How to Lead Your Small Business in Tough Times

How’s your small business leadership? Quality leadership is even more important during tough times. Here are some considerations for improving the leadership qualities you bring to your small business venture.

Tips & Trends

12 leadership tips you should know. Here are some suggestions that will transform your leadership style and have you performing more effectively in good times and in bad. These are tips every entrepreneur should internalize. Have you got some suggestions to answer? Entrepreneur

What if you’re not leadership material? One of the hardest decisions for an entrepreneur to make is to leave the leadership of their company to somebody else. It’s important to be realistic about your strengths and abilities even if it means you’re not the one to lead.

Team Building Basics

An infographic for the dependable workforce. An important part of a leader’s role can be assembling the proper workforce. Here are some tips to consider for your small business workforce in an incredible infographic that helps you think of building an effective team in a whole new way. Get Busy Media

What’s the essence of leadership? The most important characteristic of leadership may be a lot simpler than you think. Read this post and see if you agree. Is there another characteristic you would list as the essence of leadership? Dr. Shannon Reece

Lessons & Legacy

Leadership means inspiring trust. In tough times the trust you inspire from your people becomes even more critical. Will your people follow you? Will they do what you ask them to do? Ability Success Growth

Leadership for meetings with employees. Communicating with your employees is an important part of leadership. Take these tips from the U.S. military about how to deal one on one with the people on your team. Sword and the Script

More Advice

Dumb leadership mistakes everyone should avoid. As important as it might be to make the right decisions in small business leadership, it’s also important to avoid making the wrong ones. Here are some definite missteps you should work to avoid. Startup Professionals Musings

More important tips on leadership. Here’s some simple advice for small business leadership. “Say what you’re going to do and then do what you say.” To learn more about what this means in the leadership of your company, read this important post and learn more. Jennifer Warawa

Management & Branding

Getting more effective training. There are a long list of tips you can learn from the best business managers. Put these to work in your small business or entrepreneurial venture. Becoming skilled at managing your company can be one of the most important roles you can take on or delegate. Corporate Coach Group

Can leadership in your field also be your brand? You bet it can! Here are some ideas on how to build your expertise, develop a brand around it, and then avoid spreading yourself too thin. It’s critical that you protect your leading position in your niche market. Michael Hartzel


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Leadership is the 8th and final factor in our 8FACTORS framework and we believe one of the most important aspects in running a successful business of ANY size. Often times good leadership is overlooked in favor of more tangible factors such as cash flow or stock price, but its value to an organization (and particularly a small business) is invaluable and should be something that all small business owners consider in both hard times and even in good times.

  2. Excellent article i ever seen thanks for sharing it.. Good to see about some nice points where covered in it was fabulous one its work out..

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