How to Sell Amazon Products on Instagram that Resonate with Your Audience

Instagram for Amazon

Are you wondering how to sell Amazon products on Instagram and boost your Amazon store’s presence on social media? Tired of relying solely on Amazon search for new sales and eager to expand beyond the platform? Selling products from your Amazon store on Instagram is a prime opportunity for eCommerce companies.

It allows you to showcase your products, connect with your target audience, and build a broader presence that keeps your brand at the forefront of your ideal customers’ minds. Learn how to sell Amazon products on Instagram and elevate your online reach today!

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How to Get Started Selling Amazon Products on Instagram

If you’re looking for guidance on how to begin selling Amazon products on Instagram, here’s a step-by-step guide that may be helpful. By following these steps, you can tap into Instagram’s vast user base and promote your Amazon products successfully:

1. Set Up an Instagram Business Account

  • If you don’t have one, create an Instagram Business Account.
  • Connect your account to your Facebook Business Page, which must also be connected to your Amazon store.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

  • Research your target demographic on Instagram.
  • Use insights and analytics to understand what appeals to your potential customers.

3. Create Engaging Content

  • Develop high-quality photos and videos of your products.
  • Share compelling stories that resonate with your audience.
  • Use relevant hashtags to enhance discoverability.

4. Utilize Instagram’s Shopping Features (If Applicable)

  • If suitable for your business, use Shopping on Instagram.
  • Tag products in your posts, providing more information and direct links to your Amazon product pages.

5. Build a Community

  • Engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche.
  • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions to your Instagram followers.

6. Use Instagram Ads (Optional)

  • Consider running Instagram ads to reach a broader audience.
  • Use Facebook’s Ad Manager to create targeted ad campaigns.

7. Analyze and Adjust

  • Regularly review Instagram Insights to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • Adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights.

8. Comply with All Applicable Rules and Regulations

  • Ensure that you’re following all of Instagram’s policies and any applicable laws related to online selling.

9. Consider Professional Tools (Optional)

  • Tools like Vizns social media management might be helpful to target niche audiences and avoid fake followers.

10. Maintain Consistency and Authenticity

  • Keep a consistent posting schedule.
  • Maintain authenticity and trust with your followers by being transparent and true to your brand.

This table provides a concise overview of the essential steps for selling Amazon products on Instagram, making it easy to use as a checklist as you embark on your selling journey:

Set Up an Instagram Business AccountCreate and connect an Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Business Page and Amazon store.
Understand Your Target AudienceResearch and analyze your target demographic on Instagram.
Create Engaging ContentDevelop quality photos, videos, and stories; use relevant hashtags.
Utilize Instagram's Shopping FeaturesIf applicable, use Shopping on Instagram and tag products in posts.
Build a CommunityEngage with followers, collaborate with influencers, and offer promotions.
Use Instagram Ads (Optional)Run Instagram ads to reach a broader audience through targeted campaigns.
Analyze and AdjustReview insights regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly.
Comply with All Applicable RulesFollow Instagram's policies and all relevant laws related to online selling.
Consider Professional Tools (Optional)Consider using professional tools like Vizns for targeting niche audiences.
Maintain Consistency and AuthenticityKeep a consistent posting schedule and maintain authenticity with your followers.

Benefits of Instagram to Amazon Sellers

how to sell amazon products on instagram - benefits

Instagram can provide a number of benefits to Amazon sellers. 60 percent of users learn about new products through Instagram. More than 200 million users visit a business profile on the platform at least once per day. By creating a reliable presence on the platform, you position your products to be the one that Instagram users are learning about.

Some of the benefits that Amazon sellers will find in maintaining and growing a presence on Instagram include:

A Visual Platform

The fact that Instagram is a visual-first platform makes it ideal for Amazon sellers. You want to make sure that you are getting your products in front of interested parties, and nothing can do that better than a picture. Shoppers want to see what they are buying. They want to see the product image, and if you can, images that show how the product works to the benefit of your buyers, either in its usefulness or in the lifestyle that it helps to create.

