How Much Money do Plumbers Make?

how much money do plumbers make

How much does a plumber make? It’s a good question if you’re looking to get started in the trades. Plumbing is a stable occupation with a good average salary of $25.55 per hour.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to become a plumber. Plus some more information on what plumbing pays and the employment market.

How Much do Plumbers Make Per Hour?

Plumbers earn a different annual salary depending on where they are. With under one year’s experience, entry level plumbers get $21.40 an hour. That goes up to $31.05 after a decade.

It all depends on where you work too. And the market. For example, a plumber in San Diego California makes $29.46 an hour. In New York, plumbers earn 3% less than the national average.

How Much do Plumbers Make a Year?

Plumbing has a pay scale that takes into account more than your experience level. It’s a career with variations. And higher salaries in places you might not expect. Plus different job title opportunities.

For example, the average plumber salary in Alaska is 25% higher than the national average.

The median pay in this industry is $50,500 a year.

What is the Average Plumber Salary in the United States?

Of course that doesn’t mean plumbers salaries compare evenly across the states. A title like journeyman pays higher than the national average for other types. Following is a salary list that includes a wide range. It includes the highest plumbing salaries to some of the lowest. And lots of the industry average wages in between.

  • Massachusetts. This state has an yearly salary of$56,355. That translates into a per hour wage of $27.09.
  • West Virginia is further down the list. Plumber salaries there are set at $860 weekly according to labor statistics.
  • Hawaii is a good place to be a plumber. The annual salary in that location is $56,193.
  • South Dakota keeps pace. Salaries there equal $4,306 monthly.
  • You wont find the highest salary in Florida. A plumber there has a salary of only $18.96 a hour.
  • Surprisingly, New York plumbers have an average pay in the middle. Jobs there are paying $51,447 a year.
  • California has work for apprentices and those with established careers. The state is paying $911 weekly. Entry level plumbing jobs in San Francisco pay $53,240 yearly.
  • Vermont. Plumber salaries here skewer just a bit higher than most jobs. The average there works out to $30.62 per hour.
  • A plumber career in Pennsylvania is currently paying somewhere in the middle. That’s $59, 438 per year.

Finally, you can get into this business in Alaska. The average weekly wage there is $1,111 per.

How to Get Started with Plumbing

Now you’ve seen how plumber salaries compare. If you’re ready to start one of these careers, read on.  You’ll find a few ideas and business tips you can use. Remember there are several steps involved to get the skills you need. Plumbing is regulated. Check out the requirements in Illinois.

Go To Plumber’s School

This is a little different than traditional college. It takes a few years, usually two. You’ll learn what you need to get an entry level job. Things like pipe fitting, blueprint reading, and city codes and regulations.  Here’s a few top schools to choose from.

Work As An Apprentice

You can start a career without going to school. Make profits through companies offering an apprenticeship. Get into one of these through a union or trade association.

These last about five years but cost nothing. Remember you should get a high school diploma. Many apprenticeships require this.

Become a Journeyman

This is the next step to more cash in your career. Licensing is required by many states. And experience before you write the exam.

The exam looks at a few different factors. You need knowledge of federal plumbing codes and state regulations. Understanding basic maintenance is also important. Likewise for installation of different plumbing systems.

Here’s some of the requirements in different states.

Become a Master Plumber

It takes anywhere from two to 10 years to get here. Master plumbers write state exams to get this certification and title.

However, you can working on your own as a journeyman.

How to Maximize your Revenue as a Plumber

Plumbing salaries depend on several different factors. Like the city you live in and what part of the country . Your salary also depends on your training. Entry level positions in the industry earn less.

Here’s a few ways that you can maximize a plumber salary and what you’ll get paid. Department heads take note. These apply to big and small companies.

Make An Excellent First Impression

  1. That means having service vehicles that are branded with a sign and clean. There’s a little extra cost here that pays off.
  2. Likewise for having a few extra uniforms. These careers are dirty. But you’ll increase demand by showing up to each project looking clean.

Use Tech To Your Advantage

  1. Accurate estimates make a big difference. That’s why it’s a good idea to use plumbing software that’s mobile and delivers on-site quotes. That makes a difference in any job market.
  2. Likewise for dispatch and inventory management. Here’s a list of plumbing software that can do these things and others. These aren’t one of the highest cost items you’ll need. Software is relatively cheap.

Can you become rich as a plumber?

How much can a plumber earn? Is this a career and business to make someone rich? How do you make more money?

An individual plumber salary isn’t bad. Check out the numbers for places like San Francisco. But you can scale your business up to get rich if you follow some steps on how to start a plumbing business.

Use these tips.

  • hire employees fresh out of trade school .
  • retain your customers with excellent service.
  • submit your website to directories in your area

Here’s a few more digital tips to boost revenue.

What is the average salary for a master plumber?

The top average salary for this trade is $62,553 a year. A plumber in this category earns a high median salary for several reasons. They’ve completed the state licensing requirements. And they can design and read blueprints.

Plus, these experts can repair pipes and install plus assemble fixtures and appliances. Master plumbers are quite often the first on a project. They talk with customers and develop plans.

Then they delegate to others. Or they take on the most difficult tasks themselves to make more profit.

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