How to Make Money on Facebook Reels

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to evolve, offering content creators new avenues for monetization and audience engagement. Over the past several years, there have also been many new tools for creators to make money on Facebook and Instagram introduced. Facebook Reels is poised to transform how we interact with short-form video content. And it represents a new and exciting way for those looking to learn how to make money on social media. Read our full guide on how to make money on Facebook Reels below.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of Facebook Reels, from monetization strategies such as Overlay Ads to growth strategies involving consistent posting and genuine audience interactions.

What Are Facebook Reels?

Introduced by the social networking giant, Facebook, under the parent company, Meta Platforms, Facebook Reels is the platform’s answer to the growing trend of short-form video content.

Appealing to the same market as Instagram Reels and TikTok, Facebook Reels empowers users to craft and share videos of up to 60 seconds. From trending music to viral audio clips, the feature boasts a rich suite of options that cater to a creator’s imaginative flair.

The feature was first rolled out in September 2021, and by February 2022, it had achieved global reach. Though anyone can leverage the power of Reels, the focus has been undeniably on content creators and influencers.

Facebook Reels serves as a potent tool for creators to engage with their existing audience and tap into new demographics.

Can You Make Money From Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels, characterized by their short duration, catchy sound bites, and often, a blend of humor and trendiness, have opened a plethora of monetizing avenues for adept content creators.

With videos lasting up to a minute, enhanced with music and special effects, creators have found innovative ways to engage audiences and, in turn, monetize their content.

Eligible creators can leverage the potential of making money on Facebook Reels through various means, such as taking part in monetized challenges or seamlessly embedding ads within their Reels.

Likewise, a unique feature allows viewers to financially appreciate their favorite creators, offering them tips directly through the app.

Several factors influence the earning potential of a reel on Facebook:

  • The sheer volume of views it attracts.
  • Engagement metrics, gauging how often users interact by liking, commenting, or sharing the reel.
  • The specific demographics of the audience tuning in.
  • And, of course, the nature and quality of the content itself.

While earnings can vary, general estimates suggest that creators could earn between $0.01 and $0.10 per view. In exceptional cases, however, some earnings have skyrocketed to an astonishing $10 per view.

While learning how to make money with Reels on Facebook, it’s crucial to remember that the social media giant remains tight-lipped about the exact calculation formula. Thus, pinpointing an exact earning for each view remains elusive.

How to Create Reels on Facebook

As the popularity of short-form video content surges, understanding how to create captivating reels becomes imperative for creators aiming to thrive on the platform.

How to make money on Facebook Reels begins with mastering the creation process.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up your page, crafting compelling content, utilizing Facebook’s editing prowess, and tapping into its vast music library.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page for Reels

how to make money on facebook reels

Reels are available on your Facebook news feed. While there, you can view reels that others have recently shared or click “create reel” in the Reels section to begin making your own.

However, monetization features for Reels are only available to Facebook profiles in professional mode. Facebook profiles that are no in professional mode are not eligible to monetize reels.

Creating Engaging Facebook Reels Content

how to make money on facebook reels

Videos, especially short-form, have become essential in digital communication. With Facebook Reels, creators have a golden opportunity to engage audiences through brief, relatable content.

To create engaging Facebook Reels, embrace trends, add personal touches, and diversify between tutorials, comedy and live events. Amplify your Reels with effects, music, and texts, keeping them between 15 to 30 seconds.

A strong narrative is crucial; plot your Reel’s story beforehand. Highlight memorable gaming moments, showcase authenticity, and inspire others to join the Reels journey with challenges and snapshots of everyday life.

Making Use of Facebook Reel’s Editing Tools and Creator Studio

how to make money on facebook reels

In 2022, Meta introduced an array of advanced tools for its short-form video platform, Reels, aiming to simplify and enhance the content creation process.

With these updates, Facebook Reels ventured into the desktop space, offering an extensive toolkit within its “Creator Studio” module. This move not only provides an ergonomic experience for creators but also fosters versatility in content formatting and experimentation.

From editing to scheduling, the Creator Studio stands as a comprehensive solution for users keen on mastering how to make money on Facebook Reels. A few of its most popular features to help users create Facebook Reels include:

  • Desktop Availability: Easily create and edit Reels on a PC desktop through the Creator Studio.
  • Clip Formatting: Allows creators to extract and format clips from live streams into a 60-second format.
  • Advanced Audio Tools: Introduces voiceovers for Reels and the SoundSync feature which syncs visuals to a chosen song’s beat.
  • Text-to-Speech: Supports the conversion of text to speech within videos, enhancing content accessibility.
  • Scheduling & Analytics: Creators can schedule multiple reels up to 75 days in advance, share across accounts, and access detailed performance analytics.

Using The Facebook Sound Collection

how to make money on facebook reels

The Sound Collection offers a treasure trove of free music and sounds for content creators seeking high-quality audio for their Facebook Reels.

