How to Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok is an extremely valuable platform for those seeking to grow their social media presence. Whether you’re an influencer or using social media to market your business account, TikTok can play a pivotal role for you.

However, getting more views on TikTok can be challenging, but it’s a crucial part of TikTok’s success. This article will walk you through how to get more views on TikTok to grow your TikTok account.

What is a TikTok ‘view?’

Let’s first establish what makes a Tiktok ‘view.’ TikTok views refer to the number of times a video is watched on TikTok. TikTok and other social media platforms measure views based on how many times the video is watched by members once, as well as looking at whether members are coming back to watch the video.

To get views on TikTok, it’s vital to get people to watch your video multiple times so that the TikTok algorithm sees that your video is popular and shows it to other viewers. This can also benefit those looking for how to get more followers on TikTok.

How much does TikTok pay per view?

TikTok creators rely on the TikTok creator fund, which pays users if their own video gains popularity. There is no standard price for how much TikTok pays per view. However, it’s estimated that TikTok pays around $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1,000 views of TikTok videos. The amount can vary depending on the number of views, how many followers the account has, the engagement, and other factors.

What types of videos are most popular among TikTok users?

Many types of videos are popular among TikTok users, as it’s really about creating engaging content that resonates with TikTok members.

There is a wide variety of content on TikTok, and increasing views is all about making a video about a topic you are personally interested in and have some knowledge about that you can share. Other TikTok videos that tend to become popular are funny videos or use TikTok features such as trending audio or video.

Some of the most popular TikTok videos range from:

  • Funny lipsyncs with trending sounds
  • How to videos
  • Music videos
  • Educational content, such as how-to videos and tutorials
  • Travel and lifestyle content
  • DIY and home content
  • Personal finance and investing
  • Makeup and beauty
  • Animal videos

how to get more views on TikTok

How to Get Views on TikTok Videos

If you’re learning how to use TikTok for business, more views can help you achieve your goals. There are many ways you can find a relevant audience and increase both video views and engagement rates for your TikTok videos. Here’s how:

1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the prime ways users find your video, either by tapping on the hashtag or using the search bar. Additionally, hashtags are how you can potentially gain access to the TikTok creator fund – that’s why it’s so important to be strategic about your hashtags. For example, you can use a trending hashtag and other relevant hashtags and keep the same hashtag across your content to make it easy for your target audience to find you.

2. Upload multiple videos

Your TikTok profile needs to look active and engaged to gain more views for your video. So as you create other videos and use the right hashtags, TikTok will prioritize your videos as it sees that you have an active account.

Creating a regular content funnel ensures you always have new content on your profile and keep its account status. Plus, if you use the right hashtags, users can see all your content when searching for those terms, making it easier to find your video content.

3. Use trending sounds

Another way to increase views for your videos is to use different sounds and trending audio that TikTokers are looking for.

You can discover trending sounds through the Create button on TikTok and look at other trending sounds that TikTok creators use for their videos for inspiration. Using trending audio can be a powerful method as users will have another way to discover your video and are more likely to engage with your content.

4. Write a great TikTok caption

A good TikTok caption can help people understand your video and encourage them to watch the entire video. Your TikTok captions should be short, informative, and gives people a hint about what your video content is about.

5. Look out for new trends

Being current with what’s trending on the platform can help you create the right videos to grab attention. Look at current trending topics and information, and find ways to connect it back to your content. Optimize content with hashtags and write an excellent caption to further attract attention.

6. Work with other TikTok influencers

You can learn a lot by working with other TikTokers to increase your user base. Collaborating with other TikTokers and posting relevant and popular content will help you build a brand and a support network of fans.

Plus, working with other creators can help you reach new audiences, so your TikTok strategy should include regular collaborations with other creators to increase your engagement and reach.

7. Making high-quality videos with valuable information is important

Some types of videos tend to do better than others, especially when you post valuable content that users keep coming back to. For example, tutorial videos and other how-to content can be a powerful way to connect with users while also gaining more views for your video content.

If you’re unsure how to create the right videos, look at what kind of content users are searching for and engaging with to gain inspiration for your content. Focus on using high-quality equipment such as a microphone and a good camera to ensure your video content comes through powerfully without compromising audio or video.

8. Create shorter videos

Keeping people engaged is crucial for a TikTok business account without advertising aggressively, as that can put users off your content. In addition, as you create more videos, keeping your videos short and to the point while still providing value is essential. It’s not always easy to balance these elements, but shorter videos tend to be better in terms of engagement, so prioritize keeping the length of your videos as short as possible.

9. Cross-promote to other social media platforms

If you’re still not sure how to increase views for your video, another way to accomplish that is to cross-promote your videos on other social media accounts.

For example, you can cross-post TikTok videos on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to increase views while also promoting your business on different channels. Cross-posting content also helps increase your overall reach and engagement since the videos are on so many other platforms for users to find.

10. Look at what other TikTokers are doing.

You can gain a lot of insight and inspiration by watching TikTok creators and seeing what their popular video is about to get ideas on what to make for your videos. You can look at different elements, such as how their video starts, what kind of hashtags they use, and how they engage with other users, to learn more about what you could do.

Why aren’t you getting more TikTok views?

Your videos may not be getting enough views on TikTok for a variety of reasons, here are some of the main reasons why that might be happening:

  1. Not using the right platform features: If you’re not using trending hashtags or other features of the social network correctly, your videos might not be featured in the TikTok algorithm
  2. Not engaging with audiences: To increase views for your videos, an important factor is engaging with users so you can have loyal fans. It might mean a few seconds of liking and responding to users and TikTok creators on your videos and on other users’ video postings.
  3. Not posting frequently enough: Gaining more views on TikTok is a consistent effort, so it’s important to have a steady stream of TikTok content to ensure that users always see your content on their feed.

How many TikTok views does it take to go viral?

While there is no exact number of views that constitutes a TikTok video as viral, there are some basic benchmarks to consider. If you’re looking for how to go viral on TikTok, you will need a minimum of a million views over a short period, such as a week.

Should you buy TikTok views?

No, buying TikTok views for your videos will not have a beneficial effect on your TikTok account. For TikTok’s algorithm to include your videos, all views must be organically generated

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm can be confusing to understand, but at its core, the platform prioritizes videos that users like and engage with. As a result, TikTok can be a powerful tool, and gaining more views is about ensuring you’re creating high-quality content that users can easily find.

You can optimize your content ideas for TikTok using the right combination of trending hashtags and any particular hashtag related to your content; cross-posting on other platforms can also help increase video plays as you can increase your reach on different channels and boost your reach your overall engagement.

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