How to Post a Job on Upwork

How to Post a Job on Upwork

The result of a merger between the former Elance and oDesk, Upwork is one of largest online job marketplaces where businesses can source freelancers — or where freelancers can post their availability.

Posting a job on the platform is pretty easy, but before you even get there you will have to sign up for an account either as a company or an individual.

How to Post a Job on Upwork - Create an Account

Even if you already have an account as a freelancer, you can still create a client account. Click the Accounts menu and choose settings. Click the “Create a company” link at the bottom of the settings list on the left. Once you are done with the setup then you can easily start switching between working as an Upwork freelancer or client.

How to Post a Job on Upwork

First, you will need to explain the job you need done. For instance, you can say, “I need a writer to help me with article writing for my website…”

Next, you will be asked to choose your project type, which in this case can be a one-time project, ongoing project or, if you are not sure where your project falls, the “Not sure” option.

You will also have to choose the number of freelancers you require for your job. Do you need only one or several?

How to Post a Job on Upwork - About the Project

Choose Your Category

Choose a category that relates to the kind of work you need done. Going by this example, if you want a writer then choose writing on the list of categories and further narrow it down by choosing whether its article and blog writing, copywriting, grant writing etc.

How to Post a Job on Upwork - Choose Your Category

Project Description

For best results, make sure your job description is specific and simple to understand. You can also include attachments and even enter skills required to complete the job.

How to Post a Job on Upwork - Project Description

Rate and Availability

Would you like to pay a fixed price or pay hourly? How much is your budget? What type of experience are you looking for? Is it entry level, intermediate or expert? Of course, you will have to cough up a little more money for an expert!

Do you have specific preferences? If so, then the freelancer preferences section makes it easy for you to find your preferred freelancer.

You have a variety of options to choose from including asking applicants to answer a certain question, asking for cover letters or even inviting only a few specific freelancers that you are already interested in.

Once you are done with the setup, just click save as draft and preview your post before you publish it. It may take up to 20 minutes before your job becomes visible in the marketplace.

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