How to Make Money on PayPal: 33 Great Ideas

Looking to diversify your income streams? Want to tap into a global platform where money exchanges hands every second? Well, you’re in the right place! This article unfolds a treasure trove of opportunities on how to make money on PayPal, the digital wallet that has changed the way the world does business.

Opening a PayPal Account: The First Step to Paypal Cash

You can’t jumpstart your free PayPal cash-earning journey without having an account first. Don’t worry, the process is straightforward. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Decide on the Account Type
    • Personal Account: This PayPal money account is ideal for individual users who wish to shop online to send or receive money.
    • Business Account: Tailored for merchants or business owners who need to make or accept payments online. Provides added features for businesses.
  2. Sign Up
    • Visit PayPal’s official website.
    • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and select your preferred PayPal money account type.
    • Fill in the required personal or business information. For business accounts, this may include your business type and details.
  3. Verification
    • Once you’ve filled in the details, PayPal will send an email to verify your account.
    • Follow the link in the email to complete the verification. You might also need to link and verify a bank account or credit card to lift certain sending and withdrawal limits.

Alright, got your PayPal Money account set up? Let’s talk about something many users often wonder about: the costs involved.

Fees and Policies on Paypal Accounts

Nobody likes hidden fees, right? So, it’s essential to get a clear understanding of PayPal’s fee structure. Here’s a lowdown:

  1. Sending Money: Good news! Sending money to friends or family within your country is generally free when funded with your PayPal balance or linked bank account. However, using a credit card might incur a fee.
  2. Receiving Money: For personal accounts, receiving money from friends or family is free. But for business accounts or sales, there’s a fee involved. The exact percentage can vary based on your location and the nature of the transaction.
  3. International Transactions: When you’re dealing with cross-border transactions, there might be additional fees involved. These can be due to currency conversion or even a cross-border fee.
  4. Policies to Remember:
    • Dispute Resolution: PayPal offers a Buyer Protection policy that can assist if there’s an issue with a purchase. Similarly, Seller Protection helps sellers against potential fraudulent claims.
    • Withdrawal Limits: New accounts might have withdrawal limits. This means you can only withdraw a certain amount until you’ve verified additional information or met certain criteria.
    • Account Holds: Occasionally, for security reasons, PayPal might place a hold on your funds. This can be due to irregular activity or if they need more information from you.

Is it Possible to Earn Free PayPal Money?

The promise to ‘get free PayPal money’ is an alluring one, isn’t it? There are indeed legitimate ways to make money on your phone and online by getting a bit of PayPal cash on the side. But – and it’s a big but – you need to tread with caution. Let’s delve into the matter.

The Real Deal:

There are several online platforms, survey sites, and apps that reward you with PayPal cash for participating in activities. Examples include:

  1. Survey Sites: Websites like Swagbucks or Toluna offer PayPal cash or gift cards for completing paid surveys and various tasks.
  2. Cash back Apps: Platforms like Rakuten reward you with cash back on purchases, paid out via PayPal.
  3. Freelance Work: Websites such as Upwork or Fiverr allow you to offer services and get paid directly to your PayPal account.

Red Flags to Watch For:

Now, while there are legit avenues to earn, Paypal scams run rampant, too. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Too Good to Be True: If a scheme promises hefty PayPal cash returns for minimal effort, your alarm bells should ring.
  2. Upfront Payments: Be wary of any site or scheme asking for an upfront fee to access free PayPal money-earning opportunities.
  3. Vague Details: A legitimate earning platform will be transparent about payouts, tasks, and terms. If these details are murky, think twice.
  4. Unsolicited Offers: If you get an email out of the blue promising easy PayPal cash, be extra cautious. Always verify the legitimacy of such offers.

In a Nutshell:

Can you earn free PayPal money? Yes, it’s possible. But always ensure you’re dealing with legitimate platforms and steer clear from anything that smells fishy. Your diligence is the key to a safe earning experience.

How to Make Money on PayPal Fast

Are you eager to see a boost in your PayPal cash balance sooner rather than later? Here are some dynamic ways you can hustle to make that happen. Remember, ‘fast’ doesn’t mean overnight, but with dedication, these methods can yield quicker returns than others.

