cumbersome regulations and rulemaking procedures.

In excerpts from the letter, the representatives wrote, “The House Committee on Small Business writes to inquire about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent proposed rule change to dust-lead hazard and clearance standards. This proposed rule would set the dust-lead hazard standard to any level above zero ? g/ft2 and reduce the threshold for dust-lead clearance levels by 66 and 93 percent, depending on the location.”

According to the committee, the proposed changes could compel thousands of small businesses to adopt an expensive EPA-approved cleaning process. The congressmen expressed concerns that the EPA might not have appropriately considered the potential impacts on small entities during the rule-making process.

Underlining the importance of small businesses in the US economy, which accounts for 99.9% of all businesses, the representatives stressed, “It is important for agencies to correctly evaluate small businesses’ interests when passing any new rule. America’s small businesses deserve to have their voices heard and considered.”

The letter serves as a significant pushback against regulatory changes that could inadvertently hamper small businesses. It emphasizes the ongoing vigilance of the House Committee on Small Business in its role as a watchdog for regulations that could affect the nation’s small business community.

The signatories of the letter include Chairman Roger Williams (R-TX), Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX), Rep. Aaron Bean (R-FL), and Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX). Their collective stance underscores the importance of involving small businesses in decision-making processes, particularly when considering new rules that could directly impact their operations.

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