How To Start Your Own Social Media Business

start your own social media business

Utilizing social media to its fullest potential can propel a business to the next level — if done correctly. Yet the world of social media is still new to many people and is constantly evolving.

So entering the digital world can be intimidating to those looking to expand their online presence. For business owners who aren’t interested in handling social media marketing themselves, outsourcing is an option. And providing these social media services to other companies can be a business in itself.

Start Your Own Social Media Business

If you’ve ever thought about how to start your own social media business, consider the story of Rachel Strella of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Strella is the owner of #Strella Social Media.

The company is a social media management agency. This means it specializes in maintaining the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog presence for other businesses. But Strella also assists other business owners with planning social media strategy.

After college, Strella tried her hand at a variety jobs mainly in the marketing field. In an email interview with Small Business Trends, Strella explained:

“I worked in a variety of roles related to marketing and sales including titles like: marketing assistant, marketing coordinator, marketing manager, circulation marketing coordinator, leasing consultant, editorial coordinator, etc. I also worked in a variety of industries including real estate, media, publishing, and non-profit.”

But she never stayed at one job for long. So Strella’s friend and mentor Maria, who she’d met through the Central Pennsylvania Association for Female Executives, suggested she might be an entrepreneur at heart.

In the summer of 2010, the pair met for lunch and Maria shared her frustrations after attending a social media event. She was still having trouble fully grasping all the issues discussed.

Strella had used social media in her previous jobs. So she was able to explain how social media can be used to promote a business. She also suggested what social media tools would best suit Maria’s business.

Maria, impressed by Strella’s knowledge, suggested she begin her own social media consulting company.

At first, Strella began taking on just a few business clients at a time while working a day job.

But after just a few successful months, she transitioned into social media management full time. And five years later her company is still thriving.

Currently, Strella maintains a team of four independent contractors. Each brings a unique specialty to the table.

Strella herself specializes in coaching businesses and management in learning how to navigate the social media field and connect with audiences. The other members of her team tackle the social media metrics, Web design, administrative support and videography.

Strella admitted she never saw herself as a small business owner.

“It turns out that Maria was right — I do enjoy running my own show,” she said.

Improve Your Own Social Media Efforts

For small business owners looking to increase their social media presence, Strella has this advice:

  • Social media is not like traditional media. Social media can be updated constantly with posts, tweets, photos, videos and more. So it is essential to utilize what your audience responds to the most.
  • Do your best to have measurable results. Look at your social media metrics or audience interaction statistics and gauge your social media activity over a set period of time.
  • Remain consistent. This will aid in maintaining your customer base for the long haul.
  • Prepare for a learning curve. Working in social media is not a 9 to 5 job. Changes happen constantly. So constantly evaluate and reevaluate every aspect of both business and social media.

Lastly, Strella recommends:

“There’s no room for complacency. Risks are ever present — in business and in life. No one knows this better than an entrepreneur. To remain sustainable, complacency is not an option.”

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