Here is a quick summary:

MethodExplanationPotential EarningsGetting Started
Sell Products or Services OnlineOnline marketplaces like eBay or personal websites.$5 to thousands.Identify a niche, create quality listings, promote offerings.
Take Paid SurveysShare your opinion and get paid.$0.50 to $5 per survey.Sign up for reputable survey sites, complete your profile.
Earn Money Trading CryptocurrencyBuy low, sell high on crypto platforms.Highly variable.Research well, choose a platform, start small.
Offering Social Media Management ServicesHelp businesses boost their online presence.$200 to $3000+ per month.Build a portfolio, stay updated, pitch services.
Start a BlogShare expertise or passion, earn through various methods.$50 to $10,000+ per month.Choose a niche, set up a blog, create quality content.
Create YouTube VideosFrom tutorials to vlogs.$1 to $5 per 1000 views.Identify niche, create content, optimize for SEO.
Sell Handmade Crafts on EtsyShowcase your crafts.$10 to $100+ per item.Set up an Etsy shop, price items, ensure quality photos.
Enter CompetitionsLuck-based online contests.Varies ($5 to $10,000+).Find legitimate contests, read terms and conditions.
Provide Virtual Assistant ServicesOffer administrative services remotely.$10 to $50 per hour.List services on platforms or reach out directly.
Online Gaming TournamentsPlay and earn.$5 to $5000+ depending on skill.Improve at popular games, look for tournaments.
DropshippingSell products without holding inventory.$200 to $3,000+ per month.Choose a niche, set up a store, focus on marketing.
Sell Stock PhotosSell photos on stock platforms.$0.25 to $75+ per image.Click high-quality photos, sign up on platforms.
Participate in Cashback WebsitesGet a percentage of your spend back.1% to 40% cashback.Sign up, make purchases through their links.
Freelance OnlineOffer skills on freelancing platforms.$5 to $300+ per task.Create profiles, showcase your portfolio.
Affiliate MarketingPromote products and earn a commission.$10 to $10,000+ monthly.Join affiliate programs, promote products, optimize.
Write and Sell eBooksSell your writings digitally.$50 to $10,000+.Choose a topic, write, design, and promote.
Create and Sell Online CoursesEducative content for learners.$100 to $10,000+ per course.Identify a niche, create content, use platforms, promote.
Paid-to-Click WebsitesEarn by viewing ads.$0.001 to $0.02 per view.Join legitimate PTC sites, stay active.
Rent Out Spare Room on AirbnbRent out idle spaces.$20 to $500+ per night.List on Airbnb, set a price, provide excellent experiences.
License Ideas or InventionsLicense innovative ideas.Royalties of $100 to $100,000+ annually.Patent your idea, create a prototype, pitch to companies.
Sell Digital Designs on Print-on-Demand PlatformsSell designs without handling logistics.$1 to $20+ per item sold.Design, upload to platforms, promote your storefront.
Peer-to-Peer LendingLend money online.Annual returns of 3% to 10%.Sign up, choose your investment, diversify.
Auto-Invest with Robo-AdvisorsAutomated investment management.Historically 7% annually adjusted for inflation.Choose platforms, set risk preference, monitor.
Rent Out Your Car on TuroRent out your car.$30 to $200+ per day.List your car, set availability, ensure insurance.
Print Magazine Subscription BoxCurate and deliver niche magazines.$5 to $50+ per subscription.Identify a niche, source magazines, set up subscription.
Develop Mobile ApplicationsCreate useful or fun apps.Free with ads to $10+ per purchase.Learn coding or hire developers, market app effectively.
Sell Digital Art on GumroadPlatforms like Gumroad for selling digital art and designs.$10 to $1,000+ per piece.Design digital pieces, set up on Gumroad, price & promote.
Host Podcasts with Sponsored SegmentsCreate podcasts and earn through sponsorships.$10 to $500+ per episode.Choose a topic, set up podcast, gain listenership, seek sponsorships.

1. Sell Products or Services Online

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Online marketplaces like eBay or even your personal website can be great platforms.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies depending on the product/service but can range from $5 to thousands.
  • Getting Started: Identify a niche or product in demand, create quality listings with clear photos and descriptions, and promote your offerings.

2. Take Paid Surveys

  • Explanation: Share your opinion and get free PayPal money. As simple as that!
  • Potential Earnings: Typically $0.50 to $5 per survey, but can be higher for specialized surveys.
  • Getting Started: Sign up for reputable survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, and complete your profile for better survey matches.

3. Earn Paypal Money Trading Cryptocurrency

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Buy low, sell high on crypto platforms.
  • Potential Earnings: Highly variable due to market fluctuations.
  • Getting Started: Research well, choose a reliable trading platform, and always start with a small amount.