Available exclusively on desktop, this Facebook Music Collection tool permits creators to download, mix, and integrate tracks into their videos without resorting to third-party software.

More than just a music library, Sound Collection ensures creators steer clear of licensing pitfalls, thus enabling them to monetize their content with ease.

Not only does it frequently update with content from acclaimed artists, but its rights-cleared audio can be utilized across various Meta platforms, enhancing engagement on business, creator, or personal accounts.

Making Money on Facebook Reels

Venturing into the world of Facebook Reels not only enhances your digital presence but also unfolds numerous monetization avenues.

While some programs, such as the Reels Play Bonus Program, are no longer available, creators still have ample opportunity to generate earnings.

From bonus programs to leveraging traffic, we’ve got the scoop on how to make money with reels on Facebook and turn your creativity into a profitable endeavor.

Branded Facebook Content

how to make money on facebook reels

Meta has expanded its monetization avenues by introducing Branded Content on Reels. This feature allows creators to transparently disclose paid partnerships through the “Paid Partnerships with” label on their posts.

When creators share branded content on Facebook Reels, it’s essential to use Facebook’s specialized branded content tool to identify the business associated with the featured brand or product. Upon doing so, the associated business is alerted and granted access to specific performance metrics of the post.

Meta emphasizes that any content influenced by a business exchange, be it monetary or through gifts, must tag the respective business.

However, while this opens up revenue streams for creators, adherence to Meta’s Branded Content Policies is mandatory, which outlines content limitations and requirements for additional authorizations.

Using Reels to Drive Traffic to Monetized Content

how to make money on facebook reels

Facebook Reels offers a promising avenue for creators and businesses to monetize their content with various tools and methods designed to generate income.

By allowing Facebook to insert ads into their videos, creators can earn revenue. These ads primarily manifest as banner ads or sticker ads.

It’s essential for creators to understand and navigate Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies and ensure their eligibility for such ads. Importantly, these ads do not necessarily compete with the content but can act as an additional source of revenue, regardless of the creator’s primary business or industry.

A few popular ways of using Facebook Reels to boost monetized content traffic include:

  • Reels Sticker Ads: These are static image ads that creators can position within their Reels. They can appear as banner ads or semi-transparent overlays. Only creators with more than 10,000 followers and significant viewership can access this feature.
  • Fan Subscription: Modeled somewhat after Patreon, this feature lets fans financially support creators, granting them exclusive access to additional content, such as unique videos, quizzes, and more.
  • Brand Collab: Using the Brand Collabs Manager, businesses can collaborate with established creators to market their products. Those endorsed through this method must meet specific criteria, including adhering to Facebook’s Branded Content Policies.
  • Facebook Stars: A direct way for viewers to financially appreciate creators. For every “Star” a creator receives from viewers during their Reels, they earn one cent from Meta.
  • Branded Content: It’s the collaboration between businesses and creators where the latter endorses the former’s products or services, tagging them under “branded content post.”

Facebook Reels Overlay Ads

how to make money on facebook reels

Overlay ads appear directly atop the Reels player throughout a reel’s duration. These static image advertisements manifest as static banners or carousels of images strategically located at the bottom to ensure they don’t overshadow the main content.

Their design is non-intrusive; they’re subtle, transparent banners or stickers that allow the audience to enjoy Reels without distractions.

Introduced by Meta, overlay ads come in two formats: banners and stickers. While banner ads are automatically placed at the video’s bottom, sticker overlay ads grant creators the flexibility to position them anywhere on the screen.

These ads signify a monetization opportunity for creators; when they feature in Reels, a portion of the advertising revenue goes to the creator.

Stars on Facebook Reels

how to make money on facebook reels

Facebook Stars is a dynamic feature fostering a deeper connection between creators and their audiences.

Essentially, a star is a virtual token of appreciation; fans can purchase Stars to bestow upon creators, expressing their admiration and support. Notably, for every Star a creator receives, they earn one cent from Meta.

Stars not only provide a financial incentive for creators, but they also strengthen fan engagement. Beyond Facebook Reels, the Star functionality extends to live broadcasts, videos, photos and even text posts in select markets.

When a viewer engages with a creator’s content, be it a reel or a live video, they can click on the star icon and decide on the number of Stars they wish to send, even coupling it with a personalized comment.

Thus, Facebook Stars serve dual purposes – enhancing monetization avenues for creators while ensuring fans have a tangible way to convey their appreciation.

