How to Sell Beats

how to sell beats

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As businesses invest more in digital and traditional marketing efforts, there is an increasing need for original music and beats. There are other uses for beats in Youtube videos, movies, TV, and various other applications.

Many music producers have found selling beats online profitable, as these can be used for a variety of commercial reasons. If you are a music producer looking to enter the beat-selling industry, there are plenty of ways to get started selling beats online. We’ll explore some of the top beat store providers and beat-selling marketplaces to help you get started making money.

Can You Sell Beats for Money?

You can definitely sell beats for money, and it is a growing niche in the music industry. There are many successful beat-selling businesses out there that have been able to provide different types of good beats for a variety of uses. An online beat-selling business has excellent potential to make money via advertisers and content creators, and others seeking original music.

How To Sell Beats Online

Selling beats online is relatively easy, and many platforms are available to make your next beat sale. Here is how to get started selling beats online:

  1. Create a beat: The first step is to hone your beat-making skills and create different types of professional beats. These can include popular genres such as pop, hip-hop, ambient, chill, and other styles. Next, think about what kind of mood you are interested in conveying with your beat and go from there.
  2. Select a beat platform: Research the beat market once you have made your beat. Many platforms are available, each with unique strengths and business models. Based on the type of beat that you have created, you can look at what kinds of music artists or commercial uses would be the best fit. That will help you in deciding what beat platform to use.
  3. Upload your beat: After identifying the right platform, you can upload your beat and start selling. Depending on the platform, you can make it easier for customers to find beats by adding relevant beat tags and other descriptions to help them decide if this is the right option.
StepActionInsights and Tips
Create a beatHone your beat-making skills- Craft professional beats in various genres to cater to a broad audience.
Express your intended mood- Consider the mood and emotion you want to convey through your beats.
Select a beat platformResearch available platforms- Explore different beat marketplaces with varying strengths and business models.
Assess platform alignment- Match the type of beat you've created with platforms suitable for music artists or commercial uses.
Upload your beatUtilize platform features- Take advantage of features like adding relevant beat tags and detailed descriptions for visibility.
Enhance customer decision-making- Provide enough information to help potential buyers determine if your beat suits their needs.
Facilitate seamless discovery and purchase- Ensure that your beat is easily accessible and stands out among the competition on the platform.

How to Price Beats for Sale

How you price beats will depend on how many beats you upload and whether you want to sell beats online fast. Here are some tips to help you price competitively:

  1. Offer a free beat: If you want to ensure repeat customers, offering a free beat can help build awareness about your services and skills. In addition, if the first beat is free, customers might be more open to purchasing from you since they know what quality to expect.
  2. Look at what other beat makers are doing: If you are unsure what to price your beats for, look at other producers and how they sell their beats. This can help you price competitively based on the genre and length of the track,
  3. Take into account how it will be used: If you can identify the most popular uses for beats that you create (e.g., pop music that can be used for a Youtube channel), you can price better and build your eCommerce business by offering relevant products.

How to Sell Beats

Best Places for Selling Beats Online

If you want to start selling beats online, there are many platforms where you can sell your beats online to customers. These platforms can be a great avenue to scale music production and make new music without managing licensing and other aspects of beat making.

Let’s look at some of the best options for a beat store to help you start and grow your beat-making business.

1. Beatstars

Beatstars is one of the largest marketplaces to buy and sell beats. The platform has all the tools needed to sell music to customers, including a variety of audio formats, exclusive beats, and free beats. They also offer publishing options and other music services for music producers. Subscriptions start at $5.99 to upload tracks and sell beats and sample packs.

2. Airbit

Platforms like Airbit connect music producers and customers, boasting a vast catalog and options to license beats. So if you want to partner with an artist to create a hit song, this is a great platform. Creators can also use the Airbit platform for processes like making beats for projects and connecting with other musicians and successful producers. Airbit’s subscription costs $7.99 to upload and sell unlimited beats and sound packs.

3. Audiojungle

Audiojungle’s business model includes royalty-free music and audio tracks that customers can purchase. If you are interested in selling your beats online quickly and easily, a platform like Audiojungle could be helpful. Producers can sell beats across different genres and moods, and the platform focuses on selling instrumental tracks that customers can use.

How to Sell Beats

4. PremiumBeat

Premiumbeat offers its customers a curated catalog of royalty-free music and sound effects. Customers buying beats online can search based on moods and genres and sort by audio formats to find the right beat for them.