4. Offering Social Media Management Services

  • Explanation: Help businesses boost their online presence.
  • Potential Earnings: $200 to $3000+ per month, based on expertise and clientele.
  • Getting Started: Build a portfolio, stay updated with social media trends, and pitch your services to small businesses or on platforms like Upwork.

5. Starting a Blog and Monetizing It

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Share your expertise or passion and earn through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts. Alternatively, learn how to make money on Patreon or other paid platforms that followers can subscribe to.
  • Potential Earnings: $50 to $10,000+ per month, based on traffic and monetization strategies.
  • Getting Started: Choose a niche, set up a blog using platforms like WordPress, create quality content, and promote your blog.

6. Creating YouTube Videos and Monetizing Them

  • Explanation: Video content is king! From tutorials to vlogs, the sky’s the limit.
  • Potential Earnings: $1 to $5 (or more) per 1000 views, depending on the niche and ad engagement.
  • Getting Started: Identify your niche, create compelling content, optimize for SEO, and promote your channel.

7. Selling Handmade Crafts on Etsy

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: If you’re crafty, Etsy is your playground.
  • Potential Earnings: $10 to $100+ per item, depending on the craft.
  • Getting Started: Set up an Etsy shop, price your items competitively, and ensure high-quality photos and descriptions.

8. Enter Competitions to Win Free Paypal Money

  • Explanation: While luck-based, numerous online contests offer PayPal cash prizes.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies based on the competition – from $5 to $10,000+.
  • Getting Started: Look for legitimate contests, read the terms and conditions, and ensure no entry fees unless it’s a trusted platform.

9. Providing Virtual Assistant Services

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Offer administrative services remotely.
  • Potential Earnings: $10 to $50 per hour based on tasks and expertise.
  • Getting Started: List your services on platforms like Fiverr or reach out to bloggers and small businesses directly.

10. Participating in Online Gaming Tournaments

  • Explanation: Love gaming? Why not earn from it?
  • Potential Earnings: $5 to $ 5,000+ based on the tournament and your skill level.
  • Getting Started: Get good at popular games, look for tournaments on platforms like Players’ Lounge, and always practice safe online gaming.

11. Dropshipping Products Online

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Act as the middleman in online purchases by selling products directly to customers without holding inventory.
  • Potential Earnings: $200 to $3,000+ per month, depending on niche and marketing.
  • Getting Started: Choose a niche, set up an online store, partner with suppliers, and focus on marketing.

12. Selling Stock Photos Online

  • Explanation: Click, upload, and earn! Sell your photographs on stock platforms.
  • Potential Earnings: $0.25 to $75+ per image, depending on platform and licensing.
  • Getting Started: Click high-quality photos, sign up on platforms like Shutterstock, and ensure you understand the licensing agreements.

13. Participating in Cash-back Websites

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Shop as usual and get a percentage of your spending back.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies based on purchases, but cashback can range from 1% to 40%.
  • Getting Started: Sign up on sites like Rakuten, make purchases through their links, and watch the cash back roll in.

14. Freelancing on Online Platforms

  • Explanation: Learn How to make money on Fiverr or Upwork and showcase your skills on platforms catering to freelancers.
  • Potential Earnings: $5 to $300+ per task, based on your skill and project.
  • Getting Started: Create profiles on sites like Upwork or Fiverr, showcase your portfolio, and respond to relevant job listings.

15. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Promote products and earn a commission for every sale made through your link.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies widely; can range from $10 to $10,000+ monthly.
  • Getting Started: Join affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates, promote products on your blog or social media, and optimize for conversions.

16. Writing and Selling eBooks

  • Explanation: Pen down your expertise or stories and sell digitally.
  • Potential Earnings: $50 to $10,000+, depending on the topic and promotion.
  • Getting Started: Choose a topic, write engaging content, format and design your eBook, and promote it on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

17. Creating and Selling Online Courses

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Turn your expertise into educative content for eager learners.
  • Potential Earnings: $100 to $10,000+ per course, depending on depth and audience.
  • Getting Started: Identify a niche, create structured content, use platforms like Udemy or Teachable, and promote your course.

18. Participating in Paid-to-Click Websites

  • Explanation: Earn by simply clicking and viewing ads.
  • Potential Earnings: $0.001 to $0.02 per ad view, bonuses for referrals.
  • Getting Started: Join legitimate PTC sites like ClixSense, stay active, and refer friends for bonus earnings.