FeatureDescriptionMonetization MechanismRestrictions/Limitations
Branded Facebook ContentCollaborations between creators and brands. Creators endorse a brand's product or service and tag them under "branded content post".Brands pay creators for partnerships and promotions.Creators must adhere to Meta's Branded Content Policies. Content must be labeled transparently with the "Paid Partnerships with" tag.
Reels to Drive TrafficUtilize Facebook Reels as a platform to drive traffic to monetized content, e.g., by allowing Facebook to insert ads into videos.Several ways: Sticker Ads, Fan Subscription, Brand Collab, Stars, Branded Content.Must understand and adhere to Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies. Various features are available only to eligible creators.
Reels Sticker AdsStatic image ads within Reels. Can appear as banner ads or semi-transparent overlays.Revenue is earned from advertisers.Only accessible to creators with more than 10,000 followers and significant viewership.
Fan SubscriptionAllows fans to financially support creators in exchange for exclusive content.Creators earn revenue from subscribers in exchange for additional content.Modeled after Patreon; exact revenue split with Meta may vary.
Brand CollabBusinesses collaborate with established creators for marketing through the Brand Collabs Manager.Creators are paid by businesses for endorsements or collaborations.Must adhere to Facebook's Branded Content Policies. Only established creators that meet specific criteria can collaborate.
Facebook Reels Overlay AdsOverlay ads (either as banners or stickers) appear on top of the Reels player throughout its duration.Creators get a portion of the ad revenue.Ads are non-intrusive; creators have flexibility in positioning sticker ads.
Stars on Facebook ReelsVirtual tokens fans purchase to show appreciation to creators. Each star signifies a token of admiration.Each Star given to a creator equals one cent from Meta.Extended to various content types, including live broadcasts, videos, photos, and text posts. However, availability might vary in select markets.
Facebook StarsAn option for fans to purchase Stars to express support and admiration for the creator. They can be accompanied by personalized comments.Each Star received earns the creator one cent from Meta.Meant for enhancing fan engagement and monetization. Can be used across various content types but availability might be limited in some markets.

Growing Your Facebook Reels Audience

Facebook Reels offers a platform for creators eager to showcase their talents and share impactful narratives. But to fully harness its monetization power, it’s vital to cultivate and sustain a dedicated audience.

A broader, engaged viewership not only increases visibility but also boosts earning potential. Two crucial strategies to foster this growth include a consistent posting schedule and genuine audience engagement.

Consistent Posting Schedule

how to make money on facebook reels

A consistent posting schedule is pivotal to growing a Facebook Reels audience.

Regular content not only keeps your current followers engaged but also increases the likelihood of your reels being discovered by new viewers.

When audiences can anticipate fresh content, they’re more likely to return to your page, fostering familiarity and loyalty.

Likewise, Facebook’s algorithms favor active profiles, meaning consistency can boost your content’s visibility in user feeds.

Engagement With Your Audience

how to make money on facebook reels

Genuine audience engagement is a cornerstone for growing a Facebook Reels audience. When creators actively interact with their viewers, it fosters a sense of community and connection, making followers feel valued and heard.

An authentic relationship not only encourages repeated visits but also amplifies word-of-mouth recommendations, leading to new audience acquisitions.

Heightened engagement also signals to Facebook’s algorithms that the content is resonating, boosting its visibility on user feeds.

FAQs: How to Make Money on Facebook Reels

Is a large following needed to make money from Facebook Reels?

While there is no minimum number of followers required to monetize Facebook Reels, content creators do have to demonstrate engagement with audiences. They must have created at least five Reels over the previous 30 days, and they must have received at least 100,000 reels plays over the same 30-day period to take advantage of the Facebook reels ad revolution.

Can Instagram Reels be shared to Facebook?

Sharing Instagram Reels to Facebook is simple as long as you connect your profiles from each platform. When you post your Instagram reel to Facebook, it appears in the reels section. Facebook users 18 and older can view your Instagram reels from a public account. However, the Facebook algorithm decides which individuals will be shown your Reel. Connecting these platforms can ultimately increase your views and be invaluable for those learning how to make money on Instagram.

How many views do you need to get paid on Facebook Reels?

While various rates and scales apply to different monetization options on Facebook Reels, creators boasting more than 10,000 followers, at least five videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership over the previous 60 days can embed ads in their Facebook Reel. Revenue generated through overlay ads is divided with 55% going to content creators and 45% to Facebook.

Can multiple clips be used when creating Reels on Facebook?

According to Meta, creators can add as many video clips as they want to a single Reel, provided the combined time doesn’t exceed 90 seconds. As you add additional clips to your reel, a red bar at the top of the screen will indicate how much time you’ve used in your reel.

How do suggested reels work and how can they increase my views?

Facebook uses an algorithm to predict what kind of reels users may want to see based on content they’ve already interacted with. This can introduce your Facebook reels to more users that are interested in your niche. Reels from Instagram may also be suggested on Facebook, as long as they come from a public profile.

What happened to the Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program?

Short-form video makers on Instagram and Facebook saw a setback to their monetization efforts in 2023. Meta terminated its Reels Play bonus initiative that provided incentives to creators who reached specific view milestones for their videos.

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