Radio Show #750: How This Entrepreneur Could Never Be Denied Success

Over 15 years, I have interviewed thousands of famous and not so famous people.

We also share a special tribute to all our amazing guests over the past 15 years, including Steve Case, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Ken Blanchard, Craig Newmark, Susan Caine, Brad Keywell, Ken Burns, Guy Kawasaki, William Hung, JJ Ramberg, Tony Hsieh, Marcus Lemonis, Dan Pink, Penelope Trump, Brian Tracy, Adam Greenburg, Fran Tarkenton, Tim Ferris, Michael E Gerber, and Seth Godin.

how this entrepreneur could never be denied success

We’re celebrating episode #750 with Scott Jordan, this week on The Small Business Radio Show, who is CEO of SCOTTeVEST. He was there on the very first episode on July 1st, 2008.

Here is what we talk about with Scott Jordan, a successful and brutally honest entrepreneur who enjoys sharing what he has learned over the past 20+ years of running SCOTTeVest:

  • The origin story of SCOTTeVEST (He was originally an attorney.)
  • Why Scott feels that going after his initial patent was a distraction for the business and had little payback.
  • Why he chose to go direct-to-consumer through e-commerce, a move that made them one of the first clothing companies to do so (and got him a headstart on others that followed).
  • Scott’s early PR ideas and efforts that helped SCOTTeVEST gain traction
  • Turning points in the business where Scott thought he “made it”(and hadn’t yet!)
  • How he is now running SCOTTeVEST with zero employees now.
  • What happened when Scott stepped aside and let someone else run the business (it did not go well).
  • What was the Fox News controversy and how he handled it!
  • What happened on Shark Tank and how Scott changed the show forever!
  • Scott encourages entrepreneurs to integrate their businesses into their lifestyle with his spouse, Laura.
  • How Scott uses social media as a public diary, why he shares so much, and what he has learned from it

Listen to the entire 750th Episode!

Image: Scottevest

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