Get Your Products In Front of Your Intended Audience

Instagram has become a giant in the social networking space. With more than one billion users, you can rest assured that a healthy portion of your audience uses the platform. Additionally, Instagram allows for unfettered access to audiences. Facebook compels companies to pay for their advertising services. They restrict the reach of organic business pages, pushing companies to pay for ads.

Instagram, on the other hand, doesn’t have those sorts of limitations in place. All of your followers will be able to fully access all of your posts. While Instagram does offer advertisement placements it is best to build an organic audience simultaneously.

Promote a Trusted Name

One benefit that Amazon sellers are keenly aware of is the fact that promoting products that are sold on Amazon are generally much easier than trying to promote products on your own website. Amazon is a name that packs a lot of built-in trust with any audience. The trust is inherent. That makes for fewer objections and more conversions on Instagram and other social traffic sources.

Stay Top-of-Mind

For Amazon sellers, it’s so important to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Amazon is a big site and users can quickly lose interest in your product, stumble across a competitor, or forgot to come back and buy after initially discovering your item. Instagram provides you with the ability to consistently drip-feed information about and images of your products to your audience.

Your ability to engage in real-world conversations and develop connections with your ideal customers and industry influencers can put you in a position to reach a wide cross-section of your audience, driving targeted traffic to your Amazon product pages regularly.

Targeted Marketing with Hashtags and Influencers

Instagram’s use of hashtags allows Amazon sellers to target their marketing efforts more precisely. By using relevant hashtags, sellers can reach audiences specifically interested in their product categories. Furthermore, collaborating with influencers who have a significant following in a relevant niche can amplify a product’s visibility. Influencers can provide authentic endorsements, tapping into their followers’ trust, which can lead to increased traffic and sales on Amazon.

Customer Engagement and Feedback

Instagram offers a direct line of communication with customers. Amazon sellers can use the platform to engage with their audience, respond to queries, and gather feedback. This interaction not only builds customer loyalty but also provides valuable insights into customer preferences and trends. By understanding what their audience likes and dislikes, sellers can optimize their Amazon listings and develop products that better meet the needs of their target market. This proactive engagement can lead to improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Instagram’s Demographics Benefit eCommerce Companies

Instagram is used by more than 35% of all U.S. adults. Their users are very engaged, with more than 500 million (of the 1 billion total) using the platform on a daily basis. They are slightly more popular with women with 39% of online women using the platform vs. 30% of online men.

Their users skew young and engaged — very young. More than 70% of all 13-17 year olds are on the platform. But their young user-base doesn’t mean that they aren’t popular with the prime buying ages. A whopping 40% of U.S.-based 30-49 year olds use Instagram as well.

U.S. Instagram User Reach by Age

how to sell amazon products on instagram

Source: Pew Research Center

The upside of Instagram having the audience it does it that it can help eCommerce companies to reach a younger audience without missing out on individuals within the prime buying age bracket of 30-49.

Instagram users also tend to be educated, with 42 percent of adults who graduated college using the platform. They earn more than the user bases of other platforms. 32% of adults that make between $50,000-$74,999 use Instagram, and 42 percent of adults who make over $75,000 use the platform. In other words — Instagram users have money to spend.

Why Instagram for Amazon and Not Another Social Platform?

Instagram is often cited as the best platform for eCommerce companies to establish a presence. While Facebook and Twitter can be helpful and viable choices for eCommerce companies, Instagram typically stands heads and shoulders above the competition in terms of ROI produced.

First, it is important to understand that when you establish a presence on Instagram, you are securing your position on a rapidly growing platform.  After their acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the company has seen sustained growth each year and grew to more than 1 billion users worldwide in 2018.

Showing no signs of slowing down, we can expect to see more rapid growth from the platform in 2019. But the importance of Instagram as a network is about more than just the total number of users. Understanding who those users are and how they use the internet in their buying decisions helps to paint the picture of how useful Instagram can be to eCommerce companies.

