How a 22-Year-Old Company Pivoted During COVID

Joy Gendusa

One of the ways to succeed in a COVID economy is to use “old school” marketing techniques. With people so isolated in their homes, postcards and direct mail are making a huge comeback.

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Joy Gendusa discusses how she grew PostcardMania, from a small startup into an industry leader employing 285 people and generating over $60 million in Clearwater, Florida. Her company has printed almost 2 billion postcards and mailed over 700 million more while helping almost 100,000 small businesses.

Joy Gendusa Interview

Joy recounts that in the months when COVID first hit, it seemed that small businesses stopped their marketing. From March to April, her revenue was down 40%.  She initially “lost her cool and freaked out”, but resolved not to make any rash decisions since her company had been around for 22 years. Joy had done this in 2008 during the Great Recession and regrated it. She had to make a decision that would be in the best interest of her staff and utilize her financial reserves.

Instead, Joy reimagined their business from a direct mail company to a tech company that specializes in multi-channel campaigns and trigger-based direct mail. They are now focusing on bringing big-business agency tools and APIs to them to small businesses that can’t afford full-time marketing help. As Joy describes, “we help small business owners succeed at marketing and stay competitive for an affordable price.”

As a result since May, sales have started to pick up and PostcardMania has had its best summer ever. They have added 33 positions to their team.

She catalogs  through case studies the anonymous results of customers that have used her service and keep be more secure in their marketing investment.

Listen Joy’s success story and the entire episode on the Small Business Radio Show.



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