How to Make Money on Turo

Turo is not a car rental company. It’s a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform where you can rent your vehicle out to make an income. For entrepreneurs or individuals trying to bring in extra money, the platform can be one of the top ways to make money with your car. This blog will go through everything you need to know about making money on Turo, including the types of vehicles that are in higher demand and the right rental price.

What is Turo and How Does It Work?

This platform allows people to rent out their individual vehicles on a short-term basis. It’s an online marketplace.

List a vehicle on the platform that includes the rental terms, photos, features, model, and year. People search for vehicles to rent on the website or app. Next, owners get booking requests. Payments get processed and the renter and owner decide on when and where to pick up the vehicle. Turo handles all financial transactions and provides insurance.

Turo vs. Traditional Car Rental Companies

how to make money on turo

Car rental companies are more predictable because they have consistent service. Most of them are international, so it’s easier to find rental locations. However, Turo has advantages, including:

  • A wider range of vehicle types, like sports cars, specialty vehicles, and luxury cars, that traditional rental companies don’t always have.
  • The platform allows owners to set their own prices
Feature/AspectTuroTraditional Car Rental Companies
Business ModelPeer-to-peer car sharing platformCompanies own a fleet of vehicles for rent
Vehicle VarietyWide range due to individual listings; unique & personal carsStandardized fleet, often limited to popular models
PriceCan vary widely; often more competitiveTypically standardized, with set rates for different car classes
Pick-up/Drop-offFlexible, based on owner's preferenceDesignated rental locations or airport counters
Booking ProcessOnline through the Turo platformOnline, over the phone, or in-person
Minimum Age RequirementTypically 21, but can vary by car ownerOften 25, with under-25 fees in many places
InsuranceProvided by Turo or personal insurance can be usedProvided by the company or you can use personal insurance
Mileage LimitationsSet by individual car ownersTypically standardized, with fees for extra mileage
Extra AmenitiesDepends on the car owner (e.g., free GPS, child seat)Often come at an additional cost
Location AvailabilityAvailable in many cities worldwideMajor cities, airports, and some smaller locations worldwide
Customer ServiceDirect communication with car owners; Turo support availableCentralized customer service department
Duration of RentalFlexible, from a few hours to several monthsUsually daily, weekly, or monthly

The Financial Benefits for the Average Car Owner

You can earn extra income by setting your own rental rates. If you live in a popular tourist destination you can make supplemental income. You might even be able to leverage tax benefits by operating a business.

How Car Owners Can Make Money Renting Cars on Turo

Do a little research to start making money. It helps if you understand the demands in your area, such as the popular vehicle types. Make sure your car is in excellent condition. Have it detailed and cleaned if necessary.

Don’t forget high-quality photos and detailed descriptions make a big difference.

Download the Turo App

how to make money on turo

You can get the app at the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can review the listing requirements once you download the app to get started. Read on to find out the other steps you need to take.

Check the Turo Calculator to Discover How Much Turo Pays for Your Car Type

how to make money on turo

After finding the section labeled Turo Calculator, you can enter information like your car’s year, model, and make as well as any other important details. The calculator might also ask you for your ZIP Code.

The calculator provides you with potential earnings based on variables like the local rental market and the type of your vehicle. Adjust your pricing and experiment with different rental rates to see how your potential profits change.

Open an Account to List Cars and Rent Cars

how to make money on turo

Following are a few tips whether you’re listing or renting cars on the platform.

  1. When you’re listing, you need to be sure to provide all your profile information and verify your identity.
  2. High-quality photos make a difference. That’s why only clear angles and good lighting should be used.
  3. Don’t forget to highlight the best features that include recent upgrades or customizations.

When you’re renting a car, it’s important to read the reviews from previous renters. Don’t forget that the popular vehicles get booked quickly so you should book in advance. Make sure to inspect the car before you drive away to prevent any issues.

Set Your Rental Fee as a Turo Host

how to make money on turo

There are a few things to consider here.

  • The make and model of your vehicle can make a big difference. Remember, new remodels that are higher-end can ask for bigger rental fees. Don’t forget to do a marketplace analysis in your area.
  • For listings in Canada, the United States, and the UK, there’s Automatic Pricing available in some areas.

Understanding Mileage Limits

how to make money on turo

Renting your car means you can set your own limits on mileage for the vehicle. Most renter is stated in terms of monthly, weekly, or daily limits.

it’s important to set your excess mileage numbers too. Any additional charges should be made clear in the listing.

Factors That Influence Your Earnings on Turo

Maximizing your earnings on Turo requires a strategic understanding of various determinants that influence rental demand and pricing. Here’s a deeper dive into some critical factors:

  • Location:
    • High-Demand Tourist Areas: Vehicles in popular tourist destinations often have higher rental rates due to increased demand.
      • Beach locations during summer
      • Mountain areas during winter sports seasons
      • Cities known for festivals, conventions, or other major attractions
    • Airports: Proximity to major transportation hubs can boost your rental frequency since travelers often need vehicles upon arrival.
    • Residential Areas: Though not as high in demand as tourist spots, some renters prefer picking up in less busy locales or suburbs.
  • Timing:
    • Peak Holiday Seasons: These periods see a surge in travelers, meaning more potential renters.
      • Christmas and New Year
      • Spring Break
      • Long weekends or public holidays
    • Local Events: Aligning with significant local happenings can increase demand.
      • Concerts or music festivals
      • Sports events like marathons, tournaments, or championships
      • Conventions and trade shows
  • Vehicle Type and Condition:
    • Vehicle Popularity: Some cars are naturally more in demand due to their brand, model, or features.
    • Fuel Efficiency: Economical cars can attract budget-conscious travelers.
    • Specialty Vehicles: Convertibles for beach areas, SUVs for mountain trips, or luxury cars for special occasions can fetch higher rental fees.
    • Cleanliness and Maintenance: A well-maintained and clean vehicle enhances the rental experience and can warrant better reviews and repeat customers.
  • Pricing Strategy:
    • Competitive Analysis: Regularly check and compare your prices with similar listings in your area.
    • Dynamic Pricing: Adjust pricing based on demand and seasonality. Turo’s automatic pricing tool can help, but personal adjustments may optimize profits further.
    • Discounts and Promotions: Offering deals for extended rentals or off-peak seasons can increase bookings.
  • Customer Service:
    • Communication: Prompt and clear communication can lead to better reviews and higher trust.
    • Extras: Offering amenities like car seats, GPS devices, or even bottled water can enhance the renter’s experience and justify a slightly higher rental fee.

Understanding and leveraging these factors effectively can significantly impact your profitability on Turo. By paying attention to the nuances of the market and adapting accordingly, you can maximize your earnings and ensure a positive experience for your renters.

Tips to Maximize Your Earnings on Turo

Earnings on Turo can vary widely based on numerous factors, some of which are within your control. Here are some practical tips to boost your earnings.

Enhancing Vehicle Appeal

how to make money on turo

Making your car stand out on Turo is the first step in attracting potential renters. A vehicle that looks good in pictures and feels great in person can be a significant factor in securing more bookings.

  • Professional Detailing: A shiny and spotless car is more inviting. Consider:
    • Deep interior cleaning
    • Exterior waxing and polishing
    • Wheel and tire shining
    • Cleaning and conditioning leather seats, if applicable
    • Removing any personal items and trash from the vehicle
  • High-Resolution Photos: To show off the cleanliness and features of your car:
    • Use natural lighting for outdoor shots.
    • Capture different angles of the exterior – front, rear, and both sides.
    • Highlight features like the infotainment system, sunroof, or spacious trunk.
    • Consider hiring a professional photographer if within budget.
  • Feature List: Clearly mention any unique features or add-ons like:
    • GPS navigation
    • Bluetooth capability
    • Heated seats
    • Safety features like a backup camera or lane departure warning

Setting the Right Price

how to make money on turo

Striking a balance between competitive pricing and profitable returns is crucial in maximizing your earnings on Turo.

  • Research: Understand your market by:
    • Looking at similar vehicles in your area.
    • Considering factors like mileage limits, delivery options, and additional fees.
  • Flexibility: Adjust prices based on demand:
    • Lower prices slightly during off-peak seasons to attract more renters.
    • Increase prices during holidays, weekends, or local events when demand is high.
  • Promotions: Consider offering discounts for:
    • Longer rental periods
    • First-time renters
    • Returning customers

Ensuring Regular Car Maintenance

how to make money on turo

A car in top shape is more than just appealing – it ensures the safety and satisfaction of your renters.

  • Routine Checks: Regularly monitor:
    • Oil levels and quality
    • Brake fluid and pads
    • Tire treads and pressure
    • Functionality of lights and signals
  • Documentation: Maintain a logbook of:
    • Maintenance schedules
    • Repairs and replacements
    • Dates of services
  • Feedback Loop: Encourage feedback from renters regarding:
    • The driving experience
    • Any noticeable issues
    • Features they appreciated most

By providing a well-maintained and attractive car, setting competitive prices, and ensuring regular maintenance, you can increase your earnings and enhance the overall experience for your renters on Turo.

Turo’s Liability Insurance Coverage

This liability coverage covers risks. Without it, renters on the platform might need to rely on their own personal auto insurance.

Understanding Turo’s Insurance Policy

how to make money on turo

All of the plans that are supplied here come with the standard $750,000 third-party liability policy from Travelers. There are five different options to choose from.

The company will pay 100% of damage costs that are eligible.

Claim Process and Scenarios

how to make money on turo

The claims process is as follows.

  1. The accident needs to be reported right away by logging into your Turo account. There is a “report the incident” page.
  2. Take photos and provide accurate information. That should include a detailed description of all the damage.
  3. The company has a claims team. All renters and car owners should cooperate with them.
  4. That team will evaluate the claim and look at all the evidence, including police reports and photos.
  5. Turo will help pay for repairs and reimbursements for injuries and other costs if the claim is approved.

Here are a few scenarios. A renter might bring back a car that’s been damaged. If the owner has the right protection plan, repair costs could be covered for the rental period.

Turo might even cover medical expense benefits if a renter gets injured while driving a Turo renter’s car.

FAQs: How To Make Money on Turo

Is Turo Worth It for Cars that are not Luxury Vehicles?

Yes. There’s always a demand for different types of vehicles depending on your location. Nonluxury cars attract renters because they are budget-friendly.

How does Turo work in terms of payment?

The company calculates the final cost based on the length of time the car was rented and anything additional like fuel charges, cleaning fees, and excess mileage.

Is Turo profitable for every car owner?

That depends on a few factors like expenses, rental demands, and the location of the vehicle as well as the type. Some individuals also look for other ways to make money on Paypal or other online platforms to supplement their income.

How to Maximise profit on Turo?

Setting a competitive rental rate and optimizing your listings with keywords are two good ideas.

How to Make Sure an Expensive Car is looked after on Turo?

Owners of expensive cars can set certain requirements like driving history and the age of renters. Make sure that any renters are verified through Turo.

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