19. Rent Out Your Spare Room on Airbnb

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Make your idle space work for you.
  • Potential Earnings: $20 to $500+ per night, based on location and amenities.
  • Getting Started: Clean and prep your space, list on Airbnb, set a competitive price, and provide excellent guest experiences.

20. License Your Ideas or Inventions

  • Explanation: Have a groundbreaking idea? License it!
  • Potential Earnings: Varies greatly; can range from royalties of $100 to $100,000+ annually.
  • Getting Started: Patent your idea, create a prototype if possible, and pitch to companies or use platforms like InventRight.

21. Sell Digital Designs on Print-on-Demand Platforms

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Create designs and let platforms handle printing and shipping.
  • Potential Earnings: $1 to $20+ per item sold.
  • Getting Started: Design unique graphics, upload to platforms like Redbubble or Teespring, and promote your storefront.

22. Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms

  • Explanation: Lend your money to individuals or small businesses online.
  • Potential Earnings: Annual returns of 3% to 10%, based on platform and risk tolerance.
  • Getting Started: Sign up on platforms like Prosper, choose your investment amount, and diversify your investments.

23. Auto-Invest in Stock Markets with Robo-Advisors

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Allow automated platforms to manage and grow your investments.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies, but historically, stock markets have returned 7% annually, adjusted for inflation.
  • Getting Started: Choose platforms like Betterment, set your risk preference, and regularly monitor and adjust.

24. Rent Out Your Car on Turo

  • Explanation: Not using your car? Let others rent it.
  • Potential Earnings: $30 to $200+ per day, based on car type and location.
  • Getting Started: List your car on Turo, set availability, ensure insurance, and provide a smooth rental process.

25. Start a Print Magazine Subscription Box

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Curate niche print magazines and deliver them to subscribers.
  • Potential Earnings: $5 to $50+ per subscription, based on curation and demand.
  • Getting Started: Identify a niche, source magazines set up a subscription model, and market your box.

26. Develop Mobile Apps and Offer In-App Purchases

  • Explanation: In today’s digital age, mobile apps cater to almost every need. Offering in-app purchases can be a consistent revenue stream.
  • Potential Earnings: $1,000 to $100,000+ monthly, depending on the app’s popularity and the value of in-app purchases.
  • Getting Started: Identify a need or gap in the market, design a user-friendly app, and promote it extensively. Platforms like Google Play and the Apple App Store can be used for distribution.

27. Sell Digital Art and Designs on Gumroad

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: If you’re a creator, platforms like Gumroad allow you to sell your digital art, designs, or even templates directly to your audience.
  • Potential Earnings: $10 to $1,000+ per piece, depending on the uniqueness and demand.
  • Getting Started: Design your unique digital pieces, set up a storefront on Gumroad, price them appropriately, and promote them via social media or your website.

28. Host Podcasts with Sponsored Segments

  • Explanation: Podcasts are the new radio. If you have a flair for conversation or a unique perspective, this could be your avenue.
  • Potential Earnings: $10 to $500+ per episode, based on listenership and sponsorships.
  • Getting Started: Choose a niche or topic, invest in decent recording equipment, host your podcast on platforms like Anchor or Podbean, and pitch to potential sponsors as your listenership grows.

How to Make Money on PayPal Without Doing Anything

While many of the strategies we’ve discussed involve some degree of effort, these methods lean more towards the ‘set it and forget it’ mantra. We’re talking about leveraging investment opportunities directly through PayPal and other means to grow your funds. Let’s delve deeper into these methods.

29. Get Free Paypal Money Fast Using PayPal’s Referral Program

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: PayPal occasionally offers a signup bonus when you get friends or businesses to sign up using your referral link.
  • Potential Earnings: Typically ranges from $5 to $50 per qualified referral.
  • Getting Started: Check PayPal’s current promotions, share your unique referral link with friends or on your platforms, and ensure the referred individuals complete the necessary actions.

30. Investment in PayPal Money Market for Free Paypal Cash

  • Explanation: Historically, PayPal had a Money Market Fund where users could invest spare change. While this exact service has evolved, it’s good to stay updated with any investment opportunities they might offer.
  • Potential Earnings: Returns are based on prevailing interest rates, but passive income is the key.
  • Getting Started: Keep a lookout on PayPal’s offerings, read the fine print, and allocate funds you’re comfortable with.