Utilizing Instagram for Amazon Sales: Building Real Community and Brand Credibility without Expensive Ads

But how do amazon sellers market their products on Instagram to build a real community without expensive ads? Vizns social media management is a new product that allows Amazon sellers the ability to target niche audience and then reach out to them using anti-fake follower technology. This allows brand to create a fanbase of real followers that convert to sales in an environment that is normally notorious for bot traffic. The best part is that their algorithms help boost you to the top of the explore page which repeatedly makes your posts viral. We will talk about e-commerce features shortly but first let’s talk about why Instagram is the best platform for these strategies.

The Main Challenges with Selling on Amazon

Often, brands that sell on Amazon become too reliant on internal mechanisms to generate sales. Particularly brands that don’t operate a separate eCommerce property and rely on the platform for the majority of their sales. They too often focus on what they can do on Amazon, without putting enough thought into how they can grow their sales by promoting on outside channels and establishing brand credibility that differentiates their listings.

But identifying the right platform can be tough. There are so many social media platforms to choose from, and knowing where your demographic spends their time requires that you dig in and conduct some research. Even so — there are few platforms that perform as well as Instagram does for eCommerce companies and Amazon sellers. Instagram provides a visual medium, engaged audience, and a user-base with demographics that put them among the most frequent online shoppers.

Instagram for Amazon Sellers Best Practices

how to sell amazon products on instagram - best practices

Even though Instagram is often the right choice of social platform for Amazon sellers, it can still be a tough nut to crack. There are still best practices that must be followed to ensure that you are continually growing your presence and getting your posts in front of your intended audience.

As you start the journey of establishing your brand on Amazon and promoting your Amazon products, keep these best practices in mind:

Consistency is Key

Consistency matters when it comes to Instagram. You need to find the happy medium between posting often enough to stay on the radar of your intended audience without letting the quality of your posts dip. Brands see engagement rates that are 10x on Instagram than they are on Facebook. Instagram images in particular receive an average of 23 percent more engagement than Facebook images. But brands work hard to drive that engagement, with the average brand posting an average of 27+ times per month. Aim to post consistently but not sacrifice quality in the process.

Create Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are perhaps the hottest feature on Instagram. With more than 400 million daily active Instagram Stories users, the video-centric feature produces high levels of engagement and helps you to stand out from the competition because Instagram Stories show up in a different section of the app than typical postings. Creating regular Instagram stories can be a great way to stay top-of-mind with your customers and grow awareness over time.

Additionally, Instagram stories help to create more reach for your standard posts as well. The more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts are to show up on their feed.

Quality over Quantity

While it is important to ensure that you are posting enough to keep your audience engaged and aware of your presence, you do not want to sacrifice the quality of your posts in the process. Ultimately, the amount that your audience engages with your content affects how often your posts will show up in their feed. Accounts that generate higher levels of engagement have their posts show up more often than accounts that don’t.

Here are a few facts about the Instagram algorithm that all Amazon sellers need to know:

  • The Instagram algorithm looks at total engagement when deciding what content will be displayed on your follower’s feeds. This means the total number of likes, comments, views, and profile click-throughs all have an effect on your overall score.
  • Instagram doesn’t just look at overall engagement, they also look at how quickly your audience engaged with the posts as well. Posts that get a lot of comments and likes shortly after posting signal that you’ve posted quality content and Instagram places more priority on displaying it.
  • The length that a user views your post also plays a role. This is why writing a good caption is so important. You want to give your audience every reason to continue interacting with the content that you share for as long as you possibly can.

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to maximizing the reach of each post that you make.

Share User-Generated Content

Don’t just share product images with your audience! When your users share a picture of themselves with your product, reach out to them and ask if you can post it on your official page. You can even go a step farther and find ways to encourage your users to share user-generated content through contests or similar strategies.

Here’s an example from Wayfair, who invited their users to share pictures with their products only to find out that they’re shelving unit doubled as a pretty effective cat tree:

Optimize Your Profile

As an Amazon seller on Instagram, your goal is to increase awareness for your brand and direct Instagram users toward your Amazon product pages. If you don’t explain who you are and where they can find your products, you won’t be doing your brand much good. Make sure that you provide at least a link to your brand page, along with a short description of your company.

