Experts Share How to Find the Sweet Spot for Social Media Marketing

Each company’s social media strategy is likely to look a bit different. Some may focus on a particular platform, while others spread their resources around. There are also various types of posts and goals you may prioritize to make the most of your efforts. Below, read tips from members of the online small business community to help you find your ideal mix.

Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot

Social media provides a platform for storytelling, community building, and creating real connections. The most successful businesses often find a sweet spot that utilizes all of these tactics. Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media discusses how to find your own sweet spot in this post.

how to find the sweet spot for social media marketing

Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top platforms for promoting a business on social media. But if you have yet to make the most of this marketing channel, this guide from Christopher Jan Benitez of Blogging Wizard may help. After reading, head over to the BizSugar community to read commentary from members.

Make Your Social Media Content More Accessible

Social media can help you reach a huge array of people. But those with certain disabilities may not have the same access to traditional posts. Learn how to make your content more accessible so you can reach a wider audience in this Social Media Examiner post by Anna Sonnenberg.

Get Your Audiences Engaged

Engagement is a huge part of succeeding on social media. So how can you keep audiences engaging with your content? Elechi Emekobum shares tips in this Platter of Gold post. And BizSugar members shared their own thoughts here.

Find the Best Marketing Automation Tools

Automating your marketing tasks, including posting on social media, can save your team tons of time and make your strategy more effective. But what are the best tools for your small businesses? Check out a list of options in this post by Neil Patel.

Check Out This New WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp offers a unique opportunity for businesses to chat directly with potential customers or followers. And the app recently began testing a new feature that may be of interest. Read about it in this Social Media Today post by Andrew Hutchinson.

Increase Views on Your Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights offers a simple way for you to share information or entertaining content with followers. But this content is basically pinned to your profile instead of broadcast out on an ongoing basis. If you want to increase views on these highlights, get tips in this Inspire to Thrive post by Lisa Sicard. Then you can read commentary from BizSugar members here.

Find Low Cost Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

Social media is just one effective way to advertise a small business online. There are several tools and platforms that offer serious results with just a small investment. This DIY Marketers post by Ivana Taylor includes an extensive list.

Learn How the Twitter Algorithm Affects Users and Advertisers

Most major social media platforms use an algorithm to determine which content to display to various users. Understanding how these algorithms work can help you craft your strategy. This Search Engine Journal post by Kristi Hines features an explanation of how the Twitter algorithm affects both users and advertisers.

Get Over Your Fear of Content Collaboration

Collaborating with other brands on social media and other content channels can potentially increase your reach. But many businesses are hesitant to try this strategy. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Robert Rose explores how you can best overcome obstacles and take advantage of collaboration opportunities.

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