How to Become an Expert

How to Become an Expert on Work.comA while back I wrote about It’s a site with how-to articles on a wide range of topics — everything from “Hiring and Managing Union Employees” to “Doing Business in Chile.” (blog) is geared toward business owners, self-employed individuals, startup entrepreneurs, and others who want a snapshot of a topic together with references to outside sources to learn more. I don’t know any other site with such a broad range of articles.

There’s an important side benefit to Not only can you learn from reading others’ articles, but you can contribute your own articles (called “guides”). In the process you get to display your knowledge. You become published and you can add to your reputation as an expert on a topic. With content-based marketing a big trend today, is a venue that should be on your short list.

If you want to know how to leverage to get published and share your expertise, you definitely will want to listen to my recent radio show featuring Shara Karasic, Community Manager of Shara gave lots of great tips for using, including pointers on how to write a guide that makes it to the “Most Popular” section of the home page of and how to write compelling titles for guides.

Go here to download the archived show: How to Establish Expert Status Using

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