How to Make Money on Google

Are you looking to make money on Google? There are several different ways to do that, including AdSense and placing an app in the Google Play Store, to name just a few. Google Blogger is another option. It’s a mobile app that allows you to post and view what you write.

This blog is going to walk you through how to make money on Google using Google’s various monetization tools.

The Basics: Understanding Google’s Monetization Tools

The search engine has a couple of key monetization tools. Google Ads was previously known as Google AdWords. It allows small businesses to manage and create their own pay-per-click campaigns. This is paid advertising.

The other big tool is called Google AdSense. This allows content creators, bloggers, and website owners to make money by displaying targeted Google ads.

Read on to find out more about each.

Google Adsense: Pay-per-click Advertising

This tool uses what’s called contextual targeting. That matches up ads with the content that’s on any specific webpage. It leads to higher click-through rates because it helps users to find relevant advertising.

The Google AdSense Program: Monetizing Your Website

Website owners can use Google AdSense by applying for an account. Google will take a look at the content to make sure it meets its criteria.

They will be looking for compliance with Google’s terms of service as well as original content. Once approved, a publisher gets access to the platform and starts creating different ads. These can include video ads, display ads, and text ads.

They are generated by JavaScript code and HTML that are provided by AdSense.

  • AdSense displays the relevant ads that boost click-through rates.
  • Advertisers bid to have their ads displayed.
  • Publishers earn money through the cost per click when visitors click on ads.

There’s also the cost per impression based on the number of views any ad gets.

How to Open a Google Adsense Account

Here’s how a small business can open an Adsense Account.

  1. Check your content to make sure it’s good, and your website adheres to Google Adsense policies.
  2. Go to the website and click the sign up now button. Small businesses can use Google Account credentials.
  3. You need to check a few boxes and add your website’s URL
  4. Next, you’ll need to add some personal information and accept AdSense policies. Then you can verify your ownership by adding a small piece of code to your website.
  5. Choose a payment method and start setting up ads by selecting colors, sizes, and formats.
  6. Then you can add the code to your pages.

AdSense Custom Search Ads: A Unique Opportunity

how to make money on google

These Custom Search Ads are provided by Google AdSense. This tool displays targeted ads for searches. The ads get generated by the search query. That makes them more likely to be relevant. Website owners earn money through clicks.

Website owners get to customize results to match branding. This tool is different because Google Ads has a broader reach. Adsense lets website owners make money by displaying ads on their content–not just in search results.

The Google Display Network: Expanding Your Reach

how to make money on google

This is a collection of digital platforms that includes apps and websites. The Google Display Network has millions of websites in it, and estimates say it reaches over 90% of Internet users across the globe.

Small businesses that use it can focus their ads on a target audience or specific industry. You can even use remarketing/retargeting campaigns.

Feature/AspectAdSense Custom Search AdsGoogle Display Network
PurposeDisplays targeted ads for searches on websites.Displays visual ads on various websites and apps.
Relevance of AdsGenerated by the search query, increasing relevance.Based on targeting criteria, might include interests, demographics, etc.
ReachSpecific to the website where the search is conducted.Over 90% of Internet users globally across millions of websites and apps.
CustomizationWebsite owners can customize results to match branding.Advertisers can design different ad formats and sizes.
Revenue Model for PublishersWebsite owners earn money through clicks on the ads.Website owners earn money through clicks and sometimes impressions.
TargetingBased on search queries entered by users.Multiple targeting options, including remarketing/retargeting, interests, location, etc.
Best forWebsites with a custom search function and wanting to monetize search results.Businesses looking to expand their reach and brand awareness across the web.

How to Make Money on Google Maps

Small businesses can make money on Google Maps too. You can use Google My Business which is a free tool to get started. Then use Google Posts to share in events, promotions, and updates. Try to generate reviews to drum up business.

The Google Local Guides Program

how to make money on google

The Google Local Guides program is another way for businesses to be successful. It’s a program where Local Guides can upload photos of your business. They can share details about special events and promotions.

Using Ads on Google Maps to Earn Money Online

how to make money on google

This is another excellent way to make money online.

  • Small businesses can showcase location-based ads to nearby users. That drives foot traffic.
  • They can also promote events and specific deals on Google Maps.

How to Make Money on Google Ads

There are a few other strategies to help you make money online with Google Ads. Create excellent copy that includes keywords and a clear call to action.

Choosing the Right Keywords for Google Ads

how to make money on google

Longtail keywords that accurately reflect your goods and services are helpful. You can use keyword research tools to take a look at competition levels and search volumes.