Engage Regularly with Followers

Conversations are a two-way street. One of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce brands continually make is treating their Instagram presence like it were a bullhorn. They constantly post new product images and updates but fail to consistently engage with their audience. The thing that they don’t understand is that engagement is the whole point of establishing a presence on Instagram or any social media property.

Talk to your fans. Jump into conversations. Answer questions that they might have. While it’s alright to automate a portion of your overall presence on a platform, you have to make sure that you are genuinely engaging and developing connections with your customers, or else you are diminishing the returns you receive for your efforts.

Seek Out Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Being mentioned by other accounts can expose your brand to new audiences. Working out deals with similar brands and Amazon sellers to cross-promote each other’s products will help you secure more sales. Additionally, it will also help you to grow your following, as well. This business development aspect of growing your social presence does require some effort and acuity to navigate but can pay off for brands of any size.

Consider Influencer Marketing

how to sell amazon products on instagram - influencer

Sometimes eCommerce brands and Amazon sellers don’t have the time and patience to build an organic following on Instagram. They may have a budget for outsourcing those tasks, though. Paying for mentions, posts, or stories from an influencer with an audience that closely matches your own can help to generate immediate sales. It will also jumpstart awareness within your industry. Influencer marketing can be expensive, with influencers charging brands between $75 and $3,000 per post . Fortunately, they do provide you with a shortcut to generating sales and awareness.

Instagram has Embraced eCommerce with New Features

Instagram is not just a social media platform; it has evolved into a robust channel for eCommerce, especially for Amazon sellers. In the sections below, we’ll explore how Instagram has aligned with eCommerce demographics, engaged active shoppers through specific features, and evolved to support brands with innovative tools.

Aligning with eCommerce Demographics

Beyond the fact that Instagram’s demographics closely align with what any eCommerce business would like to have access to, the platform is an exceptional choice for Amazon sellers. Instagram has gone out of their way to embrace eCommerce companies, recognizing the potential for both buyers and sellers, and has provided numerous features and tools to accommodate both.

Shopping on Instagram: Engaging Active Shoppers

The most prominent example of Instagram’s commitment to eCommerce comes from their “Shopping on Instagram” features. While not a requirement, it could be an ideal strategy for some businesses.

  • Engagement with Shopping Posts: Shopping on Instagram allows access to over 90 million people who engage with shopping posts monthly.
  • Visual Information Sharing: Provides eCommerce companies with a visual way to share more information about products rather than just linking to their store.
  • Direct User Engagement: Companies can show product prices, direct users to product pages, and reach an audience of active shoppers.

Evolution of eCommerce Features on Instagram

how to sell amazon products on instagram - instageam shopping

These features are part of Instagram’s ongoing support for eCommerce brands.

  • “Shop Now” Button (2016): Launched the “Shop Now” button, allowing users to be redirected to outside websites.
  • Shopping in Explore (2018): Announced a new “Shopping” section in the “Explore” category, boosting their “Shopping on Instagram” program. Over 200 million accounts visit the “Explore” section daily, offering significant exposure.
  • Product Tagging in Stories: Enabled product tagging in Instagram Stories, which features over 400 million daily users.

These features all taken together make one thing clear — Instagram understands the power that their platform has for driving eCommerce sales and appears to be wholly committed to furthering that bond in the coming years.

Now that we know how important Amazon is to eCommerce companies and Amazon sellers, now we’ll dive into why. What benefits does the platform bring to Amazon sellers to make it rise into such a powerful tool in the last ten years?

A Can’t-Miss Opportunity

Getting started with selling Amazon products on Instagram is a process that involves understanding your audience, creating engaging content, utilizing the platform’s unique features, and consistently analyzing and adjusting your approach. B

For Amazon sellers, Instagram is an opportunity that you can’t let pass you by. It’s best to begin establishing a reliable presence on the platform now while it is still experiencing rapid growth. Through consistent, high-quality updates, you’ll grow awareness within your industry. More importantly, you’ll sell more products on Amazon, and develop close-knit connections with your customers and prospects.


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