How to Get an ATM in Your Store

How to Get an ATM in Your Store

Having an ATM in your store or business can be a major benefit. It may bring more people through the door, it ensures that you customers have access to cash if they need it to make a purchase, and it can even help you earn significant extra revenue.

However, getting an ATM set up at your location takes some work and careful research. And it’s not right for every business. ATMs are most beneficial in heavy traffic locations like malls or downtown shopping districts. It also has clear benefits for businesses that operate mainly in cash or those that accept tips.

How to Get an ATM

If you think that your local business is a good fit for an ATM, read on for some tips.

Choose the Model That Works for Your Business

You have a few basic options when it comes to getting set up with an ATM. Some businesses qualify for what is called placement. This is when an ATM company sets up and maintains the machine in your store. This comes with little to no cost for your business. And you don’t need to worry about keeping it stocked or fixing it if anything goes wrong. However, you also don’t earn a portion of the fees collected from the machine. Additionally, this option is really only open to businesses that have a ton of foot traffic and are able to maintain a lot of usage. You’ll need to communicate with an ATM distributor in your area to determine what their specific qualifications are for this type of offering.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the option of buying a machine, setting it up in your location and maintaining it on your own. This comes with a pretty significant startup cost. But you do get to keep all the fees that the machine collects. This option is best for those businesses that don’t qualify for placement and want to increase revenue over the long term.

Some ATM companies also offer a leasing or partnership option. This is basically a split between the other two options. You have to pay a leasing or renting fee to get the machine set up in your business. But it’s not as expensive upfront as buying. And you get to keep a portion of the fees collected — but not all of them. This may be a beneficial option for those that don’t qualify for placement and don’t have the capital to invest thousands in a new machine. It can also work for those who are thinking about buying but want to test the waters first.

Calculate Your Potential Earnings

According to ATM solutions provider National Cash Systems, the average ATM is used about 300 times per month. And ATM users spend between 20 and 25 percent more at convenience stores and similar businesses than others. So having an ATM at your business can certainly generate returns. But it’s up to you to determine just how much extra you can earn — and whether the initial cost is worth it.

If you have a high traffic business and qualify for placement, this part of the equation should be fairly simple since you may be able to get an ATM at little to no upfront cost. You can simply earn more for your business by allowing your customers to more easily access the cash they need.

If you are looking to buy or lease a machine. The calculations become a little more complicated. It’s first important to understand how many people come into your store daily. The more traffic you get, the more people are likely to use your ATM. However, if your business and the others around you also accept credit cards or other forms of payment, only a small percentage of people will actually use the machine on a daily basis. To get a better idea of how many customers you might be able to collect fees from on a daily basis, notice when people pay in cash, ask for cash back from a credit card purchase or ask where the nearest ATM is.

You also have a wide array of choices when it comes to the actual machine you purchase. Used models tend to start at around $2,000. But you can find higher end new models that cost nearly $10,000. You’ll need to factor in the purchase price and the cost of maintenance to determine how much you can make and whether or not buying a machine is really worthwhile for your business.

Find the Best Model for Your Needs

Aside from the cost, you also need to consider what features are important to you. Consider the screen type, aesthetics, vault size, and lock security. There are both new and used options available. To find options in your area, check out marketplaces like ATM Marketplace or ATM brokerage. Or try searching for vendors that service your area.

Keep It Maintained

If you buy or lease a machine, you’ll need to also maintain it over time. Have a system for keeping the vault stocked each day. And make sure you develop a relationship with an ATM service provider in your area so you know who to call if the machine experiences an error or breaks down.

You should also update your business listings online to make sure people know you have an ATM in your store. Customers often search for the nearest ATM online. So an accurate and up-to-date listing can potentially help you bring in some extra traffic.



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  3. My husband and I want to open a retail store soon, so I wanted tips on increasing our customer sales! I didn’t know ATM users used 20-25% more at stores, so having an ATM will generate returns. I’ll have to show my husband this article, so we can look more into ATMs and where we could get a machine and parts, thanks to this post!

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