5. Your own website

Creating your own website is vital if you want to grow your own profitable business with beats. A successful beat-selling business should offer its products on various platforms, including its own, to ensure that customers can find what they are looking for. In addition, you can offer multiple types of beat licensing options and promote your website on social media to grow your business.

6. Audiodraft

Audiodraft has some of the best beats available for brands looking to create their own original sound using a combination of human listening and AI support. With Audiodraft, brands can analyze to find the right sound for them, and creators can make original beats accordingly.

7. Traktrain

For beat makers interested in selling specific genres such as hip hop, pop, EDM, and other genres, platforms like Traktrain are a great fit. With Traktrain, producers can upload beats to be used on social media platforms, advertising, and for music artists to use as needed. The platform also has a music player so customers can preview tracks before purchasing.

Beat Selling PlatformDescriptionKey Advantages and Considerations
BeatstarsOne of the largest beat marketplaces offering a variety of audio formats, exclusive beats, and free beats.- Extensive tools for music producers. - Publishing options and additional services available. - Subscriptions start at $5.99.
AirbitConnects music producers and customers with a vast catalog and licensing options.- Suitable for artist collaborations. - Facilitates beat-making for projects. - Subscription costs $7.99.
AudiojungleSpecializes in royalty-free music and audio tracks that customers can purchase easily.- Quick and straightforward platform. - Offers beats across various genres and moods.
PremiumBeatProvides customers with a curated catalog of royalty-free music and sound effects.- Focused on selling instrumental tracks. - Searchable by moods and genres. - Sorting by audio formats available.
Your Own WebsiteEssential for growing a profitable beat-selling business, offering control and brand promotion.- Offer various beat licensing options. - Leverage social media for promotion and growth.
AudiodraftCombines human listening and AI support to create original beats for brands seeking a unique sound.- Ideal for brands looking for original soundscapes. - Analyzes sound to match brand identity.
TraktrainTailored for beat makers specializing in specific genres like hip hop, pop, and EDM.- Suitable for social media and advertising use. - Music player for customer beat previews.

How to Sell Beats

How Much Money Do Beats Sell For?

You can make money selling beats across various platforms by uploading the same beat on many platforms. You can make up to $10,000 a month selling beats or more if you stay consistent. You can increase sales depending on how easy it is for customers to find your beats and if you offer various audio files. You can also provide free beats to grow your business and market yourself as a creator before selling other beats.

How Do You Find People to Buy Your Beats?

You can find people to buy your beats by uploading more beats across different platforms. You can also promote your beats on social media, music forums, and other avenues to increase beat sales.

How to Sell Beats


The digital age has ushered in a growing demand for original music and beats, not only for traditional music production but also for various digital platforms like YouTube, movies, TV, and beyond. Selling beats online has become a lucrative niche within the music industry, offering producers the opportunity to monetize their creativity. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Profitable Beat-Selling Business: Selling beats for money is a viable business model, and many successful beat-selling ventures exist, catering to content creators, advertisers, and artists seeking original music.
  • Selling Beats Online: The process of selling beats online is relatively straightforward. It begins with creating high-quality beats in various genres, selecting the right beat platform based on your target audience, and uploading your beats for sale.
  • Pricing Strategies: Pricing your beats competitively is essential. Offering a free beat can attract potential customers and build your reputation. Analyzing pricing trends in your genre and considering how the beats will be used can help set appropriate prices.
  • Top Beat-Selling Platforms: Several online platforms cater to beat producers, making it easier to reach a wide customer base. Options like Beatstars, Airbit, Audiojungle, PremiumBeat, and your own website offer various advantages, including exposure to different markets and licensing options.
  • Scaling Your Business: Successful beat-selling businesses often involve selling the same beat on multiple platforms, capitalizing on customer accessibility and different licensing options. Promoting your beats on social media and music forums can help expand your customer base.
  • Earning Potential: The earning potential in beat selling can be substantial, with some producers making up to $10,000 a month or more by consistently offering their beats across various platforms. Offering a variety of audio files and providing free beats for promotional purposes can enhance your business growth.
  • Customer Outreach: To find buyers for your beats, it’s crucial to upload your beats across multiple platforms, actively promote them on social media, engage with music communities, and create a robust online presence. Building a solid brand and reputation is key to attracting customers.

In this digital age, the beat-selling industry offers a promising avenue for music producers to monetize their talents while providing essential musical elements for a wide range of creative projects. Success in this field depends on creativity, strategic pricing, effective marketing, and the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the music industry and content creators.


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