How to Embrace a Four-Day Workweek and More Expert Business Tips

Every small business’s daily operations will look a bit different. Some companies may focus on digital tools, while others prioritize organizing paperwork. No matter what your current operations look like, you could learn something from members of the online small business community. Read on for their top tips of the week.

Embrace a Four-Day Workweek

More and more companies are utilizing a four-day workweek. This setup isn’t just beneficial for employees, but it can also help companies succeed. Learn more about the benefits of this concept and how to embrace it in this Process Street post by Isabella Busby-Priest.

how to embrace a four-day workweek

Manage Your Overflow of Paperwork

Even with an increasing number of digital tools, paperwork is often part of running a business. If you’re ready to limit the overwhelming piles on your desk, read tips in this Small Biz Tipster post by Lisa Sicard.

Embrace Dual Partner Strengths

If you’ve started a business with a partner, chances are good that you each have different strengths. Learning to embrace these differences and delegating certain areas to each partner may prove advantageous. Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings discusses further in this post.

Keep Your Business in Check with These Apps

The digital tools that you use to run your daily operations can make a major impact on your productivity and success. Luckily, there are tons of powerful apps available that can help businesses achieve numerous goals. Ivan Widjaya of SMB CEO shares several in this post.

Stay Focused and Accountable in a Distracted World

There’s no shortage of distractions available to today’s workforce. So staying focused on your work can be a major challenge. If you want to increase accountability and productivity for yourself and/or your small business team, check out this Carol Roth post by Catherine Morgan for tips.

Implement Account-Based Marketing

Small businesses often don’t have a ton of resources to dedicate to marketing. So focusing your efforts on high value accounts can help you accomplish more. This is the basic concept behind account-based marketing. Read the full guide in this Crowdspring post by Mary Kyamko.

Use SEO to Boost Sales

Boosting sales doesn’t have to mean spending more time with each individual prospect. You can save time and resources by implementing strong marketing strategies – including SEO. This Ignite post by Poulomi Basu features three success stories from other small businesses. After reading, head over to BizSugar to read comments from the community.

Prevent Customer Loss with These Tools

Retaining customers should be one of the top goals of every existing business. But you need the right tools in place to prevent customers from leaving. In this SmallBiz Technology post, Becca Williams explores several types of business tools you’ll need to keep customers happy.

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers for Your Next Project

Outsourcing development projects can help your company accomplish more. But there are different types of developers available. Arjun Solanki details why you should opt for dedicated remote developers in this Daily Business Post blog.

Start a Vlog and Make Money Online

Adding extra revenue streams can make your business more resilient and profitable. And there are simple things you can do to build your brand online, including video blogging. If you’re interested in adding a vlog to your business operations, read this Digital Millions post by Tamal Kr. Chandra for tips.

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