How Much Do Electricians Make?

The average base salary for an electrician according to Indeed is $27.09 per hour. The average pay depends on several different factors. Like location and experience. Entry-level is usually an apprentice position. Typically, apprenticeship programs shell out half of what a journeyman makes for a first-year electrician.

Unionized electricians generally get paid more than their nonunion counterparts. And there are a bunch of other factors that affect an electrician’s salary. Like whether you’re self-employed and specialized in the projects you take on.

How Much Do Electricians Make Per Hour?

Of course, the rate per hour listed above is just an average. There are higher salaries that come with experience. For example, the hourly rate in the US goes up to $31.46 after a decade. Working in the highest-paying states makes a difference. Some electricians get $32.09 an hour. Research points to a per-hour high-end rate of $41.87. The other end of the scale is a low per-hour number of $17.53.

How Much Do Electricians Earn Per Year?

The average electrician in the United States has a salary of $59,845 per year. The data shows the high-end yearly salaries at $92,495. Electricians working at the other end of the scale get paid $38, 720.

how much do electricians make

What Is The Average Electrician Salary In The United States?

If you’re wondering how much an electrician makes, the answer is $59,845 per year. That number was updated in February 2023.

From New Mexico To New York, How Electrician Salaries Vary State By State

Of course, those salaries vary within the industry. Electricians who start out at an entry level don’t make what those at the senior level do. The data for how the salaries in this career vary also depends on location.

Average Electrician Salary In New York State

Electrician jobs in this state have a base salary of $26.58 per hour. The journeyperson is paid fairly at $59,380 per year.

Average Salary For An Electrician In San Francisco

Electricians in San Francisco, California get paid 77% above the national average. The base salary there is $47.84 per hour.

Electrician Salaries In New Mexico

The money electricians make in this state breaks down to around $307 per day. The highest salary in that state is $452 dollars per day. Jobs for electricians here add $9,430 in overtime per year

Average Salary For An Electrician In South Carolina

A good career in this industry can depend on your location. For example, the average salary by state varies. In the one listed above, electricians can expect to make around $51,000 a year. That’s 15% lower than the national averages for this industry.

Electrician Salaries In Alaska

Electricians in Alaska get about $43.34 per hour. Labor statistics point to Kodiak Alaska as the highest-paying city at $55.85.

Average Salary For An Electrician In Colorado

An industrial electrician installs electrical equipment and electrical systems from blueprints and sketches. The job market in Colorado pays a base salary of $64,784 a year.

Electrician Salary In North Dakota

Companies in North Dakota pay $74,465 per year. Look for entry-level job alerts. They start at over $70,000.

Average Salary For An Electrician In California

With a high school diploma, jobseekers get an average of $323 per day in California.

Electrician Salary In Washington

Companies shell out $390 a day here.

Median Salary For An Electrician In Florida

Location matters for this position. A company in the sunshine state provides employment that pays $9,438 a year in over time. Maintenance electricians fix wiring and look after general upkeep in a building.

Where To Make The Most Money as an Electrician

Electricians in New York are the highest paid. They make $77,810 a year. A job in Alaska will bring home $76,330.

How To Get Started With Becoming An Electrician

There are some steps you need to take whether you’re looking at being a residential or industrial electrician. The pay electricians get depends on following them.

  1. First, you need the right education and that means finishing high school. Understanding electrical systems means having a background in algebra. Job seekers should also have mechanical drawing classes. They should also know something about electrical maintenance.
  2. You need to have a good knowledge base about repairs and equipment. Companies also look for candidates with vocational-technical school training.
  3. Apprenticeship comes next through a union or trade school. The union route requires membership to learn about electrical systems.
  4. Completing your apprenticeship is essential before you consider job openings. The company will want to see residential and industrial electrician equipment training.
  5. Get Certified. There are requirements that vary by state and sometimes even by city for this. Any company will want to see proof you understand the National Electrical Code.

Tips on Maximizing Your Earnings as an Electrician

Once you get your tools in order and your education finished, you’ll want to make as much money as possible. Here are some tips.

  • Start A Business. The initial cost is a little higher if you start your own company. But it pays off in the end.
  • Take Classes. Continuing education classes can be part of your electrical license. They help you with the maintenance of your license and stay up-to-date with other jobs.
  • Search For Other Jobs. It’s always a good idea to look at other job openings in your area. Or use platforms like Linkedin. The number of jobs in any area is a sign and indicator of where you should be looking.
  • Ask For A Raise. Maybe you’ve been supervising other electricians? It is also best to ask in person. Email isn’t the best option here.
  • Market Your Business. Business tips like this usually have something to do with online search techniques. Optimizing a website for SEO is a good idea. Professional digital marketers can help you pick the right font size and content. Remember, a good website is just as important as a physical sign. While you are at it, check these 14 electrician apps to get more marketing ideas.
  • Change Your Focus. You might want to change the kind of work you do to make more money. Industrial commercial jobs can boost your income over the residential electrician jobs

What is the highest-paying electrician job?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest-paying electrical jobs in the top 90% pay $99,800 a year.

What is the lowest salary for an electrician?

At the other end of the scale, the annual wage for 10% of electricians is $37,020.

Do electricians make 6 figures?

Skilled trades like electricians are facing shortages. These jobs pay a median of $53,616 a year. The salaries for an Electrician II in the US averaged out to $66,000 as of January 2023. Electricians who work in metropolitan areas have the experience level necessary and can make six figures.

Final Words

Becoming an electrician is about learning to repair, maintain and install electrical fixtures equipment, and wiring. The full process of certification can take up to five years. This blog has given you some facts, figures, and ideas to help you make a decision about becoming an electrician.

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