31. Use Your Sign up Bonus to Receive Free Paypal Money

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Certain promotions or affiliate programs allow you to win PayPal money that is deposited directly into your PayPal.
  • Potential Earnings: Usually, a one-time sign-up bonus ranges from $5 to $100.
  • Getting Started: Research for platforms or services offering these bonuses, sign up and ensure you meet any requirements to qualify for the bonus.

32. Get Cash Back from Online Purchases

  • Explanation: While this might sound familiar, certain platforms directly deposit cashback into your PayPal. It’s passive, especially if it’s for purchases you’d make anyway!
  • Potential Earnings: Varies based on purchase amounts; typically 1% – 40% cashback.
  • Getting Started: Join cash-back sites that offer PayPal as a payout method, shop through their links, and see those cash-back notifications pop up in your account.

33. Automate Dividend Investing with Investment Platforms

how to make money on paypal

  • Explanation: Some online investment platforms allow you to buy dividend-paying stocks, which can deposit earnings directly into PayPal.
  • Potential Earnings: Varies based on dividend yield, typically 2% – 6% annually.
  • Getting Started: Research reliable investment platforms that support PayPal payouts. Choose stable, dividend-paying stocks, and reinvest dividends for compound growth.

Cash Back: An Easy Way to Earn PayPal Cash

Earning a little money back from your usual purchases sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely what cashback offers. It’s a percentage of the money you’ve spent on a purchase, which is returned to you. So, if you’re using cash-back platforms or credit cards, a portion of the money you’ve spent is given back to you. This method is extremely popular for PayPal users because it’s an effortless way to accumulate some savings or earnings in their accounts.

Best Cash Back Websites that Pay via PayPal

  1. Rakuten (formerly Ebates): A pioneer in the cashback world. Users simply shop through Rakuten’s links, and the cashback gets accumulated in their account.
    • Maximizing Earnings: Check their daily deals and double cashback offers.
  2. Swagbucks: Beyond cashback, they offer ways to earn points (or SBs), which can be redeemed for cash in your PayPal.
    • Maximizing Earnings: Engage in other activities on the platform, such as watching videos or completing tasks, to rack up more SBs.
  3. TopCashback: This platform boasts that they give 100% of the commissions earned back to their members.
    • Maximizing Earnings: Regularly check their site for exclusive deals and higher cashback rates.

How Online Surveys Contribute to Cash Back

Online surveys are a way for companies to collect data from potential consumers. In return for your time and feedback, many survey sites reward participants with cash, often channeled directly to a PayPal account. It might be a bit of a stretch to categorize this as ‘cashback,’ but in essence, you’re getting money back for your time.

Reliable Survey Websites Offering PayPal Cash:

  1. Survey Junkie: A popular choice where you earn points for each survey. Once you accumulate enough, convert them to PayPal cash.
  2. Pinecone Research: This platform usually pays a flat rate for each survey, making it easy to predict your earnings.
  3. Toluna: Apart from surveys, you can also engage in mini-polls and product testing to earn more.

Cash Back Credit Cards and PayPal: A Profitable Combo

Pairing cashback credit cards with PayPal can be a savvy financial move. How? Many credit cards offer cashback rewards on purchases. Instead of letting these rewards sit or using them without much thought, transfer them to your PayPal account. This way, you’re centralizing your rewards to one platform where they can either be withdrawn, saved, or spent. It not only offers a smoother transaction process but also helps in better tracking and management of your rewards.

In summary, cashback, whether through shopping, surveys, or credit card rewards, offers an efficient way to passively earn money.


 Can I make money by selling products through PayPal?

Yes, you can sell products online and receive payments through PayPal. It’s a secure way to handle transactions for your online business.

 Is there a fee for receiving money on PayPal?

PayPal typically charges a fee for receiving payments for goods and services. The exact fee may vary depending on your location and the type of transaction.

Can I use PayPal for affiliate marketing payments?

Yes, many affiliate programs offer PayPal as a payment method. You can receive commissions from affiliate marketing directly to your PayPal account.

How can I withdraw money from my PayPal account?

You can withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account or request a check. Some regions also offer PayPal debit cards for instant access.

Is it safe to make money through PayPal?

PayPal is widely regarded as a secure platform for online transactions. However, always follow best practices to protect your account, such as using strong passwords.

Can I earn money through PayPal by freelancing?

Yes, many freelancing platforms and clients offer PayPal as a payment option. It’s a common method for receiving payments for freelance work.

How long does it take to receive money on PayPal?

Typically, receiving money on PayPal is instant. However, withdrawing funds to your bank account may take 1-3 business days, depending on your bank.

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