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  1. Really nice way to measure customer service. However, I wonder how you are going to measure all of these factors on an everyday basis. It’s hard when you’re actually doing the work.

    • Muhammad Haris Zohaib

      Trust me its not as difficult as it might appear to keep a track of most of the factors listed above by the author. From exception reports to hourly auto-generated MIS reports, there are countless tools to go with.

      • Lesley Ireland

        Hi please can you explain what an MIS report is?

      • Muhammad Haris Zohaib

        Hi Lesley,

        First off, so sorry for replying so late.

        Management information system, or MIS, broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization. MIS reports are simply customized reports that highlight areas which are doing well or need improvement.

        Hope that answers your query.

        For further information or in case you need a report as an example, please feel free to contact me on hzm.akbani[at]



  2. Do you think the most companies are covering all these KPIs?

    • I don’t think so. Most companies focus on sales as a measurement of success. They don’t really care for anything else.

  3. Keep it simple! Your company should measure kpi’s who will increase value for the customer. For sure, some of that listed in this article can help your business.

  4. Jennifer Epstein

    Great article! If I had to pick the top metric to measure (since we can’t measure ALL of them continuously), it’ll have to be the NPS. It’s been proven time and again that the net promoter score is a powerful metric in understanding customer satisfaction. Only challenge is that sometimes, you can have great NPS scores, but the business could be losing money. So it’s always great to have a link to the relevant commercial metrics as well

  5. can any one recommend the best tool to generate reports to measure those KPIs ?


  6. Cheryl Jackson-Colleli

    Very informative.

  7. Cheryl Jackson-Colleli

    Very helpful article.

  8. what type of service indicators should we use

  9. Hi would you please provide me the excel templates of Customer service/customer satisfaction KPI