How To Make Your Content Stand Out

how to make your content stand out

As generative AI is making its way to dominate the digital marketing industry, more and more businesses choose to use it for content generation.

While I do not advocate auto-generating content using ChatGPT or alternatives, this is the reality we are dealing with: It is easy to create a decent copy using generative AI and currently, it tends to rank pretty well.

In this ocean of easily created content, how will your copy stand out?

Whether you are using AI to generate content or write it manually, it is going to be very easy for it to get lost in the overwhelming amount of content on this topic.

Here are a few ways to create human-touch content that will stand out and perform well in search and on social media:

Blog About Your Passion

Anyone who has started a post intending it to be a short commentary on a personal interest, only to have it turn into a 3,000-word, three-part series, knows all about blogging passionately.

Pick a topic that you are really into, and that you know a lot about. Even if it isn’t directly related to your niche, you can probably find a way to apply the concept to something that is.

If you don’t have time to write, find passionate writers!

Include Some Unexpected Content

You are pretty much guaranteed endless supplies of stock photos on any topic you could possibly want. That doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them.

Use something a little less cliché or direct. Find a funny pun and use a photo to represent it. Add in an obscure video that only some people might get the reference to. Share the content of lesser-known makers out there that you would love to help promote. Just don’t be boring in your visual choices, whatever they are. For example, you can support independent creators by using related webcomics (with a creator’s permission). Or you can use Canva to create an original image.

Inject Your Personality In Full Force

If you are looking for something unique to stand out, good news! You already have all you need. You are unique.

The best articles are the ones that carry the tone of their writer. If you are making a dry technical article, this won’t work. But for even more casual tutorials, pushing your personality through your words is a great way to make it all sound more interesting.

When your content is interesting, more people read through to the end. They also share it, so more people read.

Talk about what you experienced. After all first-hand experience is all Google needs.

Don’t Follow The Group

Have you ever noticed how every list on a certain topic uses the same examples to prove their point or the same items as ‘the best’?

Sure, that is often because what they have listed is the best. But you can feel free to get as biased as you need to in order to keep things from looking repetitive.

Try throwing some things on there that may not be the best in the traditional sense, but have specific features that make them notable to you. It is your collection, no one else’s, so you can follow by your own criteria. Even if it goes against popular opinion.

Find Unique Formats

Back when I started blogging, I reviewed lots of tools and always concluded with a comparison table highlighting unique features, prices, and some notes. I quickly became known as a tool reviewer with a very user-friendly format allowing readers to quickly pick a solution that fits their needs and budgets.

Find something unique and reader-friendly to stand out. This could be a downloadable checklist, a unique structure, or anything else that would make your content more useful. Think about what you would find particularly useful when reading your article and go from there. Putting your reader first is the best optimization tactic out there.

Repurpose Your Own Content

Content repurposing is the best way to come up with unique ideas and formats. It is also the only way to create an effective digital business card that will effectively flow social media readers from multiple channels into your conversion funnel.

Repurpose your content into:

Develop Your Style

You are putting content on a blog, not writing up an expense report. Lose that stuffy and formal tone, and instead go with something more on the casual side. This is right up there with injecting your personality.

Think of it as having a conversation with the internet. It might not be Oscar-worthy dialog, but it connects you to the reader and makes your content more approachable. It also shows that you are writing for the readers themselves, and not because you want to boost your Google rankings.


There is no cut-and-dry way to get your content noticed. All you can do is try to create interesting, informative, or shareable works that others want to enjoy and show to others. When you are genuine in your delivery, that becomes much easier than you might have otherwise thought.

There are MANY more things that may help you stand out: Some of them you’ll discover yourself; we’ll help you with the rest. Let’s say, that’s just the beginning of finding your voice online and having it heard!

Image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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