Writing Effective Copy for Your Google Adsense Ads

how to make money on google

Writing good copy that improves conversions and click-through rates is critical. Make sure to match up the ad copy with the content on your landing page. Plus, it needs to be compelling and clear.

Measuring Success with Google Ads Analytics

how to make money on google

Google Ads Analytics helps small businesses and advertisers get information about the performance of their ads and campaign strategies. It provides numbers on good metrics like keyword performance and other benchmarks like cost per conversion.

Other Ways to Make Money on Google

There are other ways to make money on Google, like the following.

Create Your Own Website

how to make money on google

Having a website isn’t just a digital storefront; it represents your brand, your voice, and your business. A website with engaging, relevant, and consistent content can attract many potential customers. By integrating Google AdSense, website owners can display ads that are pertinent to their audience’s interests. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you earn revenue. Over time, as traffic grows, so does the earning potential.

Earning from Surveys with Google Opinion Rewards

how to make money on google

Google Opinion Rewards is a simple way for users to earn credits by participating in short surveys. For businesses, it’s a tool to gather invaluable feedback from real users. By creating surveys, businesses can gain insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and opinions. It’s a win-win where participants get rewarded, and businesses get the data they need to improve their offerings.

Selling on the Google Play store

how to make money on google

The Google Play Store isn’t just a platform; it’s a vast marketplace with millions of users looking for the next best app. To make the most of this, it’s essential to optimize your app listings. Use the right keywords to improve searchability and write engaging descriptions to entice users. High-quality screenshots and user reviews can also boost credibility, leading to more downloads and increased revenue.

Monetizing Video Ads

how to make money on google

Video advertising is a powerful medium, given its ability to captivate and engage audiences. If you’re promoting or selling something through video, the Call To Action (CTA) overlay on YouTube can be a game-changer. This overlay allows you to share more information, redirect viewers to a purchase page, or promote another related video, enhancing viewer interaction and conversion rates.

Use Google Cloud Marketplace

how to make money on google

Google Cloud Marketplace offers many software solutions, from development tools to virtual machines. By selling your goods and services here, you tap into a global audience seeking top-tier cloud solutions, amplifying your potential for sales and partnerships.

Google Play Books Author Program

how to make money on google

In the digital age, establishing thought leadership can set you apart. By writing and publishing original e-books on Google Play Books, you share knowledge and position yourself as an expert in your domain. It can increase trust, brand visibility, and potential business opportunities.

Google Play Music and YouTube Music Subscription

how to make money on google

Musicians and artists can benefit from these platforms by reaching global audiences. Every play can generate royalties. Besides income, it also provides a chance for artists to gain recognition and grow their fan base.

Google Workspace Reseller Program

how to make money on google

Google Workspace offers a suite of productivity tools that many businesses find indispensable. As a reseller, you have the opportunity to bundle these services, offer additional support, or integrate them into your solutions, providing value to other businesses while generating a profit.

Google Podcasts

how to make money on google

The popularity of podcasts has surged in recent years. With Google Podcasts, creators can reach a wide audience, discuss passionate topics, and monetize their content through ads, sponsorships, or listener support.

Google Cloud Platform Consulting

how to make money on google

The digital transformation wave has left many businesses seeking expertise on cloud solutions. If you’re well-versed in the Google Cloud Platform, offering consulting services can be lucrative. From guiding enterprises on best practices to helping small businesses migrate to the cloud, your expertise can make a difference—and lead to substantial earnings.

FAQs: How to Make Money on Google

How much money can you realistically make using Google’s platforms?

You can make different amounts depending on the tools you use. However, the range is from several hundred to a few thousand dollars every month.

You can also explore other ways to make money on your phone and online to supplement this income. Check out our guides for how to make money watching ads, how to make money on Pinterest, how to make money on PayPal, and how to make money on Pinterest to get started. There are even passive income options that can help those interested in learning how to make money on maternity leave or while traveling.

Can I make money on Google Maps without a physical store?

Yes, sell digital products like consulting services and photography. You can sell most services that can be delivered remotely.

How can having my own ads increase my AdSense earnings?

Build content that specifically focuses on your target market. AdSense can help you make more money that way.

How do advertisers pay for ad impressions on web pages through the AdSense program?

They use a bidding system that’s named Cost Per Mille (CPM). Specific amounts are bid for every 1000 ad impressions.

How does the visibility of my site on search engines affect my ability to make money online with Google?

More visibility equals more traffic and more clicks on AdSense ads. Use effective search engine optimization tools.

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